The Witches Digest for Saturday, November 4th (Your Survival Guide to November)

These little annoying reminders aren’t really for you, they are for us, lol! When it is all said and done, I will be handing out pamphlets as everyone goes out the door!


The Witches Digest for Saturday, November 4, 2017

(Your Survival Guide to November)

November’s Cinderella Taurus Full Moon

Buying The Whole Package Versus Window Shopping

Joy is not in things, it is in us. Richard Wagner

You can’t have everything. Where would you put it? Stephen Wright

Large desire is endless poverty. Indian proverb

We don’t need to increase our goods nearly as much as scaling down our wants. Not wanting something is as good as possessing it. Donald Horban

Advertising may be described as the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it. Stephen Leacock

What really matters is what you do with what you have. Shirly Lord

When we are not rich enough to be able to purchase happiness, we must not approach too near and gaze on it in shop windows. Tristan Bernard

Marrying a man is like buying something you’ve been admiring for a long time in a shop window. You may love it when you get it home, but it doesn’t always go with everything else in the house. Jean Kerr

November’s Taurus full Moon occurs on November 4, and, it’s a rather Jupiterian lunation. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, abundance and expansion, is conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, bringing with it a sense of optimism in amongst some of the more challenging energies that are around at this time.

Jupiter is on a degree that can speak of heading off to make one’s fortune, finding a more rewarding and satisfying place to be, work to do, positions to fill, etc. Jupiter is on Scorpio 6: A GOLD RUSH TEARS MEN AWAY FROM THEIR NATIVE SOIL. Jupiter on this degree, and, it being in Scorpio, can bring all kinds of good financial luck our way, especially if we are connecting in with positive thoughts and directions. We can find our ‘pot of gold’ in all sorts of ways – we just have to be open to good things flowing our way.

An even tighter aspect to this full Moon is the trine to the Sun and the sextile to the Moon from Neptune. It is a very tight aspect, and, it tells us that if we are in alignment with our dreams, hopes and wishes, we can see all kinds of things coming true now. This is especially true if we are mindful and tune into the Law Of Attraction. Making affirmations, though, may not be enough – we have to assume that we have the things we want; that we inhabit the feeling of having the things we want in our lives, and, we don’t concentrate on thinking about the things we don’t have.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, and therefore the ruler of this Taurus full Moon, is in Libra, the other sign ruled by Venus, and, it is exactly almost to the minute opposite Uranus, which can bring about some surprising, often unexpected and sometimes shocking, outcomes. Sometimes we see something coming with this type of aspect to Venus, sometimes we don’t. The main message from this Venus/Uranus opposition is to let go of those things whether they are possessions, relationships, people, jobs, positions, etc, that are no longer working for us. With Uranus on Aries 26: A MAN POSSESSED OF MORE GIFTS THAN HE CAN HOLD, we can find ourselves either letting go of the old, the outworn or the outgrown OR dropping the ball as we find that our hands are full enough and we can’t quite grasp all the things we might perhaps like to be holding onto. That degree of Uranus can also show that we have so many ‘gifts’, talents, abilities, etc, that we might need to focus on some and let go of the others. There is certainly a lot of potential in this opposition, but, we might find our grip loosening on something in order to be able to take hold of something else. Venus is also in a sextile aspect with Saturn. It’s by being firm and nailing down decisions that we can focus on what’s truly important and bring resolutions to situations that may have been asking for answers.

We also have Mars making a closing square to Pluto over the coming two weeks. This aspect will perfect at the next new Moon, which will be interesting as it talks about either being released from bondage and chains and problems OR being handcuffed, arrested and charged. In other words, we have a very interesting few weeks ahead.

In amongst it all, we have Chiron on Pisces 25: THE PURGING OF THE PRIESTHOOD, squaring Saturn on Sagittarius 25: A CHUBBY LITTLE RICH BOY RIDES UPON A HOBBYHORSE. It seems that for some, the chickens have come home to roost. For others, many may feel that they can step into a position of authority that they have perhaps long waited to occupy. Often this is about doing things you want to do rather than things society says you should be doing. If you’re on the right track, helping others, being of service to the world, there can be rewards here. If one is abusing faith, hope and trust, there can be some rather interesting and severe undoing. We are seeing both scenarios happening in the world around us, and, many of us may be feeling these things within ourselves. The recent sex scandals in Hollywood and elsewhere really fit these Symbols, as do the scandals in government and business that we’re seeing again and again lately.

With Uranus and Saturn in a closing and close fire trine, we are being shown the way to finding a sense of being organised, following our own paths, finding our way out of restrictions and limitations. We may have to jettison some things, though, as Uranus is on a degree that can talk about keeping some things while letting go of others. We may also have to focus on one or two things instead of on a wide variety of things as we could just find ourselves juggling and not being able to concentrate enough if our energies are scattered. This is especially so as Uranus is on Aries 26: A MAN POSSESSED OF MORE GIFTS THAN HE CAN POSSIBLY HOLD. These can be physical possessions, gifts, talents, possibilities, or, memories. Whatever we are juggling, if we’re dropping some balls, we might want to see what needs to be dropped all together.

So, in amongst it all, there are some very positive aspects to this full Moon, as long as we are not casting ourselves in the role of Cinderella. I see the 12th degree of fixed; Taurus 12, Leo 12, Scorpio 12 and Aquarius 12, as being the grand cross of Cinderella. We can either be at the ball, have the invite, the ticket in, sitting at the good table with good people around us, with a nice dress, shoes and looking like a million dollars OR we might find ourselves at home scrubbing the floors. The 12th degree of fixed can talk about those variables. And, this full Moon is on this axis.

The big aspect that needs perhaps our fullest awareness, though, to me, are the Symbols for the nodal axis. The Moon’s south node is on a degree that can have us wondering when things are going to lighten up. It can have us staring into a void and feeling like life may never change. We may feel lonely, cast adrift and uncertain about our future. Having said that, it is the south node, so, we can definitely make some measures to steer clear of this energy, even if we may see it in the world around us. The south node is on Aquarius 21: A WOMAN DISAPPOINTED AND DISILLUSIONED, COURAGEOUSLY FACING THE FUTURE. This energy can rather easily be seen through the ‘Me Too’ movement that we’ve been seeing on social media.

The Moon’s north node is not much easier as we may wonder if we’re ever going to get anywhere (we are, we have a lot going on in this full Moon chart that says as much). It’s on Leo 21: INTOXICATED CHICKENS DIZZILY FLAPPING THEIR WINGS TRYING TO FLY. This nodal axis is not an easy one, but, if we keep our wits about us, make some good decisions, see our lives unfolding in the ways we want and keep steering a direct course straight ahead, we will get past this time which may feel rather disorienting. Although obviously not always, I do often see this opposition of Leo and Aquarius 21 as being one of the disillusionment and loneliness that can erupt from alcoholism, drugs, being alone, feeling neglected, etc.

I believe that, if we concentrate on the dream, we may more easily see and find ourselves through to the reality that we want. Jupiter and Neptune seem to be able to deliver on that on this full Moon. We, however, must keep the faith.

The full Moon each month marks a time of heightened energies and events. It often marks the culmination of the energies released at the new Moon. Emotions can be supercharged as the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the zodiac and illumination is increased – it’s like we can see in the dark – and we can be hyper-aware as well as being hyper-awake. The effects of a full Moon can be major or minor, depending on how they interact with your own chart. Sometimes, realisations or events that are unleashed, or unlocked, can stretch their meaning months into the future. A lot can be learned at the time of the full Moon and whether it’s lunacy or illumination, or a combination of both, there’s magic unleashed with every full Moon.

The full Moon is on Taurus 12: A YOUNG COUPLE WALK DOWN MAIN-STREET, WINDOW-SHOPPING – the following is my interpretation from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom

Commentary: ‘A Young Couple’ are walking down the ‘Main-Street, Window-Shopping’. They may be looking with hopes for the future, or perhaps they are just seeking to while away the time together. Regardless, they are an image of youth and the expectations of bigger and better things. If this ‘Young Couple’ have goals in common and a common path to share, all will be well and things will unfold naturally. It may be that in light of their social position or their financial possibilities, they can only ‘Window-Shop’ for the moment. Is this ‘Couple’ really ‘Window-Shopping’ together, or is only one of them dreaming of what they could have and how things could be better? Are they “together” or do they really want different things out of life?

Oracle: Things are probably out of reach for you at the moment, including the stability of your domestic or emotional needs, but that shouldn’t stop you looking or planning for the future. However, care may need to be taken, as jealousy and greed can rise up easily when there seems to be so much, so close and yet so far away. Enjoy the display and the quiet moments of togetherness without rush, and then get back to your real life. Realize that even though things feel far off in some way, things of inner worth are available to you, right now. Is there an issue concerning commitment to relationship, or is this a situation of just having a look to see what might be possible for the future? Now is possibly not the right time to make any firm decisions, but rather to look at all your possibilities and options. ‘Window-Shop’ a little and share your dreams. See how they can turn into reality.

Keywords: The longing for “things”. The allure of ownership. Consumerism. Trying to raise money. Worrying about the “cost” of things. Weddings and engagements. Credit cards. Finances that are shared. Shared dreams. The future and its possibilities. Young people. Planning. Shopping. The honeymoon period. So much so close and yet so far. Cinderella or the belle of the ball?

The Caution: Denying happiness because of material deficiency. “Keeping up with the Jones”. Not focusing on your partner/friend. Unsure of where one stands. Being unwilling to commit to anything just yet. Avoiding the heart of one’s relationship. Focusing on the financial side. Issues of ‘who pays for what’. Arguments over money or possessions. Merely ‘Window Shopping’ not committing. Overspending. Being in debt. Monetary distractions. Missed opportunities.

The Karmic Degree for the full Moon is Taurus 11: A WOMAN SPRINKLING LONG ROWS OF FLOWERS

This Symbol shows the need to take time to nurture your physical self. The mind needs to take a rest and the body needs to be allowed to come to bloom and bask, a little, in the light. Keeping an eye on things that you are responsible for will ensure that they don’t dry out and fade away ahead of, or before, their time. Weeding out undesirable factors will be a necessary part of the process as will tending to those who can’t or won’t look after themselves. Quiet moments of tender care can enliven others and allow them to grow.

