Magickal Necessities Is Having It’s Grand Opening This Weekend, We have Drawn 8 Winner of Pentagrams from Yesterday


Announcing the Grand Opening of Magickal Necessities!

What is Magickal Necessities, you might ask. It is the latest Magickal, Metaphysical and Occult Store to hit the net. And hit the net it did, top quality merchandise at affordable pricing. You will be amazed at the products we have to offer. We offer everything from the every day item to that hard to find item for that special spell or ritual. Don’t see it, just ask! We can get it for you!

Saturday, July 8th thru Sunday, July 9th

All day, all night

Magickal Necessities

Sign up for daily gift aways, gift certificates and free pentagram necklace to given away every hour on the hour, just sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and you are registered for some great prizes! Just that simple!

Come on over, shop, have aome fun & get some great prizes just for stopping by!

Remember it is for a great cause, all proceeds go to Lady of the Abyss’ catastrophe medical expenses

Brass Cauldron 3″ – $21.95 $14.95

Magic Pillar Candle with Fairy Dust Necklace – $18.95 $14.95



Grand opening is going so goooood, HA! The proceeds this weekend were suppose to be for Lady A’s medical bills. So far, it looks like she is going to have to sell her home, car and dog just to even to begin to pay her medical bills. Then when that happens, no more WOTC or any of this. All the expenses for the WOTC and everything else were coming straight out of her pocket because she thought we were making a difference. What difference? I am beginning to think she ought to took that money and went on a well-deserved vacation.

Mistress of the Myst



One thought on “Magickal Necessities Is Having It’s Grand Opening This Weekend, We have Drawn 8 Winner of Pentagrams from Yesterday

  1. Good day to you, work welldone on Magical neccesities, am very happy.

    I tryed signing up for the newsletter several times but I don’t get the activation email, are you still working on it?.


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