Welcome All Ye Witches To The Witches Digest for Wednesday, December 20


 The Witches Digest for Wednesday, December 20


The Sun & Moon Data for Wednesday, December 20

The Sun
Sun Direction: ↑ 132.22° SE
Sun Altitude: 12.18°
Sun Distance: 91.453 million mi
Next Solstice: Dec 21, 2017 10:27 am (Winter)
Sunrise Today: 7:03 am↑ 119° Southeast
Sunset Today: 4:40 pm↑ 241° Southwest
Length of Daylight: 9 hours, 36 minutes

The Moon
Moon Direction: ↑ 114.83° ESE
Moon Altitude: -0.05°
Moon Distance: 252141 mi
Next Full Moon: Jan 1, 20188:24 pm
Next New Moon: Jan 16, 20188:17 pm
Next Moonset: Today6:59 pm
Current Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
Moon Illumination: 4.9%


The Astrology for Tuesday, Demember 20

The Moon is in Capricorn until 9:29 PM, after which the Moon is in Aquarius.
The Moon is waxing and in its New phase.
The New Moon occurred on the 18th in the sign of Sagittarius, and the First Quarter Moon will occur on the 26th.
Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius (Mercury is retrograde from December 3-22).
Saturn spends its first full day in Capricorn today (Saturn is in Capricorn from December 19, 2017, to March 1, 2020, and then from July 1, 2020, to December 17, 2020).


Moon in Capricorn

The Moon is traveling through Capricorn today. Make a list of goals. Work overtime. Climb higher. Don’t sulk.


We become aware of the need for structure and planning ahead with a Capricorn Moon. We are instinctively aware of the limitations of time and motivated by a desire for success. Achievement and manifestation are more important to us now. We are resourceful and don’t want to waste time, energy, or resources. This can be a somewhat sober influence, but it can also be a productive time when we look reality in the eye.


The Moon in Capricorn generally favors the following activities: Long-term activities that yield slow but steady results, practical undertakings, career issues, making a business plan, practical investments.


Overview of the Planets and the Stars for December 20

While a square between Venus and Chiron can point to blocks to intimacy and insecurities, a trine between Venus and Uranus also forms today and brings us out of our shells, encouraging our bolder, more innovative natures, socially speaking. We are most interested in all that is new, unusual, and out-of-the-ordinary with regards to romantic involvements, entertainment or pleasures, and financial undertakings. We may be experimenting, improvising, and trying on new ways of relating to others and expressing ourselves. We may be discovering alternative ways to make (or spend) money. We’re freer with our feelings, although a little detached, and we find beauty in the unfamiliar or uncommon.

The Moon is in responsible, intelligent Capricorn until 9:30 PM EST, and with the emotional Moon in this practical sign, we look for ways to make us feel more secure and in control. The Moon transits Aquarius from 9:30 PM forward, and we tend to move away from those things that are overly traditional or classic.

The Moon is void from 10:37 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Uranus), until the Moon enters Aquarius at 9:30 PM EST.


The sky this week for December 20 to 24

The New Moon, the winter solstice, and a meteor shower should make your astronomical calendar this week.
By Richard Talcott

Wednesday, December 20

Mars stands out in the southeastern sky before dawn this week. The magnitude 1.6 Red Planet rises some four hours before the Sun and appears 25° high as twilight starts to paint the sky. It currently resides among the background stars of eastern Virgo, though it will cross into neighboring Libra later this week. Unfortunately, the view of Mars through a telescope proves disappointing — it spans only 5″ and shows no detail.

Thursday, December 21

Earth’s winter solstice occurs at 11:28 a.m. EST. At that moment, the Sun reaches its farthest point south in the sky. The solstice marks the official beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and today has fewer hours of sunlight (and thus more hours of darkness) than any other. From mid-northern latitudes, however, the earliest sunset occurred about two weeks ago and the latest sunrise won’t happen until early January.

Saturn passes behind the Sun from our perspective, a configuration astronomers call solar conjunction, at 4 p.m. EST. Needless to say, our star’s glare makes it impossible to see the planet. Saturn will return to view before dawn in January.