Keywords: Having patience and care. Nurturing and fertilizing creativity. External evidence of internal beauty. Looking after small details to reap treasures later. The Tree of Life. Stopping to smell the roses. Paying attention to detail. Flower essences. Sprinkling love and sustenance. Watering and fertilizing. Tending the soil. Care and love.

The Caution: Giving superficial attention just to keep up appearances. Neglect of things once they’re established. Giving up on projects half way through. Dehydration and neglect. Droughts or energy, love or feeling. Neglecting things in favor of other priorities. Water restrictions.

The Quest Degree for the full Moon is Taurus 13: A PORTER CARRYING A MOUNTAIN OF HEAVY BAGGAGE

This Symbol implies someone who tends to carry the load for others. They often feel responsible for everyone and everything. The ‘Porter’ will usually spring to attention when asked to help or to shoulder the burden of other’s luggage or their baggage. In fact, you may be doing a lot to help others, but not getting much appreciation or thanks. Be wary that you are not just helping people to hang on to their extra ‘baggage’, through your desire to be useful and helpful. This can weigh them down when you are no longer available. Grinning and bearing the weight only works for so long before one tires of it.

Keywords: Self-reliance. Owning other people’s ‘garbage’. Shouldering baggage or weight. Being weighed-down. Feeling responsible for everything. Bad backs and posture. Carrying others. Counseling people, taking on their emotions. Bad backs, shoulders, knees, etc. Strain and wear. Bearing the family guilt. Luggage. Trolleys. Looking for tips.

The Caution: Being busy with other peoples’ problems. Unable to work for your own benefit. Carrying other peoples’ responsibilities. Being indispensable until the energy is all worn out. Not knowing when to say “no” to other’s demands. The burden of debts. Being useful but feeling unimportant.

The Moon symbolizes: Emotions, moods, mother, family, clan, domestic issues, relationship to home and country. Feelings, sentiments, nourishment, emotional nurturing, monkey chatter mind, lunar and menstrual cycles, clarity of emotions or lunacy. Female energy – yours and others.


This Symbol implies the ability to mix with people from all over the world, to talk in different kinds of languages or travel in the circles of the elite. There’s probably an issue about being invited to the ‘right’ functions or that you’re sure of being on the list of those who gather to make decisions or call the shots. Enjoying social situations can be rewarding on many levels, however, the conditions may sometimes be caged in rather strict protocol and rules of behavior that you and others have to adhere to. Look at yourself and observe whether you are being your natural self or putting on a show for others. This can imply social climbing and political strategies.

Keywords: Political game playing. Manners and protocol. Dressing and looking right. Who knows who and what it’s worth. Social and political standing. The Cinderella story. Sparkling occasions. Knowing etiquette. Looking for social connections and outcomes that are not necessarily immediate. International relations. The “My Fair Lady” story. Social engineering. Speaking the right language.

The Caution: The habit of role-playing. Not being taught how to behave in “polite society”. Having to learn how to fit in without having instruction. Dining, drinking and enjoying life whilst others can “eat cake”. Diplomatic standoffs. Gatecrashing. Feeling out of one’s depth. Political point scoring that ignores the human dimension.

The Karmic Degree for the Sun is Scorpio 11: A DROWNING PERSON IS BEING RESCUED

This Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, of helping others, being on hand when they need it and rescuing and bringing a sense of life back to people. It can show a rescuing nature; a counselor, therapist, life saver, etc. Of course, it can be that you need “Rescuing” in some way, whether it’s through counseling, getting a much-needed loan, or having stress and strain lifted so that you can breathe freely again. This symbol often shows someone overpowered or overcome by their inability to cope emotionally. Often we feel like we are being suffocated, by our marriage, job, friendships, life path or the lack of these things. Know that help is at hand and soon you’ll be able to breathe easily again.

Keywords: Resuscitation. Regaining one’s breath. Finding life renewed. Asthma, bronchitis, breathing difficulties. Finding help in moments of crisis. Needing a hand. Being rescued. Salvation on any level. Ventilators. Breathing equipment. Oxygen. Dependence. Last minute reprieves. Born again experiences. Help.

The Caution: Panicking to draw help rather than learning how to cope. Unrealistic reliance on others. Getting into deep water on a regular basis. Not wanting to save yourself.

The Quest Degree for the Sun is Scorpio 13: AN INVENTOR PERFORMS A LABORATORY EXPERIMENT

This Symbol shows the ability, or necessity, of being able to take risks, to be an explorer or someone who does things rather differently than most people. It’s your job to look for creative solutions and work with them. When things are just not working, you probably need to try different combinations and different possibilities in order to have the desired result. Being willing to go out on a limb can bring all kinds of unexpected results, some wonderfully rewarding, but some, if not well considered, could end up blowing up in your face. By persevering, you will not only find solutions to complex situations but also learn a lot from any errors you make along the way.

Keywords: Creating one’s vision. Thinking quickly and making momentary decisions. Being prepared to risk failure. Bringing different mixes of things and/or people together. Taking calculated risks to see what will happen. Seeing if things live up to expectations. Looking for answers. The “mad professor”. Mixing chemicals. Measuring and weighing. Going by one’s gut reactions. Inventions and experiments. Discovery. Laboratories. Research.

The Caution: Becoming obscured by pointless goals. Making things up. Being one-eyed and focused to the exclusion of all else. Not fully understanding the consequences of actions. Always taking risks. Not taking adequate cautions. Not keeping track of what you’re doing. Ignoring warning signs. Being a “mad professor”.

The Sun symbolizes: One’s core center, spirit, heart, issues to do with father, men, self, ego, your male side. How you radiate your sense of being. What others see, how you are recognized or remembered, sense of identity and connection with male energy – yours and others.

symbols_mercury.jpgMercury is on Scorpio 28: THE KING OF THE FAIRIES APPROACHING THEIR DOMAIN

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to feel at ease and in charge of your home, territory or domain. You may have been searching for where you belong or where your “Domain” is. Although you may at times be off looking for this, feeling alien and alone won’t work; there’s a need to feel accepted, welcomed and loved. There may be the feeling of wanting to be a dominant leader or having a doting populace. As long as egos are in control, this can be a fabulous experience of ‘returning home’, a nice, and calm and spiritual place to be. Also, this degree can show a world of one’s own creation or imagination – which can be fabulously rewarding although it can also be rather ungrounded in reality.

Keywords: Imaginary worlds. Finding a place. Feeling comfortable. Taking command of life. Leadership and its responsibilities. Feeling like a dominant leader and that one has a doting populace. Being welcomed. Midsummer Night’s Dream. Returning home. Web domains. Finding one’s true vocation or purpose.

The Caution: Imaginary worlds and dependence on trickery. Ridicule aimed at those that don’t have their feet on the ground. Someone acting like a “hot shot”. Feelings of superiority which alienate others. The fear of approaching the unknown. Never finding a real place to settle down. Fairy tales about how life could or should be. Lording it over others. Being bossy and commanding. Being impotent. The fear and loathing of having to accept one’s true place. Not taking command of one’s life. Loneliness. Feeling locked out.


This Symbol shows the need for occasionally making a show for society to remind ourselves of our successes and achievements, whether they are collective or personal achievements. The “Military Band” can make an enormous amount of noise as it “Marches Noisily”, but sometimes we need to be woken or reminded of the cohesion that a military band can show. Likewise, this can show someone that likes to bang their own drum or to make a big noise about themselves or for the establishment. As long as the audience is ok with this display, one can contain the reaction from others. Sometimes, though, people get annoyed by people banging their drums a little too loudly.

Keywords: Making music to rouse people from complacency. Noisy announcements. Demanding attention. Trumpeting achievements. Reminders from the authorities that individuals are often not in charge. Celebrations of past battles. Corporate advertising. Peace rallies or war marches. Marching and drills. Precision movements. Baton twirling. Drums and trumpets. Spit and polish.

The Caution: A lot of volume that can be too pompous. So much volume that the true message gets lost. Demanding to be heard. Banging one’s drum, even when others might be unresponsive or not want to hear. Blaring announcements. Warnings to others to follow orders or to be complicit. Big ego displays. Propaganda. Threats to peace. Momentary disruptions.


This Symbol implies the need, or the ability, to be an advocate for the rights of others, particularly youngsters or children, and being prepared to engage with others in order to bring about a desired result. You may find yourself standing-up for those in your care, or for those who need your care, whether it is your children, your ideals or creative pursuits. Even if they sometimes deserve rejection, punishment or judgment, the solution will possibly be found not in being defensive as in simply asking for consideration, mercy and leniency. This can also show bringing a healing to others, whether it’s through their own actions or through finding the healers that are needed to affect a cure.

Keywords: Patterns of family dominance. Pleading one’s cause. Seeking love, mercy or forgiveness. Asking higher powers to step in, help or heal. Intercession. Counseling. Protecting the younger ones. Family law courts, magistrates, lawyers. Divorce. Young people taken seriously. Guilt and innocence. Weaving words to a desired outcome. Intervention. Schools. Juvenile delinquents. Being nailed for an offence. Speaking on behalf of others. Tribunals. Begging for mercy. Custody battles. Sexual discrimination. Advocates.

The Caution: Being dominated. Sacrificing one’s self for peace and quiet. Making a spectacle. Ramming one’s opinions. Going on the defensive. Bullying and browbeating. Harping on and on about things that should be forgiven or forgotten. Disruptive elements that get away with anything. Being expelled. Being made an example of.

Mercury symbolizes: Mind, thought, communication, memory, expression, intelligence. News, exchanges, chatting, conversations, short journeys, connections with others, telephones, emails, siblings, neighbors, the reasoning mind. Day-to-day activities. Cars, keys, small animals.


This Symbol implies the ability, or the necessity, of being able to integrate the principle of the will (the “Eagle”) with the principle of the emotions (the “White Dove). Being able to bring these two together makes for a much stronger effect on others and the personality is strengthened and given an edge that it otherwise might not have. There may be confusion around whether to use force or love in some situations. Being firm and yet kind, being flexible and yet sure of what you’re doing or where you’re heading keeps one on an even keel. Alternation of these responses will lead to the best solution.

