Calendar of the Moon for Monday, May 14th

Calendar of the Moon 
14 Huath/Thargelion 

Feast of Pan 

Color: Brown 
Element: Earth 
Altar: Upon a brown cloth lay the figure of a goat, a clay cup of well water, a horn of wine, a phallus, and many green branches. 
Offerings: Honor the wild male self in everyone. 
Daily Meal: Sheep or goat meat. 

Pan Invocation 

Io Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan! 
Goat god, Satyr god, 
God of woods and high mountains 
Lord of Testosterone 
Player of the body’s music! 
Great Pan is dead 
But liveth still! 
We will not forget our bodies, 
Lest you send us panic 
At every touch of affection. 
Help us to love our flesh, O Pan, 
God of scent and musk and all that is animal! 
Let us remember 
That we, too, are animal, 
And we, too, live in our bodies 
Which are a privilege 
And not a punishment. 
Come, Horned One, 
Come to the woodland glade 
Come for the wine 
Come for the dance 
Come, lusty god from Arcadia 
Come with pipe and drum 
And make the mountains 
Ring anew! 

(A circle should be formed of drummers and dancers, who should shout “Io Pan!” as they dance in a circle, until they fall from exhaustion.) 

[Pagan Book of Hours]