Good Tuesday Morning, My Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Craft! May The Goddess Bless You & Yours Today!

There are seldom times, I have to be alone and just think. The biggest thing that has always weighed on my mind and I am sure others, is how did we get created? How the planets formed? How did the universe formed? Better yet how did our own planet form? Unfortunately, due to events beyond our control, we do not have much written history.

The image that has recently came into my mind is one of beauty and most of all love. It is an image of the Divine at work. Now I want you to use your imaginations with me or for those of the Craft, visualize with me for a moment…..Imagine a dark, blank slate which happens to be the void. The Divine looked at the void and saw something was needed. She spread her hand across the void and lite it up with thousands upon thousands of beautiful stars. The stars were beautiful but yet there was still something missing. What She wondered?After all the beauty she had created among the stars, there was now a void in her heart. She decided she needed a companion to share the beauty she had created with her. The male form God she then created. She felt his companionship, his caring and his love. With those feelings stemming from Him, the Goddess decided these feelings should be shared but with who or what. With both of them agreeing, these feelings of love that they were experiencing should be share, the Goddess decided she would give birth to a new species. A species that would be part of them, experience the love and awe they felt. We would not only be their children but a very special species. A species formed out of their love, kindness and goodness, a part of the Divine.

The Goddess took her beautiful hand and from the Stars she had created, formed a small ball from them. She then proceeded to form from those very magickal stars an image in the likeness of the God. It was not right for the man figure created to be alone. Alone he could not know the happiness and love that the God and Goddess shared. She reached her long, slender fingers up to the heavens and gathered more stars. This time she formed a female figure from those stars.

With the male and female now being formed, the God and Goddess decided to create a very special place for them. A place they could call home, care for and nurture. This place was and is our planet. She gently lowered the beings to the planet. What wonders they held before them. They were thankful for the beautiful home that the God & Goddess had given them. No stipulations were given to them for these new beings on this new planet were made from the stars and were also made from the God and Goddess. Without a word being spoken they knew in their hearts what was to be done, what they were to teach their children and the laws to live by.

The laws that were never spoken but always were known where simple…Take care of your new home, care for each other, love each other and always remember my children, you are special. You are special because you come from the stars and the Universe. You are part of the God and Goddess. You will live out your days in peace and when your time is done on this planet, you will come home to us again. But only for a brief time, then you will be reborn or reincarnated again to carry the lessons you have previously learned forward into your new life. With each new reincarnation and with what you have learned from the past, you will make your home a better place.

But always remember one thing, my children, you are a part of the Divine. You come from the stars and you are the most precious thing on your new planet. Love each other, cherish each other and find the love and happiness that We have found with each other.

For our gift to you, our children, is peace, love, happiness and the most important of all, freewill. Use your gifts wisely, my children. Follow our example, never stray from it, for we have given you life. It is your life but chose wisely, children. Learn to use your gifts in all ways that honor us, your Divine Parents.

—Lady of the Abyss


17 thoughts on “Good Tuesday Morning, My Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Craft! May The Goddess Bless You & Yours Today!

    1. LOL, sweetie! There is no right or wrong place to post here. I still get confused and occasionally post in the wrong spots. One thing for sure, we ain’t formal, lol! Thank you for your beautiful comments(no matter where they are posted and by the way they are in the right place). I am glad you could picture the image with me. In all my times on this planet, I have only seen the Goddess once and to even to begin to describe her is a task in itself. She is beautiful beyond words, you can feel the love radiating from her, She is truly an awe inspiring sight. I hope and pray one day the world will come to see her as we do. Thank you again for your beautiful comments.
      Have a very blessed day, dear sister,
      Lady A

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      1. Lol ok perfect! If you ever write about the goddess’ image you saw, herself of her beauty I would love to read and see what you saw. Truly wonderful.Thanks again. Blessed be♡