Keywords: Tempering one’s will with love and bolstering up one’s emotional responses with strength. Cooperation of mind, will, spirit and heart. Schizophrenia. Eagles and doves. Being strong and soft at the same time. Adopting the attitudes of spirit, power and love.

The Caution: Being “all over the place” with reactions. Being changeable. Not acting for the purpose of a definite outcome. Confusing others with conflicting behavior. Not knowing what to expect next. On one minute—off the next.

Venus symbolizes: Relatedness, cooperation, what attracts you. The experience of sweetness, beauty or delight. Social interactions, love, friends, how you reach out to people. Feminine persona, relationship with mother and females. Money, possessions, sense of values.

symbols_mars.jpgMars is on Libra 8: A BLAZING FIREPLACE IN A DESERTED HOME

This Symbol implies the ability, or the necessity, to provide warmth and reassurance in times of emptiness, loss or desertion. You may need to remember that even in times of real loneliness, when you feel separated from your ‘center’, there is a constant, unseen, sustaining energy always ready to welcome you home: whether it be the fire of your own spiritual center, the warmth and familiarity of family and kin, or a knowing that one is sustained by humanity at large. You may need this reassurance yourself or you may be the one to help others in their hour of need.

Keywords: Security and comfort left behind. A fire left blazing inside to reassure. Wood for burning. Gas, electricity connections. Holiday homes, or homes that are rarely visited. Homes filled with love, if not people or possessions. The warmth of the heart. Holding a candle for someone who’s gone. Fertility issues. Heart and hearth. Fireplaces. The place to which one returns.

The Caution: A sense of isolation, separation, abandonment, and bitterness. Sabotage by, or of, loved ones and family. Being forced out of the home, possibly for social reasons. Desertion and decay of love. Never being at home because of work concerns and commitments. Separation. Divorce. Latch-key children. Feeling alone and out in the cold. The light being on, but no one at home. Lack of domestic supplies.


This Symbol shows someone who nourishes and protects and feels a sense of being in charge and being responsible for those who can’t look after themselves. There is probably the need to look after those in your care, whether persons, things or ideas. There could be dangers that no-one else seems to be taking seriously, however, your efforts to protect and nourish will be rewarded in the future. Feeding, nourishing and protecting those around you will pay off sometimes in unexpected ways. There’s a need to be careful not to favor some far more than others or to take too much on or feel responsible for everything and everyone as this can exhaust and limit what you’re trying to accomplish.

Keywords: Nurturance, protection and guardianship. Being on the lookout for changes in the atmosphere. Spotting problems that nobody else notices. Shielding innocents from “bad-guys”. Motherhood and the stress of it. Predators. Being firm with outsiders. Asylum. Places of residence

The Caution: Overprotection. Unable to cope with everyday problems. Taking over with the pretence of the need for protection. Not allowing others to grow up. Always being on the lookout for problems. Neurotic worrying about what may happen. Seeing the world as a big, scary place. Being picked on. Taking advantage of the innocent. Protection money. Attacking others.

Mars symbolizes: Drive, determination or agenda, how you get to your goals. How you express and handle anger, ambition, assertion of self and ability to step forward. The male principle, sexuality, the ability to step up to the plate when one needs to. Fight or flight.

symbols_jupiter.jpgJupiter is on Scorpio 6: A GOLD RUSH TEARS MEN AWAY FROM THEIR NATIVE SOIL

This Symbol shows the desire to strike out for new territories, new possibilities, new shores, in an attempt to stroke “Gold”; to find more money, a better life with more rewards, etc. The “Gold Rush” often tears people away from their usual environment, their homes, their country, their “Native soil”, looking for a better place. The temptation is to chase the promise of riches elsewhere. You may have a choice between stable, established situations and more unstable, exciting, temporary or risky situations. The actual promise of abundance in far away places is sometimes worth the effort of moving on, other times not. You might ‘strike gold’ or you may just find yourself a long way from home.

Keywords: Strong desires to move on. The longing and the search for the easy fulfillment of hopes and dreams. Leaving one’s native soil. Having a cause or mission to pursue. Leaving home, people, family. Dropping everything to chase a project. Pilgrimages. The search for riches. Immigration and migration. Listening to clues. The search for the Holy Grail. Pursuing a better life.

The Caution: Chasing the impossible dream. Losing everything. Being unrealistic or opportunistic. Not being content with what one’s got. The grass being greener elsewhere. Lusting after rewards that may be unreal or transitory. Risking what one has for what one could have. Wild goose chases.

Jupiter symbolizes: the big picture, expansion, exploration, aspirations, religious and philosophical ideals, issues to do with traveling, foreign lands, people and traditions, culture, education, generosity, luck, abundance, support, optimism. Insight through knowledge and wisdom.

symbols_saturn.jpgSaturn is on Sagittarius 25: A CHUBBY LITTLE RICH BOY RIDES UPON A HOBBYHORSE

This Symbol shows someone who has everything in life playing and enjoying doing whatever they want in a safe and comfortable atmosphere – the ‘Boy’ does something he feels like doing, something easy and natural. He plays and may not be thinking too much about what’s going on in the real world as he is shielded from the more harmful elements of society because he is ‘Rich’. You may feel that you are doing what is necessary, but this is more like a training situation and will lead to greater ability in the future, although you should watch out for the propensity to be ‘flogging a dead horse’. Practice and play, but one day you’re going to have to prove yourself in a more rigorous, demanding situation. Protected practice. Imaginative play. Going on and on about something. Hobbies. Playtime. Toys being provided. Exercise. Boys and their toys. Unrestrained passions.

Keywords: Hobbies and their pleasures. Unrestrained, imaginative play that can lead to truly wonderful creations, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Protected practice. Having to have one’s sexual needs fulfilled before one loses energy. Exercise, doing something because one can. Constantly going off on distracting schemes. Boys and their toys. Unrestrained passion.

The Caution: Someone spoilt and shallow. Feeling that one can take on anything without thought of the actual consequences. Playing when one should be more serious about life. Not doing one’s work, avoiding it by doing ‘fun’ things instead. Having no friends to play with.

The Quest Degree for Saturn is Sagittarius 26: A FLAG-BEARER IN A BATTLE

This Symbol shows standing up in “Battle” carrying the “Flag” for your nation, political, social or moral beliefs, or for some issue that needs defending or supporting. The “Flag-Bearer” is often the one ‘out front’, in front of the situation or the army; the one who’s unarmed and yet determined to represent their side. You may feel that there have been achievements done by you or others that need to be acknowledged. Responsibilities pile up on you, and the struggle is not always easy. Don’t worry, though, although everyone around you is busy, they are noticing your leadership abilities. You are often the linchpin of the whole situation.

Keywords: Having the courage of convictions. Standing up for ideals. Representing one’s collective in a worthy cause. Carrying the standard or the ‘Flag’. David and Goliath. Being the messenger. Advocates. Ensigns. Leadership. Self-sacrifice. Fighting for political ideals. Flag waving.

The Caution: The sacrificial lamb. Overzealous idealism. Empty shows of courage. The scapegoat. Always being ready to go into battle. Violence. Fanaticism. Stepping out of line. An inability to keep quiet. Not knowing when to back off.

Saturn symbolizes: Authority, rules, discipline and obligation The heavy stuff. What we fear, loss, karma, aging, the establishment, orthodoxy, tradition, status, the concept of time, walls, boundaries, limits, older people, restrictions, patience, conquering difficulties.

symbols_uranus.jpgUranus is retrograde on Aries 26: A PERSON POSSESSED OF MORE GIFTS THAN THEY CAN HOLD

This Symbol often shows someone who has more talent, more possessions, more gifts than most other people. Perhaps too much is demanded or expected of you or you expect life to give you more and more and more. Recognize that you are surrounded by abundance, but perhaps you are unable to experience it all at once. If you don’t feel you have the ability to cope with all that life throws at you then look in your ‘storehouse’ and you could be surprised at talents you have that have never even been used. You may have to give up some things in order to make room for others.

Keywords: Potentials and the obsessions they can bring. Obsessions about “having things” or achieving goals. Counting one’s blessings. Jack-of-all-trades. Having to drop the bundle if one more thing is added. Being talented and blessed. Enormous responsibilities. Wanting to contain all possibilities. Storage. So many things to do-so little time.

The Caution: Not being able to focus on one issue at a time, or on ideas of real worth and therefore not really achieving anything. Inability to gain or contain everything that is desired. Ambition that knows no bounds. Greediness and insatiability. Being told that you can’t have what you want. Things piling up. Juggling and dropping the ball. Feeling as though you will lose everything. Being overwhelmed with possibilities.

Uranus symbolizes: The unexpected, things that are individual or ‘different’. Charged, energetic dynamics, electricity, light, lightning bolts, sudden changes, those who live on the fringe of society. Sudden turns and twists of fate. Rebellion, surprises, liberation, freedom.

symbols_neptune.jpgNeptune is retrograde on Pisces 12: AN EXAMINATION OF INITIATES IN THE SANCTUARY OF AN OCCULT BROTHERHOOD

This Symbol shows passing the tests that life, other people, spirituality or karma throws at you. You are likely to find at times that you are being judged by those above or around you. It is difficult to see what their qualifications to judge you are, but this is often the nature of progression through the ranks. People being critical of one another can lead to better behavior, better performances or the like, or it can lead to feeling judged, violated and intruded upon. It can seem as though our lives are like lessons; we are periodically “Examined” to see how we are doing on our course. Be careful not to shut yourself away to avoid being seen or having to endure criticism.

Keywords: The ordeal that comes to any initiate for entrance into higher realms of being. Hermits. Tests, examinations, having to prove oneself. Being judged or being judgmental. Being cross-examined. Rarefied atmospheres that demand personal sacrifice. Initiations. Proving courage and purity. Trials. The attainment of knowledge. Apprenticeships. Being a candidate. Finding out how and where one fits in. One-eyed dedication. Trial by media. Cults. Rituals.

The Caution: Refusing advice. Arrogance. People saying “I told you so”. Invading other’s private space. Hiding away because of fear or social ridicule. Severe trials and tests that strip the joy of life. People assuming they know the truth about others. Fear of failure. Not living up to other’s expectations. Narrow mindedness. Harsh treatment. Going without.

