Your Cosmic Forecast for the Month of September

Your Cosmic Forecast for the Month of September

September 2017 by Jane Lyle

September 2017 looks a tad confusing. We’ll need intuition and flexibility – plus a willingness to work quietly and patiently behind the scenes towards our ultimate goals.

Yet there are goddesses to be found everywhere this month – and their symbolism and stories can take us far beyond stereotypical fertility figures, and into the realms of mystery and magic.

Meandering paths lead to bewitching views this month, so why not celebrate a goddess or two, and make room for a smattering of beguiling diversions?


Friday 1st – Tuesday 5th September:

A Little Lingering Leo

August’s passionate Leo energy lingers on as September begins. There’s spontaneity, impulsive acts, burning desires and argumentative clashes aplenty in these early September days.

Mars keeps on his golden Leo armour for a few more days. Mercury, briefly back in Leo, loves a drama. Queenly Venus in Leo continues to radiate romance, gilded glamour, and prompt extravagant gestures. During this time, Mars and Mercury energise August’s powerful total solar eclipse again. Everything symbolised by that eclipse stirs into renewed life for both individuals, and locations affected by it.

You can find out much more in August’s Moon Diary Eclipse Special. Dramas and seriously wild weather events or even earthquakes are especially likely. With warrior Mars involved there’s a distinct risk of fires, feverish epidemics, and sudden aggression erupting.

But there’s more positive news too. The house and planets of Leo in your chart are sunlit, now and on into 2018. That highlights romance; risk-taking; children of mind, body, and spirit; entertainment; and playful creativity in the Leo area of your life during the months ahead.

Current planets may soon be departing for Virgo, but mighty dwarf planet Ceres enters Leo on 24th September – nourishment with a Leo flavour will give us all food for thought until June 2018. Oranges and lemons and frankincense and sunflowers…..these are just some of the delectable things belonging to Leo.

Ceres is associated with nourishment on many levels. But this dwarf planet can also act as a catalyst when it aspects other planets in your chart. Cycles of life, growth, and self-development push their way up into sharper focus.

There’ll be an important phase of changes, endings, and new opportunities arising in Leo’s kingdom. Ceres in Leo, plus lunar and solar eclipses in Leo and Aquarius in 2018 suggest a remarkable time for royalty, creative ‘royalty’, world leaders and famous people. It could be a lively period for entertainment industries, education, and the gold markets too.


Friday 1st  – Monday 11th September:

Astrology’s Harvest Goddess Festival – Jupiter aligns with Spica

Amidst September’s dramas and soggy bits, something lovely stirs.

Jupiter at 21-23 degrees of Libra is aligned with Spica – the bright fixed star in the sheaf of wheat held in the arms of the stellar Virgo goddess – between 1st – 11th September. Her ‘virginity’ is about being self-contained and independent – it has little to do with a state of sexual innocence or celibacy.

This constellation of Virgo was once identified with Erigone, Goddess of Justice, and Astraea, the ‘Starry One’ – independent, virginal goddesses who ruled over cities and empires, judging and balancing as they did so.

The essence of this potent goddess archetype flowered for centuries in various cultures – the Romans called her Minerva, the Greeks Athene, and the Ancient Egyptians knew her as Isis or Maat. Her flavour and symbolism joins the generous September theme of harvest, and the annual Equinox turning point in our year. Virgo’s love of order slides gently into Libra’s need for balance and justice. Somewhere, these qualities blend together to simply mean harmony. There’s a right time for everything – something that it’s way too easy to forget.

If you have planets or points between 21-23 degrees of Libra, Aquarius or Gemini this bountiful connection between brilliant Spica and Jupiter is a beautiful time to open up and take a modest step towards your dreams. How about making an emotional commitment, or even going on a first date? There’s much happiness potential waiting to be harvested.

To a lesser extent, planets at 21-23 degrees of every sign can bask in a little upbeat energy now. Spica with Jupiter has a protective feel, promises success, and traditionally favours writers, scientists, musicians, and artists. Yet everyone communicates, analyses, and creates in some area of their lives. So even if you don’t belong to one of those professional groups, this abundant energy can bring you advantages if you choose to tune into it.

