Your Monthly Horoscope Summaries for June 2017

Your Monthly Horoscope Summaries for June 2017



Aries Horoscope


Your personal life takes top billing this month, dear Aries, but you’re unlikely to be doing much lazing around. It’s shaping up to be a busy and active month! June is not particularly ideal for concentration and focus, but it’s potentially excellent for getting a lot of odds and ends done.

Collaborating with a partner, good friend, or sibling can be valuable around the 2-3 and 4-5. This can be a time for making plans to travel, take a course, or learn a new skill. You’re feeling eager and enthusiastic about picking up useful information, boosting your knowledge, and sharpening your skills this month.

From the 4th, Mars pushes its way through your home and family sector, demanding that you get organized and active with loved ones or around the home. You’re motivated to improve home life and set the record straight with family, if necessary. Home-related projects can be satisfying. With more passion, vigor, and perhaps impatience brought on by Mars in this area of your solar chart, there can be the occasional conflict or clash, but clearing the air can be satisfying, too.

On the 9th, the Sagittarius Full Moon awakens a need to get away from the routine if you’ve been super busy (which you have) and not always attending to your need to feed your spirit and sense of adventure. This can also bring a revelation related to travel or the law, publishing, or education, and point you in a new direction along these lines. Jupiter turns direct on the very same day, and because Jupiter rules Sagittarius and by nature is big and bold, there can be a significant turning point moment experienced related to publishing, learning, partnerships, and relationships. There can be increasing clarity in or about your relationships and relationship needs. A Venus-Mars aspect on the same day enlivens things further – you can feel quite supported and motivated or excited about a relationship or business prospect now.

The 14-16 brings tricky energy as the Sun and Saturn form their yearly opposition, reminding us of a particular responsibility or reality to face. Look for holes in your plans, if they don’t reveal themselves on their own! This is a time for fixing and strengthening things before moving forward. Delays related to transportation, communications, or education can surface. Criticism may come in, but while it can irritate, it might also prompt you to tighten up your work or plans which ultimately serves you well. Neptune’s retrograde also begins during these dates, and you may work on putting a regret or disappointment behind you.

The Sun and Mercury both enter your home and family sector on the same day — the 21st — and merge, bringing a storm of activity into your personal life. You may want to reach out to someone you love, clear the air, push a domestic project forward, or relay news now. The New Moon on the 23rd extends the theme, and a Mercury-Mars alignment on the 28th brings it even further. The last nine days of the month can be particularly busy with family and home life, working from or on the home, moves, reorganization, or a personal or emotional breakthrough. The thing to watch for the most during this time, besides impatience, is a tendency to jump ahead with decisions made from the head before your heart has had the chance to engage.

From the 6th forward, Venus in your solar second house is quite wonderful for enjoying financial or emotional increase, abundance, and comfort.



The month ahead is excellent for moving into your comfort zone in most areas of your life, dear Taurus, but frequently stepping out of it on a mental level. You’re bound to learn a lot and pick up new information and interests this month. In fact, you’re eager to take on new projects and come up with new and original ideas. You want to be the first to know.

Helping you out much of the month is Venus, your ruling planet, moving through your sign from the 6th forward. This helps put you at the top of your personal game. People are drawn to your natural charm and appreciate the qualities you display most naturally.

Work, money, and business matters can get a nice little boost on the 2-3, and from the 9th, your confidence in your job or services increases.

Jupiter moves direct on the 9th at the same time as a Full Moon occurring in your Jupiter-ruled intimacy sector. These influences can point to a dramatic or big revelation about your feelings, a relationship, or a money matter. Jupiter is currently a guest in your work and health sector, and these areas of life can show some forward motion. Delays lift, confidence grows, and your sense of wellness and well-being increases. It’s time to pursue your health and work goals with more enthusiasm and to improve your daily life, routines, and habits.

A Sun-Saturn opposition on the 14-15 can slow things down and present an obstacle, possibly in the form of a bank or partner, that apparently sets you back. However, your attempts to get around this or to improve and strengthen your situation can truly benefit you in the long-term, so you come out a winner anyhow. Possessiveness can be a problem to watch for in intimate relationships. Aim to be mature and conservative with money and resources now. Neptune’s retrograde turn the following day may cast a fog over a friendship for the time being.

From the 6-21, Mercury in your resources sector is valuable for logical thinking applied to money, income, and valuables.

Mars is motivating you to learn, feed your curiosity, connect with others, get out and about, and get active in your neighborhood or with acquaintances from June 4th forward. On the 21st, both the Sun and Mercury move into your communications sector and then join forces, and there can be a further surge of activity and attention to these things. The New Moon on the 23rd adds fuel to the fire, and a Mercury-Mars alignment on the 28th extends this further. You’re involved, mentally sharp and alert, and ready to talk things out in the final week-plus of June. You might have an overdue talk now, or something is said that helps to clear the air. News can come in that opens doors. Relations with siblings, family, classmates, and acquaintances can improve with new energy and enthusiasm invested into these relationships. You have a can-do mindset that takes you places. Be careful that you don’t make all of your decisions from the head or your ego and ignore your heart in the process, but mindful decisions made now can be empowering.



