Touching Base Real Quick………

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Good Wednesday morning, dear family! I didn’t want you to think we had run off and left you (you would never be that lucky, lol!) I got a phone call late yesterday from a friend whose mother-in-law run a large Co-Operative Ministry in this area. They feed the homeless and also pass out food baskets during the holiday season. This year they have over 1200 baskets to deliver and don’t have enough people to deliver them. She wanted to know if we could and would help. I told her of course we would. She calls us when they are running short on delivery people and I can’t turn her down. I also figure it will be a good way for the boys to see how other people in this area live and how fortunate they really are. It is a humbling experience, you think you have it bad till you run into someone else who has it worse than you do. I enjoy doing it because of the people you get to meet and also making their holidays a little brighter.

We are suppose to be there at 10:30 so we will be cutting it close but she knows we are coming. I just wanted to let you know what we were up to and we would see you tomorrow bright and early. Lord Myst came in early for Thanksgiving and we have invited some friends over and are planning on having Thanksgiving here. The only problem, I have to cook. Did I ever tell you I hate to cook? People say I am a good cook but still….

So we will be seeing you at the crack of dawn, if not earlier tomorrow. Till then, my sweets……..

Love ya,

Lady A