Neptune symbolizes: Mystical, “out there,” spirituality and con artists. Dreams, mysteries, mystics and religious issues. Intuition, clairvoyance, seeing into the invisible. Addictive, chaotic, charming, deceptive, illusory, co-dependent, sensory awareness.

symbols_pluto.jpgPluto is on Capricorn 18: THE UNION JACK FLIES FROM A NEW BRITISH WARSHIP

This Symbol talks about supervision, border protection and control. There can be a feeling of having to oversee a large ’empire’ where reliability and leadership are vital. This can be a tiring responsibility, but there can be an awareness of the protection of ‘all who went before’. However, political and social restraints from the past could be causing you to feel that you’ve somehow got to ‘wage war’. Issues to do with the government can come up, whether you agree with what they do or not. You may be confronted with having to make your presence felt and guard your territory. Effective supervision will help you to relax.

Keywords: Colonialism. Protectionism. The government, big business and the media. Class-consciousness. Power and political displays. Displays of “law and order”. Border patrols and protection. Strength and might. Nationalism. Royalty. The ruling elite. Supervision. The armed forces. Patrols. Pitting people against each other. Empires. Victory bringing riches. The mother country. The struggle against decline. Flags. Imperialism. The Commonwealth. The rule of law.

The Caution: Artificial shows of strength. Bullying from the “big guys”. Being armed “to the teeth”. Strong-arm tactics. Disrespect for authority. People or institutions that throw their weight around. Anarchy. Traitors. Being anti-establishment. Social Disintegration. War games. Civil wars. Feeling squeezed by authority. Rebellion. Civilian lives lost for political causes. Governing forces that deny individual rights. Invasions. Being defensive.

Pluto symbolizes: Unconscious motivations, depth psychology, history. Sex, procreation at a deep level, intensity, profound emotions, taking hold of one’s power. Being king or queen of one’s underworld. Strength, survival mode instincts. Big money. Big power. The Plutocracy. Power vs power struggles.

symbols_chiron.jpgChiron is retrograde on Pisces 25: THE PURGING OF THE PRIESTHOOD

This shows seeing through those who hold important positions yet abuse trust or those who make great claims but don’t live up to them. At this time, you’re likely to find yourself leaving others behind, kicking them out, or experiencing falls from grace. Periodically, there is a need to examine moral and spiritual sincerity. It is easy to allow those who don’t really belong to stay because of familiarity or habit. We can lose sight of the ideal through our rationalizing intellect, ego and emotive passion. There is a need to cleanse and purify your life, leading to better spiritual values. What side of the “Purging” are you on? Are you the one with the ‘right motives’? Who’s in charge?

Keywords: Revealing the truth of people for who and what they truly are. Cutting people off. Throwing out things that don’t measure up. Forced retirement and redundancies. Payouts at the end of employment. Dismissals. Opting out for moral reasons. Being fired. Holes left where someone took up a lot of space.

The Caution: Stressful battle over who’s in charge. Blackmail. The threat of being thrown out. Something being revealed. Evicting people because they deceive, lie or mislead or just because they’re not liked. Bringing somebody down. Scapegoating others. Corruption and scandal that threaten collapse. Wanting to appear to be doing the right thing. Coverups. The burning of books. Perversion.

Chiron symbolizes: Our wounds, Chiron is known as The Wounded Healer. The wounds are The Stories That We Tell Ourselves, it is where we have to focus on healing, it can show things that are out of shape or misplaced or in need of repair.

symbols_north_node.jpgThe Moon’s North Node is on Leo 21: INTOXICATED CHICKENS DIZZILY FLAP THEIR WINGS TRYING TO FLY

This Symbol can indicate the loss of reality or rational reactions. Often it shows not being in touch with what’s realistically possible and what’s worth trying. There can be an attempt to do too much or too soon or before maturing enough to be capable of doing it. Still, trying to do things that are outside one’s natural sphere can be a good thing, as long as you don’t overreach and cause damage. Sometimes, first attempts at a new experience may prove less than elegant or skillful. Soon you’ll look back with amusement at these early attempts. Find enjoyment in the “Intoxication”, but come back to earth when the feelings vanish.

Keywords: False courage. Inexperience. Trying to do something beyond the bounds of experience or possibility. Getting “out of it” in order to escape something. Getting all het-up over tiny or illusive prospects. Alcohol and drugs and the allure of escapism. Drinking binges. Ecstasy. Hangovers. Attempting to do the impossible.

The Caution: Giddiness, lightheadedness, unwanted side effects. Getting nowhere. Inability to ground things in reality. Making a fool of one’s self. Intoxication that inhibits seeing what’s really possible. Alcoholism and drug habits. Losing reality. Mindlessness that confuses or misleads. Going too far too fast. Forgetting who or where you are.

The Moon’s North Node symbolizes: This is known as quite a ‘karmic point’ (although all planets and points in a chart can be’karmic’). One’s destiny in this life. The things you are meant to integrate, move towards, become. Destined relationships and relationship issues can show up here.

symbols_south_node.jpgThe Moon’s South Node is on Aquarius 21: A WOMAN DISAPPOINTED AND DISILLUSIONED, COURAGEOUSLY FACING THE FUTURE

This Symbol shows the need, to be “Courageous” in the face of “Disappointment” or Disillusionment”. The “Woman” may have always thought things would be different but one day she wakes up to find that her dreams have not born fruit, at least not as yet. There can be feelings of wasting energy, and thoughts of failure, but being strong and vigilant against negative thoughts can turn situations around. It always helps to look on disappointment as a teacher. There’s always hope that things will get better. Reconnect with what is available and possible, and, although it requires courage, we always return with greater wisdom and understanding.

Keywords: Breaking through illusions. Facing stark reality with hope. Loneliness and depression overcome. Positive outlooks. Counting one’s blessings. Looking towards the future. Having to battle through relationship losses while maintaining a sense of self and purpose. Turning points reached. Having a belief in miracles. Choosing joy.

The Caution: Wallowing in failure. Not seeing the joy and beauty of one’s life. Accepting defeat. Feeling like all is lost. Bitterness. Walling one’s self off from others. Not trusting people. Finding nothing to be happy about. Feeling deserted and alone. Not letting go of the past. Injuries. Infertility. Incurable “dis-eases”. Unrequited love. The loss of the partner. Staring into space. Being a sad, old person.

The Moon’s South Node symbolizes: Past karmic patterns to be overcome, can be habits that are good but can describe things, relationships, issues that you need to let go of, or, hold you back from manifesting your true destiny. Relationships that feel karmic and difficult, memories from the past.

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November 2017 Energy Report

October will be remembered as a month when the revolution began because it’s when humanity awakened to a sobering reality of what 3D power, domination, and control fully entails. From the Vegas shooting on the first to the rash of reports of sexual harassment and abuse by Hollywood moguls, it was a month of awakening to a grim reality that we have collectively given our power away and we need to take it back. That’s where we begin this month and we have quite a lot happening to support us in these new directions. But we cannot simply demand our power back without making the necessary internal adjustments that we need to create space for it, as well as the deeper energetic adjustments so we get new power that we can use in the integrated 3D/5D energetic spaces and not old 3D power that is no longer valid or valuable to us. It’s going to be a month of change for everyone, in every way.

Let’s begin with November’s keywords of self-esteem and self-awareness and what they mean to us now. Esteem is a measure of the love, honor, and respect we give to someone or some thing. Self-esteem is a measure of how we love, honor, and respect ourselves. While it’s something we want from others, we don’t always realize that what they give us is merely the mirror of the level of those qualities we hold within ourselves. We hold others in ‘high esteem’ at the same time being our most negative critic and toxic judge.

This is an example of what we have seen in the Hollywood scandals – the cult of celebrity and those whom we have been holding in high esteem are now shown to have been guilty of the worst perversions for decades, even as we ‘celebrated’ their celebrity. But it’s not only in Hollywood, it’s in government and politics and in corporations too. Our lesson from this is that we must not give our power away to others, or hold them in greater esteem than they are worthy of or deserve.

Most importantly, we must not hold anyone at a higher level of esteem than we hold ourselves. Whatever or whomever we put on a pedestal will eventually fall off of it.

That’s one of November’s lessons too, to shift our perspective about worthiness and deserving. So often we blame ourselves when others don’t love, honor, and respect us but that is not valid because people cannot value someone whom they believe shines more brightly than they do. Ouch – did I just say that? It’s true. No one can esteem something that is not valuable to them. Just as I don’t hold camping trips or tomatoes in high esteem because I don’t like them, your light, energy, and power are not valuable or held in esteem by the person who wants to stay in the dark, density, and disempowerment of their own victim consciousness.

Another aspect of November that is going to inspire our energetic choices is the continuing Saturn/Chiron square which represents the battle between the Martyred Healer and Empowered Mastery. We have had this aspect all year.  November is the final square aspect that occurs before Saturn moves into  Capricorn in December. This aspect represents a choice between light and dark, 3D and 5D, victim or victor. What are we going to choose individually and as a collective? The victims of Hollywood’s sexual abuse perpetrators are letting us know the heavy cost of victimization and that is being met by a roar of disapproval from the public show, just a few months before, were still blinded by the ‘stars’ and their fake glitter. I think the choice is being made but in case we need a final reminder, we have one more Saturn/Chiron square this month.

November is an 11 month and 2017 is a 1 year so we have 111 energy all month, together with 5 days where that energy is magnified, on November 1, 10, 11, 19, and 29. It’s a power month with a lot of power days, in a power year. What a way to give 3D density its final sendoff because in December we have Saturn moving into Capricorn where it’s going to join Pluto. This is going to be interesting.

Pluto was in Capricorn from 1762 to 1778, times of great citizen uprisings against royal and government oppression and control. It’s now in the same degrees and going to be joined by Saturn in an empowering conjunction, rather than the Saturn/Pluto square of the early 1760s. This is a new paradigm that is going to put a new spin on the overthrow of the old system of 3D ‘power over’ model. While the royalty was forced to concede to public demands for self-rule in the 1760s, they didn’t really go away, they just re-invented themselves and became part of the government. This time, though, things are different. Pluto has a ‘scorched earth policy’ when it comes to resisted transformation and the human collective together with a new higher frequency energetic imperative is going to dramatically shift that landscape. We’re seeing this in our lives as well as in the collective too.

