Your Dark Star Horoscopes for the Month of September





Your Dark Star Horoscopes for the Month of September

by Jane Lyle


Are you waiting for a call? Or have you been putting off getting in touch with someone? Communication is king as September begins. It’s a time when surprising, enlightening news can turn your assumptions inside out and upside down. Maybe you blurt something out, or have an astonishing conversation about love, your career, or a refreshing shift of some kind. Yes, you’ll feel as if things are on the move. But oh, where to? Patience! Mars in Virgo advises you to cherish your well-being, dance around the kitchen, and await developments. You could try taking a little trip, or extending your repertoire – both are potential ways of opening up to so much more than you can currently imagine. A positive new partnership at work, or in love, is brewing for many of you. It may seem unusual or unconventional, so prepare to be open-minded this month. You’ll feel restless. But as you look around you, you’ll see that something valuable has been right under your nose the whole time.

Familiarity, they say, breeds contempt – but not for you. This September you’ll fall in love all over again with what’s already part of your life. And a fat slice of planets in earthy Virgo are there to support you – transforming small, everyday rituals and encounters into something delightful. This is your September powerhouse, so why not let it nourish you and keep you centred amidst this month’s inevitable twists and turns? Your finances may have been a source of worry for quite a while, but keep on finding ways to compromise, stay within your budget, and you’ll successfully steer your way through. Some interesting news reaches you in the days around the Equinox on 22nd September. What’s discussed then promises to develop over the next few months. You should be able to make commitments and agreements with others early in the new year. Meanwhile, you’re exceptionally scrumptious until mid-October – so please, revel in your cosmically-enhanced gorgeousness as much as you can.

Events involving others need your attention as September begins. There may be pivotal changes at work, involving both colleagues and your boss. Meanwhile, younger family members and close friends are eager to talk to you, see you, or simply get you thinking about what’s next. Traditionally, this time of year tends to bring a focus on home and family versus your personal aims and ambitions. This year, your ruler – Mercury – has already been guiding you towards fresh thoughts on those topics since July. But what seemed fairly straightforward has probably been delayed or confused during August. Now things (and Mercury) are moving again you may be keen to rush. But if you slow down and pay attention to your own instincts and gut-feelings, you’ll sense the complexities of what lies beneath. Changes are due around the time of the new Moon on 26th September, when what’s in the background as September begins becomes increasingly important as more information is revealed.

You’re a firm believer in hard work, and this often leads you to success. But every now and then a lucky break comes along, and if you can recognise it and grab it, your path ahead can swerve in a fortunate direction. So do be watchful this month, and try not to be too determined to hang on to what’s familiar. Something strange may catch your attention, or maybe a movie or a book gets you thinking. Whatever it is, it’s worth playing around with unusual ideas, and exploring them with someone who truly understands you and your mysterious quirks. September’s intensely watery, emotional full Moon (6th) opens up the inner floodgates and releases a stream of consciousness, extra-sensory perceptions, or powerful, fertile emotions. If you’ve been keeping a lid on that part of yourself, this would be a good time to let yourself go. Very soon now you’ll be swimming in the revitalising waters of Jupiter in Scorpio – September’s shifts are one way of preparing for an interesting, even mysterious, year ahead.

Did any events in August remind you of your past? Did you remember certain passions, abilities, or dreams and wonder why you let them drift away? If so, you begin September with a blast of cosmic Leo energy that could help you decide whether to take action and pursue some of those summer thoughts further. You’ll have magnetic Venus in Leo on your side until 20th September. If you need to radiate charm or be extra-persuasive or creative then 10th-19th September offer some positive moments as Venus works well with Saturn, Jupiter, and breakthrough planet Uranus. Yes, finances are on your mind too, but cautious flexibility is probably more helpful than steaming ahead with financial plans. Your focus is likely to change once Jupiter enters Scorpio on 10th October, and you’ll benefit from keeping options open until you see what September’s events reveal. Ceres in Leo until next summer encourages you to feed your mind, body and spirit in joyful ways – your summer discoveries can point you in the right direction. Bon appetit!

Mercury, your ruling planet, returns once more to Virgo on 10th September. Your agile mind turns cartwheels, and between now and October 22nd Mars in Virgo encourages you to act on some of your more intriguing ideas. However, you might be distracted by all manner of soggy weirdness, particularly around the time of September 6th’s watery full Moon, and again at the end of the month. Partners, colleagues, and close friends will need you more than ever at those times – and indeed, around the full Moons in November and December too. If financial help is involved do be canny and cautious, and don’t part with cash you can’t afford to lose. But your own annual new Moon (20th) is a symbolic fresh start every year, and the planets are urging you to consider the more complex bigger picture – especially when it comes to what you value most. While service to others is part of your Virgo path, you can’t be truly useful if you’re not taking care of yourself. This is especially important in your social and romantic life, and worth pondering before the powerful embrace of Venus and Mars in Virgo in October. Your personal life gets a beautiful boost then, so why not be ready to welcome it?

