Are You In Need of an Essential Oils?

In case you are, I know just the place to get them, Magickal Necessities. We are expanding our product line daily. We have recently added three pages of essential oils. Some are hard to find, the others’ every day oils that a witch might use in her daily rituals or spells. Next, we are working on a section for herbs. Again, this will include herbs that are every day and hard to find. I forgot to mention we will be selling herbal teas and accessories also. Right now, that page has about 4 or 5 herbs listed on it and the teas/accessories are not listed. But by the time tomorrow gets here, that will change.

If you don’t have anything else to do this afternoon or just want to browse the net, surf on over to Magickal Necessities and check out the new items now listed there. If you are going to shop for magickal items, why not support your site or organization you follow? And remember if we can’t get it, just ask.

Lady of the Abyss


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