And to add more interest to the story we have a Mercury retrograde in December whose shadow period begins November 8. This one is in Sagittarius, within 1 degree of the January 2017 retrograde, an opportunity to tie up any loose ends before we enter a new year and a brand new frequency.

Saturn also hits that retrograde degree in December before it shifts into Capricorn. This is the new spirituality but not as in the ‘new age’, this is the light age, the shift from darkness to light. We have learned that trying to get the dark to co-exist with the light is not going to work because the only way that can happen is for us to dim the light. It’s time for us to all shine brightly and let the dark join the light. If it doesn’t want to that’s OK because there is no choice – the light always illuminates the darkness. And in the presence of light darkness becomes irrelevant.

What’s going on in November does pit the ‘establishment’ against the people, the globalist ‘new world order’ power, domination, and control agenda against the freedom of energetic sovereignty, self-awareness and self-esteem. 5D is the paradigm of connection, collaboration, community and cooperation and it cannot co-exist within an environment that demands total control, domination, subservience, and power. Through our willingness to shine we have made our choices and now we have a chorus of voices and a field of light where we once had small voices speaking and a few lights scattered across a broad expanse of darkness.

The tables have turned, we are entering the Light Age as Light Beacons and it’s our time to shine. This can be a great month for transformation – the opportunities will be there – but it’s not going to be easy or resistance free. We always knew the dense energies would put up a fight and now they are throwing everything they have at us which, on one hand, looks desperate because it is, and on the other hand is serving to bring us closer together, which is what we must do to collectively bring this phase of the ascension cycle to completion so we can begin the effort to ground more of the 5D energy into the 3D reality and usher in the peace, joy, love, and prosperity of the Light Age.

Have a wonderful month.

Monthly Astro-Forecasts November 2017

Message for November 2017

I spend a great deal of my time watching and observing, I also spend a great deal of my time listening. It takes time and patience to truly and wholeheartedly listen to another as it means a willingness to step beyond one’s ego and judgement, and to allow another the time and space to speak from their hearts and souls. There are many reasons people refuse to listen but often this happens because they have little space to accommodate the pain, feelings or perspective of others; this could be fear-based or it could be a result of buying into a more collective opinion of ‘normal’. Yet, without listening, how can we ever truly grow or evolve? How can we step beyond the rigid boundaries we see in the world unless we are each willing to listen? To truly listen with compassion, to hear what’s been said and not to let the words float in and out, offering platitudes and denial.

There are many of us in society who, for different reasons, feel unheard. We long for a world where equality and unity reign, a world where each soul has the freedom to be themselves. Feeling trapped for so long can lead to either recoiling and withering, or lashing back in anger. As one of life’s observers, I see this ebb and flow in so many, and my heart often silently breaks when I see bright, shining stars recoil and fade as the pain of trying to twinkle and sparkle becomes too painful. When others judge others they often fail to realise they are crushing the life force and tormenting an often already deeply tormented soul. Many of us on a spiritual path have suffered deeply in life, in many different ways and for many different reasons, yet this pain is often the force that unifies and unites us as it enables us to connect to others, allows us to be vulnerable, and inspires us to hold out a hand to someone in need, offering love where there was pain.

Life is a narrative and maybe what matters more than anything else is the version we tell ourselves. It’s a bit like truth, some may say that ‘truth is truth’ and there can only be one version. This may be true on many levels but, as unique beings, we see life through our own eyes and this means that we see life in a way that no one else can, therefore truth becomes flavoured by experiences. We may try to be open-minded to see other’s perspectives, but, when it boils down to it, what we see is no less valid or important. Yet, we often dismiss or demote, preferring to defer to others or to the masses. We try to appease and placate others, often inwardly screaming against the process as we sense how far it is taking us away from ourselves.

We become trapped in-between trying to be ‘normal’ and fulfilling those expectations to be what we feel we should be, against longing to allow our true essence to be free, to dance in the morning light and tenderly breathe deeply into the world. There are many gentle, fragile souls in the world, all struggling with how best to fit, breathe and be free. Yet, it’s time to realise there is nothing to fit into as normality is the force that controls and distorts truth, it stops each soul being free and it is weaponised as a form of control when someone starts to blossom into an individual that others may struggle to understand. Many on the spiritual path and many gifted creative souls all walk this fragile boundary on the periphery, here but not quite here. Of course, it’s this path that allows such potent and powerful creativity to flow but it’s time to ground this more now in order to bring about a new evolution…

With love,



As the winds of change continue to gather momentum, there is a growing sense you are beginning to feel ready to embrace a new chapter in your life. Although it’s hard to say exactly what this new chapter will compromise, you seem to be ready to step from beyond the four walls of your everyday life in order to explore pastures new. This could be as simple as a shifting philosophy on life rather than any major changes, but you cannot help but sense the inklings rippling through your consciousness that you are on the bridge between where you were and where you’re meant to be. Of course, you could look at this from a different perspective to say that this is always the case as you are always in-between here and there, but this shift feels different: it feels more distilled and tangible, as though you have broken through a barrier in your life in order to reach towards something new.

Finding the exact words here is hard but there really are no words to describe this state of being as it’s fluid, free-flowing and constantly shifting; you are in rapidly shifting sands and the essence of this is changing from moment to moment. So, rather than trying to understand this process, try to feel it instead and allow yourself to become one with it in order to make the most of this somewhat magical journey from here to there. It’s easy to get hung-up on what ‘there’ really means to you, after all, you’ve spent a long time trying to achieve your dreams, but ‘there’ also shifts and changes as it flexes and bends as you grow and evolve, so trust your intuition to lead the way and enjoy the ride…


November looks set to be a month of revelation, awakening and emergence as you begin to explore new avenues and pathways in life which open up your consciousness to the bigger picture of ‘what is’. ‘What is’ is rarely an easy state of being to be in as it needs a willingness to be fully present in the here and now, as well as an acceptance of letting go of the concept of linear time that so often traps and confines between looking back on what was and gazing ahead to what could be. Being in a space of ‘what is’ is much more nitty-gritty and real, as it shows you are allowing yourself to be fully present in each and every moment, and not letting the rose-tinted spectacles of wishful-thinking or tunnel vision distort the view.

This is quite a monumental shift for you, and it’s one that’s likely to be sweeping you off your feet as it’s powerful and potent, and it looks set to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. You have spent much of your life trying to be the version of you that you felt was ‘right’: you’ve wanted to keep others happy and to live by the ought’s you’ve carved out. This willingness to give so much has enabled others to do a great deal but the cost has been a shrinking and depleting essence as your true self has slipped out of sight and, to a great extent, out of mind. Although you’ve been aware of the inklings of change for a while, the pace looks set to increase now as you finally feel ready to shake loose and break free, allowing your true essence the room to breathe, stretch and dance once again…


Every single soul is a collection of experiences, ideals, happenings and choices. No two souls are the same and every soul has a vibrant, colourful and amazing tapestry which weaves together forming a unique identity or sense of self.  Your experiences in life have brought you great wisdom and tenacity, and they have also brought you great pain, interspersed with joy. Life has a habit of doing that, as the spectrum of existence means it’s not possible to have one without the other: pain and joy, day and night, loss and love… Yet, although this is a part of life, it’s important not to automatically expect the more challenging aspects of being human as this can close the doorway on letting some of the joy through.

Whilst it may be prudent to expect challenge, to protect oneself from it by withholding joy (to avoid the fall after the high) can only lead to lack and sorrow. No one wants pain or challenge, but they are a part of life; they do not vanish if we ignore them. Nor should we put life on hold until we are ‘fixed’ as that rarely happens. November looks set to be a month to inspire you to gently breathe more deeply into your heart and soul in order for you to realise it is only by being fully awake, conscious and breathing deeply into life where you truly come alive. Waking up your consciousness can be challenging as you may sense layers of pain you’ve long been denying, but, more importantly, there are waves of joy waiting to flow freely into your life. This is your time now to reclaim your inner beauty and strength in order to realise that you are a vibrant, unique soul and your experiences matter. Be yourself and love yourself for it…


As you continue to walk a new path in life, there is a sense you are beginning to wonder why you keep putting one foot after the other. Is it because that’s what you’re meant to do or is it because it’s become so automatic you’re not even aware you’re doing it? Are you walking with gusto and purpose or are you meandering aimlessly? It seems clear that there’s a need for you to ask some questions of yourself this month to ensure you know where you are, where you are heading and why. Perhaps you are happy just to keep on keeping on but there is a sense you need to find out more about the bigger picture before you plod on regardless. Forward movement is still movement, and, of course, you may be happy marching on and on just because you can, but surely with so much energy, creative wit and intuition, you deserve to at least allow yourself an opportunity to take a look at the map and GPS in order to work out if you truly are heading along a path that feels right for you?

It’s easy to get caught up in treadmills in life as there are so many as the need to survive often takes over the need to thrive. It’s not that you can’t have one and not the other, but thriving does seem to have taken a back seat in your life over recent years and it’s important you ask yourself why. If you are happy as you are then that’s the end of it, but if there are ripples of discontent echoing around the long corridors of your soul then maybe it’s time to listen to them as it’s never too late to alter course or to find a new pathway to walk…


Life is rarely as straightforward or as ‘black and white’ as you, or indeed anyone, would wish it to be. Trying to box life up into nicely rounded packages, where everything makes sense and there are no messy or undefined edges is only natural, yet, intuitively you know this isn’t possible as you have an inherent connection to the chaotic and random nature of the universe. In many ways, you find yourself torn between wanting to box life up in order to make it easier but wanting to toss all of the boxes high up into the air in order to feel a true sense of freedom in your life. This is a predicament which is highly challenging to live with as you are being tugged in two very different directions: freedom versus order. Yet, are they mutually exclusive? Can you only have one without the other? Is freedom really only possible if you abandon order?