      2. but I don’t believe it is a nano story, that’s it isn’t it? I got curious and checked out your site. Wonderful potential. I love the story you told about your name. You are a very fortunate person indeed. I wish I was so lucky to have such a beautiful meaning behind my name but….my father ran over a cat taking my mother to the hospital to have me. I wasn’t suppose to be a girl or at least they hadn’t planned names for girls. So guess what they named me? Kitty, yeah I have been told I should be proud it is a good old Irish name. I would be, if I didn’t know the story behind the name, lol! I have since that time shortened it to do business supposedly. Oh, the link above is about my experience when I was fortunate enough to see the Goddess. Good to see you again.
        Blessings, Peace & Comfort,
        Lady A


      3. Wow. You’re name is perfect. The story behind it is not a bad one. That cat died for you. Sometimes that may seem terrible but I believe that in my spiritual practice, the animal is what made you the Witch you are today. Kitty is a perfect fit. The best kind of familiar as you already know is a spiritual one because usually only the Witch can see it. You were already born with one and that makes you a powerful person full of knowledge and wits about you. Cherish your name. It’s truly a magical story. ♡ sending positive vibes your way!

        My nano story is Ursula. But I am almost finished and have a great publisher to work with. Hopefully next summer it will be out in stores in Canada and Us.

        My meditation experience is different from the book. That’s my true experiences there and there will be more to share. Thank you so much.


      4. I must say, you have opened my eyes. I never, ever thought about my name that way. If I could have my way, I would be one of those people who had cats everywhere. I would say “crazy old cat lady” but I ain’t that old yet. Perhaps when I get old. But seriously, you have opened my eyes. I don’t tell the truth behind my name outside our realm. You tell the mundane and they immediately say, “oh, my God, that is horrible!” So I guess I let their stigma on my name sort of get under my skin. You are a very insightful person. I am glad you are here. When your book gets finished let me know and I will pull on of the books from the slider on the side. I’ll put your’s in there instead, we try to promote our own.
        Thank you so much for the beautiful insight. Have a very blessed day!

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  1. That sounds great! I’m grateful for your friendship. I will give you small spiritual advice it will be wonderful. I suggest now that you know a different side of the meaning of your name, from one witch(sister) to another (sister). Have an honouring for this cat. Offer what you want. I have a basket under my desk with a ball of red yarn for power(fire), a small bowl of water mixed with the witches tears (water of life) a small piece of earth (herbs, tobacco whichever you like for earth) a cat toy that hangs for air. Say your own words of offering. And you will see your precious gift and all it brings. Never listen to those who don’t believe it’s what brings us down and makes us feel we are crazy. We’re blessed and that’s what matters. ♡


    1. I appreciate the advice and I will do the ritual as you stated. In the last year, now a year and a half, I lost two of my very special familiars. My heart is still torn over them. The first one was my blood familiar, the other was a bobcat that his mother had brought to me the day before she was killed. My blood familiar has congestive heart failure and I fought for two years to save her. She ended up passing in my arms. I didn’t want to take her to the vet to have her put to sleep. But, oh Goddess, I see her little face laying in my arms passing on. My daughter decided she was tired of hearing me cry over Kiki (familiar) so she got me another dog. The bobcat didn’t go for this at all. So I had to get rid of the bobcat. My daughter took the bobcat to her farm in the country. I go out there and I see her but she doesn’t want anything to do with me. Now back to my problem, this new dog, I can’t love. I have tried and tried and there is no bond, no nothing. He is a sweet dog and beautiful but my heart won’t let me get attached to him. I want to but I can’t. I have talked to a few about this and they all tell me give it time. I have even did a ritual to take him as my familiar, HA! I am to point now, I don’t want him around me, I don’t even look at him or touch him. That is not fair to the animal for me to treat him that way. To go through his own life, without being loved. Every time I try to get close to him, I hear my bobcat and the day she left here. I was the only human she associated with and I can hear her cries for me. I feel I have let her down so bad. I pray two or three times a day for the Goddess to keep her safe. But this new dog needs love and caring. Do you have any suggestions? I would be very grateful for any help you might offer. I am at my wits in.


