The Witches Spell for Thursday, July 6th – The Needle of Protection

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The Royal Land ~ GP2The Needle of Protection


On Friday after midday, buy a sewing needle, a reel of white thread and white salt. Having made all these purchases and going home, don’t greet and don’t talk with anybody. You should keep full silence until finish all magical work! Having come back home, fill a glass on half with cold water, add to water three spoons of salt and cut off from the reel about yard of the white thread. Put this thread into the glass with salty water and make the three sign of the cross over it. When the thread has become wet, get it from water and to thread the needle. Tie together the ends of the thread with a triple knot. Take the needle in the right hand, touch a jamb of a front door with the needlepoint and move it so along all length of the jamb.

Start this movement on a side of the top door hinge. If the hinge at the left side of the door, move from left to right, then downward, from right to left and upward to the same hinge. If the hinge at the right side of the door, move the needle downward, from right to left, then upward and from left to right. All time the needlepoint touches the hinge with light press. Having finished this action, stick the needle in the top corner of the doorjamb above the hinge, and say:

The needle as a steel lance,
Stab up all enemies and foes, Ward off all disasters.

Thus you receive “lightning conductor” for neutralization of directed on you and on your home negative energy. This protection works approximately one year, after the expiration of it, you must replace the needle and the thread. Uttering the protective incantation, cautiously remove the needle from the jamb:

Black to black, white to white,
Dead to dead, and alive to alive.

At once after that, go to a lonely place, and bury the needle with the thread in a ground. If you suspect that on you and on your family are constantly directed various nocuous influences, replace the needle more often — once a month or once a week. But in all case do it on Friday evening.


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