Friday, December 22

The Ursid meteor shower peaks before dawn today. The shower’s radiant — the point from which the meteors appear to originate — lies in the constellation Ursa Minor, near the top of the Little Dipper’s bowl. The radiant is visible in the north all night, but climbs higher as dawn approaches. With the Moon out of the sky, viewers under a clear, dark sky should be able to see an average of 10 Ursid meteors per hour

Saturday, December 23

Although Mercury passed between the Sun and Earth just 11 days ago, the innermost planet already has climbed into view during morning twilight. Mercury rises about 90 minutes before the Sun and appears 10° above the southeastern horizon 30 minutes before sunrise. The planet shines at magnitude 0.2, bright enough to see with the naked eye (although binoculars will help you pick it out of the twilight glow). When viewed through a telescope this morning, Mercury appears 8″ across and one-third lit.

Sunday, December 24

Head outside before dawn and you’ll find Jupiter blazing in the southeast to the lower left of Mars. The giant planet climbs 20° high by the time twilight commences. Jupiter shines at magnitude –1.8, which makes it the brightest point of light in the night sky, and resides among the much dimmer stars of the constellation Libra. A telescope reveals the planet’s 33″-diameter disk.


The Astronomy Magazine


The Witches Current Moon Phase for Wednesday, December 20

Waxing Crescent
Illumination: 4%

he Moon today is in a Waxing Crescent Phase. A Waxing Crescent is the first Phase after the New Moon and is a great time to see the features of the moon’s surface. During this phase the Moon can be seen in the wester sky after the sun dips below the horizon at sunset. The moon is close to the sun in the sky and mostly dark except for the right edge of the moon which becomes brighter as the days get closer to the next phase which is a First Quarter with a 50% illumination.


Phase: Waxing Crescent
Illumination: 4%
Moon Age: 1.97 days
Moon Angle: 0.49
Moon Distance: 404,378.32 km
Sun Angle: 0.54
Sun Distance: 147,167,141.97 km




Moon Dairy


Sagittarius fluctuates between optimism and pessimism. The ebb and flow of inspiration and gloom could be quite dramatic at this new Moon. Its erratic energy is heightened by the flowing link with revolutionary Uranus in fiery Aries, and the ‘wisdom’ asteroid, Pallas – also in Aries. Wise women, female intellectuals, politicians, academics, sportswomen and female scientists could all feature prominently in the news at this time, and during the month ahead.


Sagittarius is a traveller – exploring far away lands, and pursuing higher education and knowledge in the spirit of adventure. Original thinking and discovery are favoured now, with clever Pallas – goddess of wisdom – aligned with inventive, eccentric Uranus. What are they cooking up in their dazzling laboratory? This planet pattern describes all manner of ‘light-bulb’ moments. If we clear the path, and gaze at the far horizons there’s no telling what surprising things we might see. Planets and points at around 26 degrees in your own natal horoscope will be switched on by this energetic new Moon. What do you dream of beginning? What’s your heart’s desire for 2018?


We’re approaching the Winter Solstice, when the mood begins to shift as Capricorn Sea Goats ride the waves. The atmosphere gradually becomes more serious, and there’ll be plenty of hints about the shape of things to come. The best trick will be to carry some warm Sagittarian joie de vivre and curiosity with us, and take the exciting possibilities of this new Moon forward into 2018.


‘Certain travellers give the impression that they keep moving because only then do they feel fully alive.’

Ella Maillart – writer, photographer, sportswoman and traveller (1903-1997)



Jane Lyle, Astrologer
The Astrology Room


Cosmic Weather horoscope


Thursday 21st December:

Winter Solstice – Sun enters Capricorn

Human beings have celebrated the Winter Solstice for thousands of years. The Sun dies, the Sun is reborn – it’s just such a powerful moment for life here on Earth.

This year, the astrological Capricorn flavour is strong. The Sun, Saturn, and Pluto are in Capricorn, joined by Venus on Christmas Day to make a serious line-up in this, the most serious of signs. It’s a dynamic Solstice season, favouring realistic, rational plans and ambitions.

Yet Capricorn is also musical, has a quirky, often dry, sense of humour, and admires stylish glamour. The determined goat climbs, the fish-tailed part of Capricorn dips into the waters of wisdom and universal knowledge.

If you’re a December Capricorn, March Aries, June Cancerian, or September Libran this is a notable turning point time for you – now, and on into 2018.


Jane Lyle, Astrologer
The Astrology Room


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