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Joy, happiness, positive thinking and actions will bring you more positive energy, people, and things into your life.

Blessed be dear ones.

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2 thoughts on “A Thought for Today

  1. Oh!!! Thank you, dear Godess!  Lady Beltane, you are back!!!  I have missed you so much more than you could EVER know. My life was so enriched by YOU and WOTC posts. As a solitary practitioner, I felt that I had a Coven/ Wiccan family. I lost that when you left. Now you are back!!!  My heart overflows with joy and with thankfulness to the Goddess….now that you are back. Please let us know what has been going on with you since you have been gone from us. I truly care about you. Blessed, blessed be my dear friend and mentor!!!

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    1. Hi and thank you. I have been posting mostly on my own website covenlife.co which is a sister site to WOTC. We do have Esbat and Sabbat online coven gatherings that anyone is welcome to attend. The next one is a full Moon Rabat on Sunday, August 26th socializing starts at 6:00 PM CT and the circle is cast at 7:00 PM CT. Please join us if you want to we have a few solitary practitioners at most of our gatherings.


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