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 Meeting the animal of strength

The animal of strength you will meet in this meditation may be the animal you expected – or may not be. You are therefore advised not to have expectations. It is important not to think of a particular animal before beginning the meditation, so that you can be open to all possibilities. If the animal that you imagine to be your animal of strength is indeed your animal of strength during this period of your life, it will appear by itself.


Perform the meditation in a quiet, calm place with quiet and clean energies. Clear your mind of all thoughts. Relax your body. (You can use the Jacobson technique – contracting and relaxing all the muscles from your toes upward, or you can project light onto every organ until you feel totally relaxed.)


Close your eyes. Take two deep, slow breaths. Inhale through your nose and hold your breath as long as you can – without feeling uncomfortable – and exhale through your mouth. Ignore any irrelevant thought that may pop into your mind. Behind your closed eyes, see a white screen. Concentrate on it. You may see some pleasant color or shape beginning to emerge in your mind’s eye. In your thoughts, ask your animal of strength to show itself on the screen. Concentrate hard on your request.


Wait patiently and don’t let any thoughts distract you. Within a certain amount of time, the image of an animal will appear before your eyes. It may advance slowly toward you, or you may see it in a sharp, clear flash. It may reveal itself from behind, the side, or the front. It may even be an animal that you don’t like – don’t let this bother you. Let the image emerge in your mind’s eye.


The moment you see the animal, look at it quietly, and notice what it is doing, if it is performing any actions. Direct your thoughts to picking up messages telepathically from the animal. These could occur as a voice speaking inside you, as other pictures, or as the intuitive knowledge of the animal’s words or messages. As we said before, the message may be in a human language that is familiar to you. Sometimes the animal appears as part of an occurrence or event that is familiar to you. Of course, this situation also bears an individual message.


Concentrate as hard as you can. Notice the colors that surround the animal and then open your eyes slowly. In your heart, thank the universal force for letting you channel with your animal of strength, and write down your experiences and sights in your awareness notebook. You can also draw what you saw. Sometimes it happens that you see more than one animal, or an animal that exists in the real world along with some kind of mythological animal. Similarly, another time, a different animal may appear, bearing a different message.


After the meditation, you should think of the following things: Have you ever dreamed of a particular kind of animal? What happened in that dream? You can ask that animal to appear in your dream at night and channel with it. To this end, you can use crystals for channeling and dreaming. After you have seen the animal in the meditation, ask yourself why that particular animal appeared in front of you.



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