Shipping Policies on Magickal Necessities Have Changed (And I Believe You Will Like Them)

Our Up-front Shipping Policy

We wanted to take an opportunity to address our customers’ concerns, that is our shipping policy:

  • Our shipping fees are based on weight of item purchased.
  • If you purchase one more than one item, we do combine shipping or in other words, “free shipping” on the additional items.
  • All purchases over $100 automatically qualify for free shipping. Just notify us in advance, so we can adjust the shipping on your order before it is finalized.

It has been called to our attention that our international rates are rather expensive. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about the international shipping rate commission. We have, however, came up with a solution that we believe will lower your international shipping cost. If you will simply contact us and let us know what merchandise or items you wish to purchase, we will then go into the store and mark some of your merchandise “free shipping.” We will mark down as many of your purchases as we can, We believe this is only fair and we are finding out we are developing a large market in Australia. We hope to grow our market throughout the world and we believe this is the first step in doing so.

For our friends in the States, who we could never forget, we are also willing to work with you on your shipping costs also.

Our goal is and will always be to meet the needs of our brothers & sisters of the Craft and anyone else interested in our merchandise. One of the main needs we constantly heard was the inability to get everyday craft items or suplies, we are going to change that. We will work with you anyway we can to get the items you need delivered to your door.

Thank you for choosing Magickal Necessities for all your magickal needs.