Your personal presence is large until the 21st, dear Gemini, and your voice is particularly strong from the 6-21. You’re in a fabulous position for decisiveness and believability. This is a month for making a mark and leaving an impression! Even though in many ways the month is about you and your personal needs, it’s quite strong for relationships, particularly with family or partners, despite some hiccups. You are taking pride in your ability to support others, and you’re seen and acknowledged for this trait as well.

You’re in a good position to present your creative works all month, and you’re also feeling considerably more creative, motivating you to pursue hobbies and artistic expression heartily.

The 3rd is perfect for personal appeal, magnetism, and optimism with the Sun in your sign harmonizing with Jupiter in your creative sector. You’re seeing and seizing opportunities. As well, Jupiter turns direct shortly after that – you’re feeling it again! You’re putting creative slumps behind you. Neptune’s retrograde is a little different, however. You may need to slow down when it comes to a career matter.

Jupiter’s direct move on the 9th supports forward movement in a romantic or creative pursuit and a sense of fun and playfulness. Creative blocks lift and you regain enthusiasm for your passions, dating, and hobbies. The Full Moon on the same day illuminates a partnership matter – you can see the light, so to speak, when it comes to a relationship’s status or someone’s feelings for you. Venus hiding away in your privacy sector from the 4th forward, however, points to some form of sacrifice or letting go of expectations so that you can begin fresh in love in July. So while you’re moving forward in many ways, you need a little more time to process things and understand your needs better before throwing yourself into a relationship.

You may be redefining certain friendships or seeing friends in a radically different light now. This is not necessarily negative, but surprising, and can keep your mind turning around quite a bit in June. You can be particularly committed to learning new skills, studies, and personal interests this month — putting in more effort than usual and reaping the rewards.

Mars in your sign since April 21st has not been very conciliatory. In fact, relationships may have been a little rocky. It’s fine to get mad if it keeps you pushing for yourself and your individuality. From the 4th, this changes — ego matters fall away as Mars moves out of your sign. Some of you will be actively pursuing more ways to make money or augment your income. Others may be more actively fighting for or defending your value and calling out those who don’t treat you with the respect you deserve.

Mercury into your income house from the 21st forward is good for a sharp mind as well as for thinking related to business. You have good money sense now. Negotiations are favored. The 28th is great for selling an idea or putting it into motion. There may be an argument about money or property for some of you, however.

The Cancer New Moon on the 23rd is good for taking charge of your income, personal possessions, valuables, and practical affairs. You have a lot rallying for you in the last week of the month along these lines.



Even though you’re keeping a low profile for the first three weeks of June, dear Cancer, you’re not shy about pursuing your desires this month. Mars has been in the background of your chart, and you’ve felt a little lacking, either in willpower, courage, or decisiveness. From the 4th, however, all of this changes. You know what and who you want, and you’re ready to pursue your desires confidently!

You’re not at your most conciliatory this month, and that’s just fine at the moment. In fact, it’s a superb time to assert yourself, although you might want to do so when Mars is in favorable aspect this month, not so much when it’s arguing with other cosmic bodies, such as on the 24th when you’re inclined to push too hard. Mars in your sign from the 4th is particularly useful for asserting your independence and individuality, especially since you might feel that others (partners especially) have often had the upper hand in recent months.

You’re in excellent shape this month for boosting your income and managing your money. This is set to increase even further in July, so lay the groundwork now for new beginnings and gaining your financial footing.

Venus in Taurus this month from the 6th forward is a subtle but harmonious and helpful influence. People enjoy your company. Friendly people come into your life and acquaintances bring positive experiences. Around the 9th and 24th, particularly warm connections may be made.

Around the Full Moon on the 9th, look for answers to problems in your life through your work, health, habits, and routines. Do something to improve these things so that you don’t get totally called out whenever the Moon arrives in this sector of your chart each month. It’s a great time for seeing what needs to change. With Jupiter turning direct on the same day, there can be a turning point or significant forward motion in a family relationship or home or work project. A real estate or living arrangement matter can now move forward.

The 14-15 is a little trickier. There can be slowdowns or delays related to travel, educational, or legal matters. There can be moments when you feel tied down, bored, or overworked.

Mercury in your sign from the 21st is excellent for mental renewal and decisiveness as well. The Sun and Mercury come together then, and later Mercury and Mars merge, all happening in your sign. This is a favorable time to present, share, and decide. Your ideas come across well, with confidence and a spirit of freshness and innovation. You’ll want to make all the decisions – executive decisions, if you will – and this can raise an eyebrow or two and perhaps upset someone, but you’re raring to go now.

The Cancer New Moon on the 23rd is a high point for you, and you can ride on its waves for several weeks. It’s a time for personal reinvention. Set your intentions on the New Moon but give it a bit of time before you launch a new project, enterprise, or look. Renewal, coming out of the background, getting attention, making decisions, things moving forward – these are all strong themes now. A start-up is possible with Mars here, too. This is a time for seizing the moment and making an impression.



