It is time to get the WOTC up and running again

An up-date on Lady of the Abyss first, she is starting to be weaned off her morphine. Which is good but they intend to let her stay on it and do the weaning because they have started to try therapy.  She made small progress yesterday. She was able to get up and stand on with the aid of a walker. She didn’t stand long because of the intense pain. I have been trying to lighten her spirits. I told her if anything ever happened to her, I was going to resell all the metal she now had in her body. That did not go over well. She told me to shut up. When she landed on that side, all the metal in that leg was twisted and moved out of place. The doctor started at her foot and used microscopic surgery to put the rods and screws back in the proper place. They did not want to open her leg completely up. Due to the damage, they were afraid she would be out to long and wouldn’t survive the surgery. She also suffered several broken ribs in the fall and another knock on the head. This time she didn’t lost her memory. I think it is too soon for her to even start therapy but I am not a doctor. The doctor and I talked in the hall. I voiced my concerns over her starting therapy. He told me if she didn’t get up now, she would never get up. He has not only been Lady A’s doctor for years but also a friend. He told me he knew her well enough that he knew she would never want to live life in a wheelchair. She had to start therapy no matter how painful, he would take care of her pain. He wanted her to walk and if I would stay out of it except to encourage her, she would. He is a man of his word, after the therapy yesterday, she was in great pain, in tears. A nurse came in with a shot and gave it to her. In about 10 minutes she was resting peacefully. I was relieved to know he meant what he had said to me. I do not trust doctors.


I took a break from the hospital this morning to see what has been going on here. To see if we couldn’t get the site back up and running. I know Lady A always said doing the site took her mind off of things that were bothering her. I hope the same hold trues for myself. Eleanor and I will be rotating back in forth as far as the hospital goes and the site. I see you have already been introduced to Eleanor. Eleanor is devoted to Lady A. She is the one that gave Lady A’s memory back to her when she had the wreck. Now she is here to stay till Lady A makes a full recovery. Full recovery might take up to a year. I am sure you agree with me, we are very fortunate to have her with us. I don’t believe I have to tell you anything about Eleanor that she hasn’t already told you. She is rough around the edges and she doesn’t mind telling you what she thinks. As I have found out recently. She has been with Lady A for a very long time. She tries to pull her stunts on Lady A and they go head to head. I have seen the two of them go at each other till I thought the building was going to explode. I keep thinking that is what Lady A needs. A motivation to get her to take her therapy seriously so she will walk again on that leg. May Eleanor is that motivation, we will see.


The ladies are arriving. I have to see what we need to get done to get the WOTC back up. I will keep you up-dated on her progress. We are also collecting donations. I would like to thank those of you who have already contributed to rebuilding Lady A’s life.

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The store is also open, Jacob is running it. Purchases through there also helps.


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  1. Hi, I was thinking that maybe you might want to start a go fund me page for Lady A, to help her out? You can take a look to see what it’s all about at It’s very helpful for a lot of people and it may be just what’s needed for her. Just figured I’d add that info (I made a purchase and a donation so far and hope to be able to do more for her when I can get more money). Blessed be!
    Heather Surprenant


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