Jupiter leaves relationship-orientated Libra in early October, so here’s a final opportunity to explore its expansive relationship vibes this September. Professional links benefit too, and longstanding friendships can also bring joy.


Friday 1st September – Monday 25th September:

It’s All About Virgo

‘By putting our house in order, we can live in our natural state. We choose those things that bring us joy and cherish what is truly precious in our lives. Nothing can bring greater happiness than to be able to do something as simple and natural as this.’

– ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo

Yet, on the other hand, what about this? :

“I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me.”

– Bob Dylan

When Mercury re-enters its home sign, Virgo, on 10th September there will be three planets in the earthy sign of Virgo, the Harvest goddess of the Northern hemisphere. Sun, Mercury and Mars encourage us to pay attention to the house of Virgo in our natal charts. At the same time, the opposite house of fishy Pisces needs attention, most of all to our intuition, any vivid dream images, and sticking with a conscious determination to be kind to each other and to the Earth itself.

Asteroid goddess Vesta boosts detailed, meticulous Virgo vibes too, travelling through Virgo until 17th September. Vesta is named for the virginal Roman goddess of the hearth, powerful sacred centre of every ancient (and some modern) home. So in astrology, Vesta shows us a place of focus and devotion. Vesta guards that flame somewhere in each of us – it’s subtle, but we have a kind of special duty to tend to it and keep those symbolic home fires burning inside ourselves.

Positive Virgo energy fosters action, communication, and thoughts about well-being, service to others, and the nature of order and creative chaos in everyday life. Some slippery chaos is inevitable, as Neptune in Pisces washes away Virgo’s boundaries and our best-laid plans melt round the edges. Interesting possibilities are revealed when the tide goes out. We’ll need to be very philosophical and flexible.

It’s also worth asking what ideas may have been milling about in our thoughts since late July, when Mercury first entered Virgo. And, inevitably, some kind of ‘putting our house in order’ project is in tune with all these subtle, yet earthy influences. It’s one practical way of preparing for the annual Equinox turning-point on 22nd September.

‘The oldest and deepest element in any religion is the cult of the earth spirit in her many aspects.’

–    John Michell, ‘The Earth Spirit, It’s Ways, Shrines and Mysteries’


Planets entering Virgo in September:

5th September: Mars – in Virgo until 22nd October

10th September: Mercury – in Virgo until 30th September

20th September: Venus – in Virgo until 14th October

20th September: New Moon in Virgo

The Sun and asteroid Vesta are in Virgo too – Sun enters Libra on 22nd September, Vesta enters Libra on 18th September.


September’s Melting Moments

Particularly confusing, dreamy, or utterly peculiar times to be aware of this month arise when Virgo planets meet dissolving Neptune in Virgo’s opposite sign, emotional Pisces.

The Sun opposes Neptune as September begins, while Mars waits until 20th – 25th September to close the month with some mystifying shape-shifting or possibly a flood of sex, lies, and videotape.

Image: ‘After Dinner Dishes’ (1949) by Stevan Dohanos via


1st – 6th September:

Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces – beautiful and glamorous on one level, disastrous or intoxicated on another.

It’s a very dodgy time to invest or lend money, or get too involved with any new ‘alternative’ forms of medicine and health care offering miracle cures.


6th September:

A slippery mermaid’s Full Moon rises in Pisces, aligned with Neptune in Pisces to create an infinitely watery world of emotion and fantasy.


20th September:

New Moon in Virgo, 27 degrees.

There’s an awkward tussle between the Virgo Sun and Moon, and selfish, disruptive Uranus in Aries. It’s about service to others versus ‘I want what I want, and I want it now’. Somewhere there’s a balance between them, which will take much effort to find.


22nd September:

Autumn Equinox, Mabon – The Sun enters Libra, the Scales.

Equal day and night today symbolise balance as the Sun enters the airy sign of the scales, Libra, at the Autumn Equinox. It’s a season of abundance and harvest.

From now on the nights grow longer, and darkness increases until the Winter Solstice in December. Spiritually, this begins a time for contemplation – there is no light without darkness, and the darkness encourages us to sleep and dream. Easing towards seeking balance in some area of personal life can now be an autumn priority.

