Calendar of the Sun for March 6th

Calendar of the Sun
6 Hrethemonath

Day of the East Wind

Colors: White, ivory, and pale yellow
Element: Air
Altar: On cloth of shades between white and yellow, place four white and yellow candles, a vase of flags and banners in the colors of dawn, a bell with a clear tone, a knife, a glass of white wine, and apple blossom incense.
Offerings: Blowing curls of paper into the wind. Ringing bells or wind chimes. Study and learning, especially giving more depth to a field of knowledge you are already familiar with.
Daily Meal: Raw cold food.

Invocation to the East Wind

Breathe in!
Breathe in the wind of the East,
Piercing and clear,
Eye-opening breeze that comes
With the light of the rising sun,
Wind of voices that sing and chant,
Wind of voices that speak to our souls,
Talking wind that carries our words
To far corners of the world,
Wind of spring, wind that lifts the scent
Of the opening earth out of the chill snow,
Playful wind that teases the edge
Of our consciousness,
Sing to us!
Breathe in
And clear your mind.

Eurus Eurus Breath of the East
Clarity Clarity

Song: Wind’s Four Quarters

(Wind chimes and bells are rung. Wine is poured as a libation. All process outside and release messages on small curls of paper into the east wind.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]