I forgot to mention, I’m Back!

All I have to say right now is….



Lady A

and after all the time I have to think these days, I know one thing. Things are changing!


5 thoughts on “I forgot to mention, I’m Back!

    1. I am so happy you are back and doing a little better! I have been pouring healing energy into you and asking the Mother to help heal your wounds and she has answered! I wanted to thank you for my BEAUTIFUL bindrunes you made me on Summer Solstice right before you went into the hospital. Your wonderful family messaged me and were able to ship them to me. I love them so much and carry them with me every day! All blessings to you Sister!!


      1. Thank you! I was wondering if you had received them and if you like them. They should serve you well. Thank you again for your healing energy, it was appreciated and is still needed.


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