The Sun enters Libra on 22nd September, beginning your astrological year. Until then, you’ve got an opportunity to mull over the past twelve months and think about your hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Venus in Leo attracts some happy social moments, or draws you towards groups of people who share your interests. This may get off to a low-key start, but as the weeks pass you’ll enjoy it more and more. There may even be a few flirty frissons to remind you you’ve still got it. Relationships, partnerships, and longstanding friendships are on your mind in many ways, and with Jupiter poised to leave Libra on 10th October this is an excellent time to consider the house of love, and all the many rooms it contains. If there’s something you want to say, or do, now’s the time to bring that out in the open. Others could surprise you anyway, but whatever comes up can be discussed around the time of the new Moon on the 20th. September could be a bit bumpy and confusing from time to time, so take care of your wellbeing and keep on trucking. You’ll succeed in the end.

August’s Leo eclipse continues to sensitise your aims, ambitions, and thoughts about your place in the world. Events or news in early September get you thinking, yet you realise this is only the beginning and you need to wait for more to emerge. A deeply spiritual, confusing and emotional full Moon also promises to release feelings and inspirations – particularly if you’ve been bottling things up. This is crystal clear towards the end of September, when a conversation you have acts as a catalyst and you’re able to understand others in a new, and deeper way. Meanwhile, there can be pleasing surprises just waiting around in your ordinary, everyday existence – a work offer, a positive new colleague, or some great news for a good friend that shows you how life can shift and change quite suddenly. You’re poised on the brink of a fascinating year, with Jupiter in Scorpio from 10th October. So there’s no need to push the river this month, just be open to possibilities and trust your instincts.

September’s got that back-to-school feeling, even if it’s a long time since you were there. Your work, bigger dreams, and where you see yourself in the world has been in focus for much of the summer, yet perhaps you haven’t made the kind of progress you’d hoped for. But nothing is wasted, for now you’ll see that those pesky delays or changes had a purpose. And if you can’t see that yet, don’t worry – just concentrate on moving forwards. Venus in Leo brings warmth and satisfaction to any trips you take, and favours art, entertainment, and socialising. Between the 12th – 19th could be especially lively and diverting – new friends or romantic attractions can be found at local events, on holiday, or when you least expect it. Home and family may distract you with bewildering moments. There could be strange leaks, odd domestic breakages, or difficult misunderstandings. However, none of these things can rain on your parade for long. September’s Jupiter-Uranus fizzy firework display inspires you, so keep track of your quirkiest inspirations – some of them contain the seeds of fulfilment and success.

A beautiful view, a piece of music, a deep conversation…..prepare to be enchanted beneath September’s full Moon (6th). Your emotions are stirred, and you discover an outlet for some of the thoughts and feelings that have been sitting around in a closed room in your mind. Between now and November you can make discoveries that could change your approach to life, alter your goals, or even tempt you to move home. Some of you will find out something intriguing about your ancestors, others may decide to follow a new career path or sign up for a course of study. Offers or conversations mid-month are uplifting, flattering, or thought-provoking too. Indeed, the universe seems determined to shake up your assumptions on many levels. Just keep an eye on your cash, for unexpected expenses are likely to crop up. In any case, spending to impress others is a waste of money, you’re better off using any spare cash to pay for new experiences, study, or save up for the trip of a lifetime.

The productive connection between your two astrological rulers – Saturn and Uranus – has been one of the themes of 2017. This autumn, you’re as ready as you’ll ever be to take the plunge and start exploring something (or someone) that’s intrigued you for quite a while. What came up in August with those high-energy eclipses also continues to need your attention – whether that’s in your love life or at work. Others may be making a lot of shouty noise, so thank your lucky stars for your cool head and ability to step back when necessary. September is, in many ways, a fluid and enigmatic month – so you’re very wise to avoid nailing anything down too tightly. You need room to slowly release what no longer serves you, and to make space for projects that unite the best of what you already know with something exciting and innovative. More clarity follows in October and November, so remember that tiresome old adage – more haste, less speed. At this point in your year, it’s dull but true.

A misty, magical full Moon in Pisces opens September with a swoosh of music, creativity, and sensitivity. And as Mercury turns direct the day before (5th), you can expect something to come to a head in the first two weeks of this month. Your tingling psychic antennae already know what this is, so take this opportunity to tune in and allow your superior intuition to guide you. This could be a meaningful theme for you anyway, as your ruler Neptune is playing an important role now – and in the months ahead. If you feel an urge to explore somewhere new, or find a different way to use your talents, you are in tune with what’s brewing up in the cosmic cauldron. Some unexpected support or cash is likely to help you on your way, so even if you feel as if your current responsibilities are quite burdensome you’ll see that others are happy to encourage you. But you have to let them know what you need, and above all tell the truth.



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