Magickal Tips & Hints for Saturday – First Acorn of Autumn


3 thoughts on “Magickal Tips & Hints for Saturday – First Acorn of Autumn

  1. Well I am bummed I found a cute little acorn and wore it as a necklace then he dropped off of my necklace only leaving the cap. I am sad now that it is gone. sapphire


  2. Wearing an acorn as a necklace would be a tricky thing to do and accomplish, well around here anyway. All our acorns seem to dry up and that is when the head and crown separate. Lord Myst has a farm up in Eastern Kentucky and he always brings us our acorns. I don’t know what kind of tree he is getting them from but they stick together. We take the ones he brings and we just drop them in our purse or whatever we carry. Actually, I had never thought of making one into a necklace. Good idea, if it would only work.


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