Yesterday We Did Not Do an Up-date

output_hXihcD(Lady A’s escape proof bed)

Jacob thought it would be nice to add a little humor to this difficult situation. And I am listening to a kid, what the hell is wrong with me? As you know, we promised you an up-date on Lady A yesterday, which didn’t happen. We were all exhausted by the end of the day. They came and got Lady A about 9 something to take her to surgery. We were going to walk with her part of the way to surgery but we were told no we weren’t. They told us we could wait in the room or the waiting area. I decided to wait in the room. After you wait for so long the walls start to close in on you. I waited in that room for about 3 1/2 hours, sitting, walking, sitting, walking. I finally decided to go find Lord M. He had went to the surgery waiting room. The doctor had already came out and talked to him. The surgery went fine and she was in recovery. He did say he repaired another spot while he had her on the table. He said she would be sore for a few days but not in the pain she was in.


Lord Myst said we should go back to the room. The room, really. It wasn’t a room it was a cage. By the time we got back to the room, they were bringing Lady A back to it. She was asleep. After they got her situated, they told us to try and keep her awake for a bit.The first thing she said was when can I go home? Her speech was slurred and I couldn’t understand her. I really did but I pretended not too because I knew what her reaction was going to be when she found out. Lord M told her probably by this weekend. That woke her up. He told her the doctor wanted to keep her in the hospital a little longer to make sure her back was going to do the way it was suppose to. I don’t understand the medical community. They do surgery on you to fix a problem, then they have to wait and see if it does what it is suppose too. They are doctors and they are suppose to fix the problem the first time, right?


The surgery went fine. I hope we didn’t worry anybody since we didn’t do an up-date yesterday. We were just give out. We all walked the halls, up and down stairs, anything to make the time go a little faster. I thought Lady A was suppose to only be in surgery for about 45 minutes. The doctor said he took longer because he saw a few minor things that he might as well fix. I guess that is the signs of a good doctor.


Lord M called and Lady A got on the phone. She said her back was tender but there wasn’t the ripping pain that was there. She is feeling better. She told me to get up in the morning and go to the office and go to work. She is upset because she is going to miss Yule. We are planning on having a little Yule celebration in a Catholic hospital. Ought to go over well. She did tell me that this site had been down too long and if I was going to stay out here instead of the hospital, I could go to work. I have been getting a taste of what she does this morning and I don’t know how she does it. She took nothing and turned it into an organization and a business. She is one hell of a witch and one hell of a business woman. I have met many witches over my life times and I must say, she is the only one I have stuck with and admire. You might get tired of hearing me speak of her but you have never met her. I know you can feel her presence through the computer. Their have been many who say they can feel her power coming through the computer when she is on here. In person, she expresses herself as confident, in control, hard but loving and caring. I have never seen her afraid in my life. I wonder what she thought when she woke up to see the bottom of her cabin in flames. I can see her calmly walking over to the window, busting it out and pick up Kade and jumping. I would like to think that was the way it was but I would imagine she was scared just like anyone else. She did have the good sense about her to go through the window and get out. I don’t know if I would have been able to think that clearly. I am glad she was.


I have to go. It is time for the 8 pound ball of furry terror’s medicine. We will honor Lady A’s wishes and resume operations tomorrow. Think you can put up with me, cackle, cackle, cackle!



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5 thoughts on “Yesterday We Did Not Do an Up-date

  1. Thank You for this update 🙂
    I am happy that the surgery went fine.
    Sending healing vibrations to Lady A now
    togehter with my appreciation to You and Lord M for the beautiful souls and friends you are!


  2. Eleanor, thank you for the update.. and no need for any apologies.. you and Lord M have so much on your plate.. I wish I was closer, I’d help in any way that I could.. Kit IS a very amazing person.. she’s just so.. special doesn’t come close. I know she’s upset about not spending Yule in her customary way.. but she’ll have one.. and there’s nothing saying that when she gets home, that she can’t hold a very SPECIAL ritual to honor her own Renewal, or Rebirth.. after what has happened to her, to all of you.. it might be something she’d like to do. Sending love, healing, comfort strength and (((hugs))) to all of you..


    1. Since Lady A is still in the hosptial, I was wondering if you could do me a favor? We have something come up and it sounds awful froggy. I wanted to know if you had ever seen a picture or photo of that GypsyRoseWolfie thing? I don’t want to ask Lady A because I know how she feels about her, the same way I do. If you have ever seen a photo of her, let me know. I have an image I would like to forward to you.


      1. I’m sorry honey, I’m just seeing this message today.. I don’t know of any GypsyRoseWolf .. but send the picture to me if you can, or want to.. when Kit and I first met, it was on a site called something like Gypsy’s Cauldron or something along those lines.. she used the name Gypsy.. can’t remember if Rose was part of her name or not.. but I remember one time that she posted a picture of herself.. I’d doubt it’s the same woman.. her and Kit parted on really bad terms.. who do you think this GypsyRose is? Also, Eleanor, I’m so happy that you might decide to stay on here.. I love your style 🙂 and I’d like to think that we’ve started a good friendship.. I’m still down with bronchitis.. 3 weeks now.. starting 4 this coming week.. and I’m still on the second prescription for antibiotics.. I’ve been drinking several glasses of warm water with the apple cider vinegar.. I’ve been adding 3 drops of oregano oil to apple juice (that burns) I’m drinking turmeric tea.. you’d think I’d be so freakin better by now that I could take on 3 worlds.. but nope.. I’m so stuffed up and coughing so hard I nearly turn myself inside out.. but now I’m curious.. whats the story on Gypsy? Please give Kit gentle hugs for me.. how is she doing? hows your new home? I haven’t forgotten about donating.. it’s definitely going to be in the new year.. how’s Lord Myst and the boys .. are you taking time for yourself? I hope so.. you need to or you’ll make yourself sick.. I don’t care how stubborn or strong you are.. you’re human and I don’t want you getting hurt or sick (((hugs)))


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