Upcoming Coven Life’s Coven Gatherings

Whatever tradition of The Craft or Pagan path you follow even Solitary Witches are invite to join us.

We have an full/ blue/ eclipse Moon gathering on Wednesday, January 31st.

Than an Imbolc/ Lammas Sabbat gathering on Friday, February 2nd

Both start with a social time beginning at 7:00 PM CT in Coven Life’s chat room. The circle will be cast at 7:15 PM CT SHARP. Please do not enter the chat room after the circle is cast as it will destroy the energy being raised and the circles protection.

Please go to Coven Life’s Home page for further information. Our banner appears at the bottom of WOTC Homepage or copy and paste covenlife.co into your browser. We look forward to meeting more of our brothers and sisters of The Craft.


One thought on “Upcoming Coven Life’s Coven Gatherings

  1. Thank you so much for the reminder and wish you all well and hope to meet you all brothers and sisters in the chat room tomorrow 31. 01.018.. Blessed be.


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