It seems prudent to take a long hard look at your beliefs as it could be that your ‘either/or’ approach to life has reached its limits and it’s time now to find a new way forward. Being one of life’s warriors and pioneers makes for an interesting and rewarding life but there are times when you need less ‘gung-ho’ but more of your enthusiasm channelled in subtler, intuitive and creative ways. Sometimes running and charging ahead is the best strategy to get things done but sometimes a gentle meander and ramble, feeling your way, serves you better. Try to embrace both aspects of your ‘freedom/order’ nature now and realise the true gift of living consciously and wholeheartedly right at the centre of the ebb and flow of life as it allows you to live the best possible life in the best possible way…


As you continue to find new ways of reconnecting to your own in-built guidance system, it seems you are beginning to realise just how intuitive and aware you really are. Over recent weeks there have been some very stormy seas and you have, at times, felt like a tiny dingy trying to negotiate 50-foot waves, giant swells and maelstroms. As a result, you have, understandably, felt discombobulated and out of sorts as your focus has been on trying to cling on and keep going despite the challenges you’ve faced. Yet, despite the storms, you have discovered a great deal about yourself as you have realised you are far more centred and balanced than you previously thought. At the same time, you have taken a few moments to step back in order to see the bigger picture of your life which is far more tranquil and calm than you may think. Yes, there are stormy seas, but these are a part of your life, they are not the complete picture of your life.

In essence, it seems times to look beyond the four walls of your everyday world in order to accept that storms come and storms go. Whilst being in a tiny dingy in rough seas is rarely easy, you always find a way through and this is where your amazing intuition, adaptability and awareness come into play as you can find ways to thrive even in situation where others may wither; you see opportunity for growth where others fade. November looks set to be a month for you to re-connect more wholeheartedly with your inner strength, passion and resolve and allow them some space to breathe and thrive once again. This is an important time for you to reclaim your equilibrium, even in stormy seas, as you are ready to navigate that dingy towards pastures new…


November looks set to be a month of insight and inspiration as you begin to re-shape and re-define your focus towards a brand-new chapter in your life. You have been aware of the winds of change for some time now and you have intuitively known you cannot carry on as you are but, at the same time, you have struggled to know exactly what changes to make and how. You have also wondered if you are truly ready for change as it has somehow been easier to go with the flow as this has avoided the need to make any major choices or decisions. It’s not that you have been keen to shirk such choices, it’s more that you have simply felt too overwhelmed with life and the choices before you to make any kind of informed decision. You are wise enough to know that sometimes you have to bide your time in order for the right pathway to present itself rather than trying to force the issue.

You have been treading water for a while now but are reaching a kind of ‘critical mass’ where you intuitively know you cannot carry on as you are but still lack the clarity and direction to create change. This is therefore a time for you to focus on the stillness within: those brief spaces in-between the spaces and the distractions of everyday life. It is within this space where strength and vision will embrace you and allow you to gain a clearer sense of perspective and a stronger sense of knowing as to what happens next. To pause in a sea of busy-ness takes courage and faith but you have both in abundance. Even during times when you have a ‘wobble’ and doubt yourself, take a deep breath and re-focus on those spaces as this is where joy resides…


As the crossroads in your life continues to converge and diverge, there is a sense you are beginning to find a path through the chaos and uncertainty of the last few months in order to find some much-needed stillness and clarity. As the concept of ‘home’ also continues to surge up from deep within your heart and soul, you are also beginning to contemplate what happiness and joy truly means to you. In some ways, you have spent much of your life looking for ‘home’ (a place that feels energetically balanced and nurturing for you; a sense of inner balance rather than a physical place to reside) and you have struggled to see this amongst the waves of chaos and uncertainty that continue to lap the shoreline of your soul.

You have come to accept and realise that this never changes as uncertainty is the only certainty in life and instead of trying to seek out certainty in order to find home you have now discovered that home truly comes from a willingness to live your life fully, wholeheartedly and courageously in the midst of the uncertainty whilst choosing to thrive anyway. You have never been one to sit on the edges of life waiting for a perfect moment but this hasn’t stopped you from trying all the same as it’s an inherently human thing to do. Yet, now you seem to have set yourself free and allowed yourself to look beyond the boundaries of your beliefs in order to see a richer and more enriching way of living and being that embraces the inherent unknowable-ness of life. This has become your friend and ally and it has allowed you to thrive and blossom, fizz and flourish on a brand-new dancefloor in life…


The energy, dynamic and shape of your beliefs, hopes and expectations look set to take centre stage in November as you continue to go through a fairly intense and rapid shift which is rippling out from deep within the core of your being. The trigger for this process seems to be a need for you to discern between what you truly want and what you think you should want. This has been a central theme for you throughout the year as you have been caught up in-between your dreams and your reality, your true essence and your deeply engrained sense of ‘ought’. ‘Ought’ is a word that should really be banned from your vocabulary as it traps and snares you, locking you into a state of lack and disempowerment. ‘Ought’ holds you back and makes you feel as though you are like a little bird locked in a cage. Yet, ought is a part of life and you have allowed it to take on great power when it comes to living your life; you have allowed it to dictate and define your pathway for so long that it’s now hard to know how to answer when asked ‘what do you truly want?’.

You haven’t actually lost the answer to this question, it’s just buried beneath layer upon layer of ought, must and should. Obviously, life carries with it responsibilities and this isn’t about shirking those, it’s about stepping free from the chains you’ve wrapped around your heart and soul which tell you that being you and being a free spirit somehow isn’t enough. ‘Ought’ may get the bills paid but it doesn’t light up your heart and soul, and this is a time to let your inner flames burn brightly as this is your moment to finally say out loud what you truly want…


You have been wandering through some interesting terrain in life over recent weeks and months as you have tried to reconcile the life you are living with the one you felt you could or should have lived. At the same time, you have been gazing ahead, wondering what’s around the corner and contemplating your dreams and goals. As a part of this process, you have realised the importance of balance between your head and your heart, and you have started to let go of feeling at odds with yourself quite so much when it comes to listening to your intuition more. As a result, you are beginning to feel a growing sense of inner harmony and accord, and your heart and your head are finding new ways to unify together into one powerful and potent force: you.

Your mind is a defining and formidable force in your life and it has usually been leading the charge yet by allowing your heart (your intuition, creativity and compassion) a little more breathing space, you are beginning to feel less frozen in uncertainty about how to get life right and instead allow yourself more freedom to live, laugh and be fully present in each and every moment. It’s only natural to want to get things right, after all, you have worked so hard, and you may feel that allowing your heart more space is ‘giving up’ but it’s not, it’s setting you free from that frozen wasteland of uncertainty and feeling paralysed in indecision. Your fears and doubts are no longer circling above you like vultures in the desert; they have shrunk into better proportion. By opening up your consciousness to your heart, you have set yourself free and allowed yourself the opportunity to breathe fully into life whilst, at the same time, allowing life to breathe into you…


As you continue to feel a sense of wonder and awe as the pieces of your life come together in a beautiful kaleidoscope of colour and perfection, there is a sense you are beginning to realise the value and worth of every single choice and decision you’ve made or not made. It’s as though you are now able to look both back and forth throughout time and space at the bigger picture of your life, seeing how every choice or non-choice has led you to where you are now. In many ways, there is a powerful sense of awakening for you throughout November as you tap into a surge of exploration and adventure in order to open some new doorways in your life. Your natural exuberance, far-reaching philosophies and vitality are finding new outlets and channels as you allow your true essence the space to flow more freely in your life.

It may be hard for you to feel totally comfortable with such a strong focus on yourself as you spend so much of your time trying to be everything to everyone else, so you may even feel you are being a bit selfish but you’re not. The cost of being such a big giver to others has been an inability to allow your true self the freedom to dance and it created a growing sense of inner discord and imbalance within you as you moved further and further away from your true sense of equilibrium. Reclaiming your essence and allowing the kaleidoscope within to dance freely isn’t selfish and it doesn’t mean turning your back on those close, it simply means a turning point in your life where you are no longer afraid to listen to your own needs, to honour them and to let your true colours shine…


In many ways, you are a person of two halves. There is the part of you that everyone sees: that happy, smiling creative soul, full of inspiration and vision. Then there is the part of you which lies beneath the surface, it’s well hidden and rarely steps out into the sunlight to be noticed or acknowledged. This ‘shadow’ side of you isn’t darkness or pain, it’s the more reflective, intuitive side of you that’s quite sensitive to the everyday pedestrian-ness of life. When life gets tough, you protect your more delicate nature as a way of self-preservation and it works well as you are a master of hidden depths and making the visible invisible. Yet, over time, the more you have protected your delicate side, the bigger the brick walls you have built so the gap has grown exponentially between the everyday you and this more delicate, fragile you.

Of course, both are facets of the same you but there is an incongruence which you cannot ignore as it feels as though you are here but not here at the same time. You have mastered the art of self-protection so well you have managed to lose yourself in the process but the hidden you hasn’t vanished and is calling you from the depths of your soul. It’s time to listen now in order to bring back together the different facets of you into a more cohesive and unified whole: your focus now needs to be on feeling and being whole from the inside rather than on trying to find wholeness whilst living in just one half of you and therefore seeking wholeness purely from external sources. You have reached a powerful crossroads in your life and you are ready now to tenderly love your inner self and to find a new balance in living whole-heartedly…

November Quantum Cosmic Energy Report

Deeper Into The Depths All Go to the Core of Pure Existence, Floods, Gateways, Prepare to be Shocked as We Prepare for Galactic Corridors to Open Up Wide

The deeper all go inside, the more expansive all become, the more portals are opened to all existences, beyond this “human physical existence” one. Deeper into the depth, delving deep into the oceans and galaxies, deeper into EXISTENCE and what this truly is and what it is not. Deeper into the e-motions, deeper into the floods, deeper into the chaos, confusion and separation to purify, cleanse, clear and REMEMBER the PURITY that was “lost”, as all chose to enter (on a Soul Level), unconsciousness (the REALMS OF AMNESIA), the deep sleep/slumber of humanity, that now lifts with this recent VEIL REMOVAL, that continues exponentially now.

IT IS TIME to fully awaken NOW. To “heal those wounds”, to release that suppression, to return to full LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS again.

Atlantis, LeMUria, Galactic…. all of the misuse of power, manipulation, death, wars…. all of that is inside of you, in your every cell… on a sub-atomic level, deep within your BEING and it’s time for you to REMEMBER and release it all, transcend it all and RETURN to your PUREST EVERYTHING…

Dependent on each’s vibration and dimensional timeline, the experience will be different for all. Dependent on the amount of old programming or how awakened as a SOUL…. the physical is about to change for all.

