Apologizes for running late this morning

Merry Meet this Friday morning. I apologize for us running late this morning. We have been busy packing Lady Abyss car for her trip. She is leaving earlier than what was originally planned. The boys and Lady Abyss are going back home for a bit. She had a phone call last night and the situation at home is more serious than what she was first led to believe. There is a possibility that she could be away for a week or more.

I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, Lady Abyss became High Priestess of the coven in Eastern Kentucky. The point of her becoming High Priestess was to unite two of the last remaining covens as one. Everything has been going smooth until here recently. The phone call she received last night now indicates otherwise. Her stay in Eastern Kentucky will probably be for more than a few days.

Lady Abyss did leave Lord Myst and myself in charge of running the office. She also asked if we would take turns running the chat room on Saturdays. As you know, Lord Myst will be your host tomorrow. Then next week, it will be my turn. I have never even been in a chat room so it will be a challenge.

Lady Abyss left us all her material and daily links. We are in the process of figuring out what goes where. As the others figure that out, Lord M and I are going to start with the horoscopes and the other daily divination. We would ask that you have patience with us as we learn the WOTC’s entire process over again.

We ask that you say a prayer for Lady Abyss and the boys safe travel. She left early this morning so she would get there before dark or just a little after dark. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers, the roads up through the mountains can be treacherous.



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