And if you want to know more about the power of sleep (something most of us don’t get enough of anymore) here’s an amazing article:


20th – 25th September:

Ghostly Lovers and Other Tales

September draws to a close with a short stumble through a haunted hall of mirrors.

Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces brings deceptive actions and scandals to our attention. Scandals and misleading information connected to health, hospitals, surgery, drugs, sport, and social care are highlighted. But music, art, and movies can lift us, briefly, into a parallel reality.

Since Mars rules action, and Neptune rules ghosts and the paranormal, this could be a very intriguing time for spooky supernatural manifestations such as poltergeists, unidentifiable rapping sounds, and the inexplicable disappearance or reappearance of small objects.

Mars can reveal erotic energy too – ghostly lovers, familiar spirits, and phantom passions are in the atmosphere……Maybe they’re fiction, maybe not. So why not keep an open mind?

If you have natal planets in Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini you may notice this quiet, swishing surge of energy more than most of us. 11 – 13 degrees of these signs is a very sensitive area all month. And 11-13 degrees is sensitive for all signs this September – but effects could be very misty and subtle. You may wake up one day in October and wonder where you’ve been.


28th September:

The Final Jupiter-Uranus opposition of 2017

This unruly, sometimes opportunistic opposition between Jupiter and Uranus is around from 13th September, fading away gradually until 10th October when Jupiter enters Scorpio. It’s exact today at 27 degrees of Aries and Libra. If you’ve got planets at those late degrees (27-29) in your personal horoscope, you’ll likely feel restless, inventive, or even disruptive during this phase.

Here, below, is what I thought back in December 2016. And it’s definitely been a year when sex robots and dating app fatigue have been in the news!

‘A period of breakthroughs, extreme restlessness, and original, inventive ideas begins this December. It highlights the fields of science and technology, outer space, sport, publishing, law and travel. We can also expect to see a big push towards changes and reforms in the law, religion, and politics. This begins now, and carries us forward into 2017.

In our personal lives, we’re talking about individual freedom and our relationships and alliances. How can we have freedom alongside commitment? How do we balance those needs in our lives?

There’ll be news and discussions about love, social life, and the role – both positive and negative – of technology and social media. I’d expect everything from dating apps to robots to be big talking points now, and in 2017.

These important themes rise to the surface courtesy of Jupiter in relationship-orientated Libra – the sign that says ‘we are’, and eccentric, rebellious Uranus in Aries, sign of the new-born self, the sign that says ‘I am’.  There’s a tug-of-war between them. Jupiter expands the revolutionary energies of Uranus, while Uranus sparks up Jupiter’s optimism. Uranus in Aries represents the ultimate outsider, the nutty professor, the brilliant misfit. Jupiter in Libra is about our connections, but it also symbolises strategy. Creating conflict for the sake of achieving peace and harmony in the long run would be Jupiter in Libra’s kind of thing.

Between now, and September 2017, Jupiter and Uranus herald unusual opportunities, even lucky surprises and unexpected twists of fate. Because they oppose one another, we’ll need to be determined to follow things through, and really focus on our goals. Jupiter and Uranus together symbolise revolution.’

And it’s worth noticing that the USA’s national horoscope has powerful Pluto at 27 degrees of Capricorn, opposite media Mercury at 24 Cancer. So we can watch out for some dynamic, exciting news about science and outer space, as Jupiter and Uranus vitalise Pluto and Mercury in the founding horoscope.

There’ll be other tensions too, of course, as strategies, plots and plans go haywire or erupt in unexpected ways. Let’s see what crops up around the time of the new Moon on 20th September at 27 degrees of Virgo. Focusing on service to others, and maintaining a meticulous eye for detail, could be helpful ways to siphon off some stress and tension then.

Intense Pluto symbolises power, regeneration, plutocrats, wealth, underground workers and secret operatives, plus – I’m sorry to say – nuclear energy. One way or another it seems we can anticipate vitally important news from the USA and a phase of extreme tension and uncertainty there this September, and in the months ahead.


Courtesy of The Astrology Room