Your REALity is not as you once thought/knew. It’s much more vast than that. Those dis-empowered states are going, continually, until they are all gone.

YOU, in your PUREST FORM are LOVE…. and all that is not, is not you. It is a mirage, a story, a program that you hold inside of you.

The HOLD that unconsciousness used to have will lessen, with each huge emotional release. The breaking/dissolving of the constructs are necessary to move all into a much higher state of consciousness existence. Where you hold fear, this is a program that MUST CLEAR. Prisons of fear are your uncleared existences…. you are the one holding them in place. You must observe yourself, your own beliefs, mentalities and SEE where you are ORIGINATING FROM…. if there is one iota of fear, it’s your own program… which means it’s YOUR timeline and it’s still in YOUR cells… as that is NOT EVERYONE’S REALITY… it is YOURS….

Threats, warning, urgency… this is your own. This is YOUR highest selves/Universe trying to get YOUR attention, to WAKE YOU UP….

In these highest dimensional timelines, that ARE ALREADY REAL/HERE… there are no threats, urgency or anything of the old…. ONLY LOVE, only PURITY and the recognition that these programs for those still operating in them still. THESE ARE KARMIC TIMELINES…. that all must clear fully and finally from within.

CONFUSION IS NECESSARY to shake, startle and shock the system… to wake it up… for each’s heart to open and remove the “mind(s) control”. Mind control is no longer what “others do to you”. Mind control is YOUR OWN MIND… and your own allowing it to control your purest you.

YOUR SOUL is pure… it is not hurt or in any lack or need. It’s not even in a hurry because all of this was pre-determined before incarnating here. It will just “wait” until your human/ego has been depleted, broken down, collapses, gives up the fight/resistance and the muscles of the heart relax enough for it to open enough for electromagnetic energy to transmit out and course through your body/veins to awaken your LIGHTBODY, to start you on a path of fully remembering again.

The moment you say “no” and refuse to keep the antagonizing programs running, refuse to keep participating and supporting the old with your FEARS and dis-empowered states, is the moment things will change/shift/start to clear that deep programming that held your physical body in a denser vibrational physical reality timeline….. The moment you decide and are ready…. is the moment your whole reality can shift/change…. it is/was your EGO that maintained these realities to start with.

NOVEMBER INCREASES THE PURIFICATION PROCESS at an exponential rate. The veils have been lifted, now the chaos/confusion for many increases as well. For others, it will be different. More peace, more love, more unity, more kindness, more coming together, more consideration, more working together, more anchoring highest timelines, because this has been your priority all along and you’ve resolved the separation within to return to full consciousness where you live from your DIVINE CORE ESSENCE as your Way of BEing…. and you do not “go unconscious” anymore, no matter what goes on outside or around you… for the outside is your creation and you walk in timelines that are PURE. Your exchanges are magnificent, beautiful and support all new because you’ve dedicated yourself to bring all of these highest timelines through. Embodiment presides over separation….

DIVINE SOUL UNIONS are now at the forefront too. Huge portals/gateways and passageways have opened up for this to occur. Star Light BEings uniting to share and support in all new ways, as each has resolved their own lack within, which is a pre-cursor to fully abundant realities through Unity Consciousness now.

Each must take care to govern their own selves… for where there is any unconsciousness, this can close portals/doors instantly, shifting each back into a karmic clearing timeline until those programs are dissolved completely…..

Check yourself, your own motives/agendas, where you hide inside, where you judge, where you impose, where you hold back, where you are not ready and where your own resistance exists.

November is Gateways upon Gateways (Passageways & Initiations), portals abound. It’s a HUGE CLEARING PROCESS before moving into POWER GATEWAYS of the deepest depths of DECEMBER GATEWAYS/PASSAGEWAYS…. where anything of old structures/systems still held must collapse/dissolve/re-structure through new geometric/mathematical Quantum Light Codes that FLOOD through all day/every day now. This is about to increase again, substantially, and will continue to do so….

November will “blow the socks off” of anything experienced thus far. December will top November as we escalate into much more powerful vibrational timelines to “move” all out of the old at a rate that will leave many’s heads spinning for a bit until all settles and each embraces “all-new” fully….

Portals open vibrationally. YOU open them vibrationally. EVERYTHING is INSIDE of you. Outside is the solid hologram of all inner programs and each’s consciousness (or unconsciousness). GO inward if you wish to tune the outside to a different frequency bandwidth in order to RECEIVE/EXPERIENCE a different/alternate timeline reality…. Clear the programming yourself.

November prepares all for December, which is when the GALACTIC CORRIDORS open wide and everything changes even more. These Atlantean/LeMUrian and Galactic timelines of destruction, manipulation, wars and deep hate/hurt must clear PRIOR to this opening, so November will expedite this process for all still holding anything unresolved and representing “the old”.

VEIL REMOVAL increases, fixed/limited linear constructs of realities/beliefs dis-assemble and re-assemble according to all new LIGHT CODES DELIVERED (from within you/your field) at a rate that puts previous activations “to shame”, if you will. Quantum and non-linear replaces your entire previous existence here, as you once “knew” it to be.

PHOTONIC LIGHT amplifies, polarizes and does not “act” in any linear way. Distortions are exacerbated so that they can be heard/felt/seen and OBSERVED through LOVE and higher mind consciousness for each to DECIDE HOW to AFFECT each reality through PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS now. Distortions will “scream”, stand-out, get loud and intrusive so that you can SEE/FEEL them and CHOOSE to resolve, dissolve, release them as love and YOUR NEED for these distortions in your own reality anymore. AS QUANTUM PHOTONIC LIGHT…. when you are totally present, observing, connected and in-tune, all you do is TUNE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS and the entire reality will respond. It is this easy, yet you are the one that must evolve your own existence beyond the old unconscious ones….

Non-linear Quantum Realities rock… everything is EASY, SIMPLE and in-tune. Harmony, bliss, magic, peace and the most exquisite realities are your experiences…. which means, you must dissolve all linear constructs yourself, yet this increasing PHOTONIC INFLUX will do this for you, which is what “shakes the foundation” of linear realities…. so there are times you just “let go and hang on”….. observing… and as you complete “traveling” through that vortex to “come out on the other side” of that StarGate, your reality will re-synchronize/realign. This process will increase substantially, so the more linear one is, the “rougher the ride” is, because of the amount of resistance still held inside. Open your heart FULLY…. as one ounce of linear will create a disruption that reverberates a feedback loop that will basically “shake the shit out of you”until you fully let go and allow your entire everything to TUNE.

ALL linear everything will dissolve…. Your new existence is NOT LINEAR in any way. Everything you “thought you’d do”, will change. Everything you “thought” you wanted will too. Everything you resisted before, that resistance will go and everything that SUPPORTS YOUR SOUL/HIGHEST EXISTENCE HERE will become your own priority as you REMEMBER AGAIN…..

What you were willing to do/not do… this will change too, as your mind gets out of the way. You will start to realize how much you held/created and how easy all is as you STOP and intentionally HOLD THE HIGHEST VIBRATION OF LOVE at all times now.

For those who have mastered multi-dimensional existence, honoring the SACRED BODY’S need to evolve and constantly integrate light encodements first, processing is easier and physical realities are too. Living a Quantum Existence means that you (we) can observe all realities simultaneously and process this data all simultaneously too. Emotions are different, thoughts are different and our processing speed is Quantum too. We can function in multiple timelines/realities and clear the ENERGY of an old program without missing a beat. The more human (carbon-based one’s body/less crystalline/Christed Consciousness), the slower the processing speed, the more physical everything is. The Multi-dimensional Crystalline LightBody functions Quantum. The Plasma body, even more, Quantum (Super Quantum), where all is just ENERGY to be shaped, formed, directed, resolved… where the constructs of every reality are visible, therefore the codes for re-coding the reality instantly are too. Realities are RESPONSIVE and dictated by each’s INNER LIGHT POWER PURITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS HELD…. for through FULL EMBODIMENT the physical has a very different RELATIONSHIP than it once did.

YOUR RELATIONSHIP with/as all is paramount. Your relationship with your purest self/you is KEY. This will DICTATE your RELATIONSHIPS with each other and all things physical. Every relationship must be PURE, otherwise, it is a Karmic Timeline playing out. Everything is a program, yet your own ENERGY DICTATES your EXPERIENCE… Your choosing which program to transmit to play out is just one of your natural abilities, which means that it can be the most magical, mystical and awesome or it can be one of separation/unconsciousness to assist you with clearing the impurities “faster”…

Let go of your judgement and your own linear everything…. YOUR VIBRATIONAL EXPERIENCE is dictated by where you exist/function from IN-EVERY-MOMENT. ♥

Honor what you feel/know/see from inside… Your human aspect (Ego) will allow the outside to dictate and you will play in dis-empowered states until you have cleared all of this energy. Open up to the UNKNOWN (to your human), for inside you do already KNOW…. listen to this, honor this and yourself…. above all.

INTEGRITY WITH YOUR WORDS… the human lacks in every way. All that you SPEAK, all that you do… create a reality to be RETURNED to you. If you lack integrity in any way, this is what you shall continue to experience until you “learn” to stop making promises, to stop telling stories, to stop re-regurgitating, judging, crucifying and turn your focus inward to shift your own vibrational transmission out.

INTEGRITY/HONOR AND LOVE with your actions…. PURITY transmits purity and holds no shields, protection mechanisms or blame. When you blame, you give your power away again… every bit of this is what you continue to create/allow.

LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS…. unity, coming together and supporting each other, AS A FULLY EMPOWERED BEING…. this is where your POWER is… your own HIGHER KNOWLEDGE is abundant when your ego aspect is not “in the way”/allowed to run rampant/inner-fear anymore. Maintaining YOUR HIGHEST ASPECTS OF YOURSELVES…. this is how you experience your highest timelines here….. and vibrate into a reality with OTHERS who hold this too…..

WE ARE FINDING EACH OTHER AGAIN…. as Star BEings/Galactics, LeMUrians/Atlanteans (Pure Ones) and more. Not by imposing, pushing or neediness (human), yet organically, naturally and by each stepping fully into their ROLES, honoring their SOUL’s purposes/missions, instead of holding back. Opening up fully to embrace, support, share and come together in all new ways is beyond beautiful… and we will continue to do this as our CRYSTALLINE NETWORK expands out through each one of us holding Christed Consciousness/God Consciousness/Galactic Consciousness through Purity….