      1. It takes me forever to just to click on your reply. I click and nothing. I click again, nothing. I don’t know what is going on with WordPress. They are getting slow in their old age, lol! Or it is a fact, we are going to have to wait forever to do anything anymore on it, hmm!


      2. Yeah, I wish you would. I would love to hear your take on my pup problem. I have tried everything I know to do and it ain’t happening. Well, at times it does, then something happens and it goes away. He is a cute little fella and I want to love him but something is seeming to stop me. I told my daughter is way too soon after my familiar died to even to begin to try to replace her. She was irreplaceable. The day we buried her, part of heart went in that ground with her. The vet told me she only had 6 months to live after they figured out what was wrong with her. She lived always 2 1/2 years after that. I fought every way in the world I could for her. I prayed, I cried, I did rituals, I did blood sacrifices, you name it, I did it. I still tear up just writing about her. I do care about him in a strange way and I wonder if that will eventually grow into love. Like I said earlier he is too cute and adorable to go through this life without anyone loving him or being love. I would give anything if I could be that person.


      3. I feel the dog doesn’t belong to you but your daughter. Maybe it was overlooked but I feel that way. Your spirit seems more of the cat family. That could explain why the bond isn’t there. Kiki’s spirit is forged with yours now so you might want to take a look back and notice you’ve picked up her behavior. When you cry I feel it’s not you but Kiki trying to show you she’s always apart of you. Your bobcat I feel your bond is of a grandmother’s. You look at her like a grandchild. We love are kids but a grandmother’s bond to her grandchild is irreplaceable. I feel you could go get her. As long as you let them know where their place is every one should get along fine.


      4. Believe it or not, my daughter lied to me about this dog from the very start. Mystie had raised the money from the members here to purchase me another Pom. He was so cute but when I had the wreck, he was killed instantly. I was riding with the window down and he was looking out, resting on my arm. A drunk run a stop sign and hit us in the passenger’s side and flipped my truck. The little pup went flying out the window and the truck rolled on him. He died instantly. Back to my daughter, she told me Kade was a pup. He wasn’t he was 3 years old and her husband finally told me the truth. He had been a show dog, kept in a crate and just let out to eat, use the bathroom, then back in the crate. He won money, ribbons and trophies out of this world. He had an accident involving one of his eyes. My daughter took him out of town to a vet in another city to get it taken care of. You can’t tell anything is wrong with his eye but he couldn’t be shown anymore because of that. When I got him, he weighed 4 lbs. My vet to say the least has a fit. He told me the dog was severely under weight, he had had his front joints manipulated so he would stand a certain way and a ton of other stuff. But he wasn’t a pup, he was 3 years old and she lied and said he was a pup. I never knew she even had him. By his size and weigh, he passed as a pup. I just feel sorry for him knowing his history. I don’t believe he would even go back to my daughter’s. I took him with me when I went out there and all he did was claw and paw to get in my lap. He didn’t want anything to do with her. Kiki does come to visit and I keep asking her to talk some sense into the nut. Sometimes after her visits, he does act better then a day or two later, he is acting like an idoit and my feelings for him go out the door. I have told Kiki over and over again, she will always be a part of me. She was special and could never be replaced. As far as the bobcat goes, the night Kade (dog from daughter) was first here, I came into the bedroom and he followed me. I looked under the bed to see what the bobcat was doing. Ha, the bobcat was in her prone position ready to strike. She didn’t like the new dog at all. So I kept the door closed all night and boy what a night. I had visions of what would happen if the bobcat stayed with the dog. Not a pleasant sight. I lost way too much that year and when I stop to think about it all, it nearly drives me crazy. I think what really gets me, is I am an enchantress and I can enchant any animal on this planet except for this damn dog! I am beginning to wonder if he is a little demon sent to drive me nuts. And you are wondering what the heck have I got myself into, lol! I do appreciate your help and also any further help you can offer.


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