Sticky word that, almost evokes a sense of alarm. Here comes the Tariff, run. Its an old word, used I would say since Cain charged Abel a fee for the salads. But, its not really a word to strike fear and dread (as some would have) amongst the “common folk”, fear and dread of what. Face it, high finance has been controlling the import/export exchange for centuries and the people have done nothing to change that, or could if they tried. The way inter-state foreign businesses are ran, is a wheeler-dealer world of intrigue and “James Bondian” secrecy. To wit some in the government seem hell bent on placating the world at the expense of the American working people. Why? Good question, one I am unable to answer, or even attempt to understand.

Tariffs, as mentioned above are not new. Nor, is the U. S. the first or only country applying them to their commerce. The World Trade Organization (WTO) seems to be the regulator of such agreements or at least from what I can glean, at least the percent allowed watch dog. But check it out yourself, at the site, they even have a data base downloadable or so they say. WTO.Org  then search tariff. You may be amazed at what you find….Read More