Increased ROOT CHAKRA AND EARTH STAR CHAKRA clearings and integration, through the infusion of the SOUL STAR Chakra merging and embedding INSIDE of the body…. these chakras that used to “float around outside”, now are being EMBEDDED in your entire physical body structures….. your COSMIC BODIES now further come online. The opening up the Galactic Core on a collective level will increase this process substantially. The initial opening in December 2015, with individual forerunners clearing Galactic Karma, now we move into our Living Organic MotherShip Earth and all living organisms being activated to increase these clearings as well. There is a timeline process that must be complete as the December Gateway Opens & Closes to anchor ULTIMATE highest timelines in…..

Anything that comes up/emerges, clear it, release it, LET IT GO! Honor it, resolve it BACK INTO LOVE and open up for more love to come through. ♥

Each of us is (busy) fulfilling our highest roles, purposes and missions daily, in all new ways and this will continue in all new ways still. Many barriers lifting, many illusory blocks/obstacles dissolving, so very much will be mind-blowing for many until their mind-VISION ADAPTS to multiple alternate reality existence that is much more vast than any had access to before….

Every day, a new day is dawning, every moment, new realities being birthed, every nano-second NEW NEW NEW…. prepared to be elated, shocked and wow’d……….. we’ve all “worked” for this and yes, it is happening, whether you can see it or not. Wide open is the only way to travel these passageways with ease…. Super mega-quantum… is our “new” reality here. ♥

I love you all! I’m offline most all of November, writing where I see/am able (Gatekeeper duties). Just because you don’t “see” us…. we are slamming/accomplishing/doing fully aligned in every way. Myself, I still “work” 18 hours-a-day in a multitude of realities, many very physical, accomplishing what “needs to be done”, while continually letting all go that is not fully aligned or supporting our highest everything here. The sleep state is working/clearing/activating/anchoring/integrating too. Totally conscious in all. There is no other way to be…. ♥

Where able, I’ll post random photos of awesomeness to inspire, uplift and SHOW the awesomeness of our highest realities here. ♫

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Foreshadowing The Year of The Feminine – November 2017

My friend,

There’s so much for us to catch up on, so let’s get right to it!

A Foreshadowing of the Return of the Divine Feminine

In October, we began to see the next level of awakening taking place in the hearts and minds of humanity.

This awakening is directly linked to the influx of the Divine Feminine energies being activated within the consciousness of each person on the planet, preparing us for the new shifts coming in 2018 and beyond.

The foundations for us to receive the next wave of awakening into the Divine Feminine will continue to build and strengthen throughout November.

Strengthening Our Intuition

One of the many gifts the Divine Feminine offers us is the gift of intuition.

Our intuition works closely with the right hemisphere of the brain, offering us insights that bypass the confines of logic and reason.

It’s a natural inner knowing that transcends mental intellect and connects us to the wisdom of the heart. Intuition is the voice of our Spirit.

Our intuition speaks to us constantly, whether the mind chooses to listen to it or even be aware of it or not. It is always guiding us in the direction of our highest path and nudging us toward greater expansion so that we can live the greatest version of our life in this third-dimensional reality.

In November, we will be given the opportunity to connect more deeply with our intuition. This can come in many different ways.

The only thing asked of us, is that we pay attention to and live in the present moment as much as we can. This will ensure that our connection to our intuition is strengthened significantly so that we will be ready for the next phase of our personal and collective awakening.

By connecting with our intuition, we empower our lives to flow with greater ease. The more aligned we are with that higher flow, the more aligned we are to creating a life of fulfillment, joy, love, peace, prosperity, freedom, and well-being.

The Illusion Is Dissolving

For eons, collective society has predominantly operated on survival-driven patriarchal principles. These have come to us through institutions that have promoted fear and separation, delivered in the forms of religion, war, education, government, entertainment, and medicine.

During this time, the more nurturing, intuitive, and creative principles of the Divine Feminine, such as valuing the individual, honoring the Earth, and seeking natural healing and personal growth, were shoved to the side as being too passive, heart-based, and nonproductive.

Humanity lived with this imbalance for thousands of years. Yet it was all part of a Soul contract we all made to use that imbalance to learn lessons, heal, evolve, and come back to the truth of who we are at our core.

It’s important to thank and honor all of the patriarchal institutions that promoted fear and separation, as challenging as that may be because they played a pivotal part in our awakening process.

They signed up to play the role of the challenger on our journey so that we could see the contrast between what we wanted to create more of in our lives, and what we did not want more of.

The moment we are able to thank and honor all of the challenges in our lives, no matter how hard they seem at the time, is the moment we free ourselves from the power they have held over us.

This is what is happening now. People are waking up and freeing themselves from the illusion of fear and separation.

We are taking their power back!

This movement is dissolving the old survival-based patriarchal system, as the more matriarchal values of heart-based, soul-directed living come to the front of our consciousness.

We can clearly see the dissolving of the old system happening all around the world. Systems and ideologies operating by way of fear tactics, control, greed, and secrecy, without integrity, will not be able to continue on much longer.

The chaos and seeming amplification of fear we have been seeing lately is actually a clear confirmation that humanity as a whole has had enough, and that we are ready for something very different.

If things are looking a little scarier to you in the world, it’s because there is a desperation being felt right now by those trying to cause the fear.

The way I view it is that it’s the “ego” part of humanity—just the mind trying to protect itself and keep things the same.

With this awareness, we can have compassion, without having to buy or feed into the fear tactics.

The awakening process was called forth by our Spirit long before we even entered this paradigm. So we can take comfort in knowing that there’s no right or wrong when it comes to how we move through our awakening.

Our intuition will always find a way to guide us back to our true selves, whether we choose to take the longer scenic route or a more direct one.

The Next Phase of Awakening

This new phase of our awakening, which began in October, is supporting us in moving past the role of the Victim.

We now have the opportunity to retire the Victim archetype that we and our ancestors have identified with over many lifetimes.

Before we retire the Victim archetype, it’s important to honor it for serving to keep us safe and protected in a world that used to operate purely on survival.

It’s also important that we give our experiences of identifying with victim consciousness their full dignity and right to be seen, heard, and acknowledged.

This is actually the first step toward freeing ourselves from continuing to remain in the role of the victim.

We never want to sugarcoat, get rid of, blame, or deny anything that we experienced during those times that we identified with being a victim.

The second step in releasing victim consciousness is to accept every person, experience, and thing as it has shown up in our lives, without trying to change it.

By accepting these things, we are not saying that we resonate, approve of, or agree with them. We are simply giving ourselves permission to not allow them to define us.

The third step in releasing victim consciousness is to let go of blame—in other words, forgiveness.

Blame comes from a need to make something or someone else right/wrong or good/bad, and somehow responsible for what we have experienced.

At our core, we are the Creator of all of our experiences.

When we consciously operate from our Creator Self, we transcend duality. We move from judgment into discernment.

As we step into the beauty and power of our Creator Self, we navigate our way forward by choosing only what feels to be in alignment for us, and releasing what doesn’t. We understand that just because something does or does not resonate with us doesn’t mean it is good or bad, or someone else’s decision for us, or vice versa.

Can you feel how much lighter it is to operate from that space?

There is only resonance or no resonance. Meaning, “I choose more of this, or I choose less or none of this.” There is no need for “good” or “bad” labels anymore.

This is freedom!

The fourth step in moving past victim consciousness is to reclaim our power.

Reclaiming our power means we are committed to connecting with who we are at our core. We do this through self-love, care, kindness, nourishment, spiritual development, and creative expression.

The most powerful people on the planet are not the ones who control or belittle others.

The most powerful people on the planet are the ones who know who they truly are.

They know that they are far greater than the sum of all of their experiences and stories.

They know how to express themselves fully and to speak up from a place of love, without having to prove anything to anyone.

They forgive quickly, and move past challenging experiences with greater ease.

They are kind and loving to the world around them, and care for the well-being of all living things.

They make a difference on the planet, without worrying how small or large the effect of that may be.

They see past race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.

They root for and celebrate others’ ability to thrive.

They see themselves as part of a whole, rather than as being separate from all other forms of life.

They know how to love, and how to be open and vulnerable.

They are positive and optimistic.

They stand up for what they believe in.

And so much more.

Just a Small Glimpse of the Divine Feminine

The insights shared in this Forecast are just a small glimpse of what’s coming with the next wave of awakening through the Divine Feminine.

It’s going to be so powerful!

In December, the Divine Feminine will be here in Her full glory, to usher us into 2018, the Year of the Divine Feminine.

I’m excited to share so much more of what this means for us in the coming months!

For now, we can let ourselves receive and digest this current phase of awakening so that we are ready for all the magic soon coming our way.

Until next time,

Miraculously Yours,


Main themes for this month are:

  • NOVEMBER and December will bring in more ‘birth’ energy and will hold a lot of light. These next 2 months will feel a lot easier for most people – BUT it doesn’t mean they will be fast.
  • MANIFESTATION is very slow and hard to get going in the world generally right now.  We can have a lack of patience and frustration around this – that is part of our human experience on Earth at this time.

We will have periods of this for the next few years.  There will be periods of a few months where things seem to tighten and slow down and then we’ll go into a period where things can expand.

  • EMOTIONS on Earth right now are very, very high. BUT the emotional awareness or consciousness about the way people are communicating about their emotions/inflicting their emotions on others is very low.

Don’t be surprised if strong emotions are hitting you out of nowhere – even if you’re someone who is usually very steady. High emotion is going around and grief is elevated right now.

  • DIVISION energies are strong at the moment globally. However, the energy of division can also strengthen togetherness on the opposite end.

Don’t be disheartened by the difficult things you’re seeing in the world UNLESS, that’s just where you need to go that day or for a few hours AND you are equally seeing the things in the world that are good.

  • REMEMBER, nothing here is promised or given. When we can adopt that way of thinking we start to see the magic a little bit more. We start to see the miracle of life itself.

We are not being asked to see how amazing things are by our media or by certain voices and forces at the moment. If you can’t change them, you change YOU first. You change where YOU focus and you change what YOU put out into the world.