Two big themes for you in June seem to clash, dear Leo, but surprisingly don’t conflict often: you’re increasingly seeking out some personal time but you’re also in an excellent position to shine on professional and public levels. Somehow, your professional and personal ambitions cooperate for most of June, and you can both secure a strong position in your work and get quality time as you work on your projects independently.

On the 2-3, people are attracted to your ideas, maverick side, uniqueness, and entirely original perspective. Actually, this is frequently the case these days – it’s simply in a stronger focus on these days.

Mercury in Gemini from the 6-21 is valuable for networking. Mercury performs well in this area of your chart and your connections to others strengthen. You’re picking up good ideas like a sponge at this time. It’s also a great period for financial or business ventures.

Time to yourself is increasingly valued this month, what with Mars moving into your privacy sector on the 4th and then both the Sun and Mercury following suit on the 21st. Mars in this house most of June suggests a more subdued “you,” which is particularly excellent for artistic Leos and those needing a little break.

Even so, your public or professional image can grow in leaps and bounds with Venus at the top of your solar chart from the 6th forward. The 9th and 24th are especially strong for pleasant recognition or a boost of popularity.

The Full Moon on 9th in fellow Fire sign, Sagittarius, is a wake-up call — a pleasant one — to take care of your personal life after special attention to outside connections and networking. You may need to finish up a creative project and pull yourself away from a busy social life, or romance heats up and draws your attention to it.

With Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, turning direct at the same time, this can be a dramatic Full Moon. There can be a turning point related to romance, hobbies, creative projects, writings, studies, and personal interests. News can come in that settles a matter. This is an opportune time for gradually moving projects, especially related to learning and connecting, forward. As well, love matters can blossom or show signs of clearing, liberation, and forward motion if there has been a slowdown. Love and studies can be connected now for many Leos.A trickier time for relationships is the 14-15 when responsibilities seem to block your progress. This can also be a time when issues of support and financing emerge and affect your output.

The North Node now in your sign encourages you to embrace your independence. All month, Vesta in Leo points to success working alone and putting extra effort into your pursuits. You are noticed for your dedication. It’s an excellent time for creating goodwill. There is a lot going on behind the scenes in June from the 21st forward. There can be a strong urge or need to talk about the past. Minor health issues or low energy levels may emerge now and slowing down makes sense. It’s an excellent time to actively and confidently seek out time to yourself or for healing and renewal.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph


The month ahead is one of increased opportunities to connect, learn, and succeed, dear Virgo. Although the Full Moon on the 9th is an important reminder to take care of home and family, the month tends to favor outside obligations and enjoyments for the most part. It’s appropriate to pour much of your energy into long-term goals, career, networking, and education this month. There is a lot of activity in the upper hemisphere of your solar chart, suggesting the need to get things straight with your career, reputation, friendships, and education or publishing worlds. You have plenty of support for this, by the way!

Around the 5th is excellent for money or business related to the home, such as work from or on the home, real estate, and domestic-related services. Take note of your ideas now! They may need more work but they have long-term potential.

From the 4th, you may be working with others, but doing your own thing at the same time — somehow, you are making this work. Teamwork or collaboration is working for you right now but you may find yourself one step ahead regardless. You’re getting loads of ideas about manifesting your dreams. It’s a great time for pursuing a cherished cause. You instinctively know that persistent problems in your life require new responses and you’re ready to take action. This is a month of inspiration, hard work, and new or renewed connections.

From the 6th, Venus is moving in harmony with your sign, inspiring you to seek out new interests and experiences. This transit supplies a gentle nudge to explore rather than pressure or intense restlessness. You have a stronger attraction to cultural events at this time. For the most part in June, you are drawn to–or drawing in–new friendships and interests. New classes or group experiences and extra-curricular activities can figure strongly now as you’re ready and willing to step a little out of your comfort zone.

Wonderful energy is with you for nurturing and advancing your professional goals all month, even if your personal life needs some extra attention from time to time. You may be thinking of side businesses or boosts to income now. Keep your ear to the ground. Certainly with Mars in your eleventh most of the month, you’re far more open than usual to experiment and innovate.

Financial ambitions, whether these are to earn or save more and spend less, are reawakened from the 9th forward. Home-related projects reach a turning point as well. Your confidence in business, financial, and practical affairs is increasing. You are more inclined to make important purchases and say yes to new developments on the job or with business.

The 14-15 is a trickier time when you need to deal with the realities of limited time and energy and possible blocks to progress related to home and family obligations. Now that both rulers of your romantic relationship sectors are retrograde, some de-emphasis of your love life is appropriate.

The 21st forward is decidedly more social and interactive. It’s a great time for cultivating contacts, getting involved, networking, sharing ideas and time/energy. Valuable new connections are highly likely. Mercury, the Sun, and Mars are animating your solar eleventh house, making this a high powered time outside of your work when you’re making things happen and your social life soars. Progress is made through groups, like-minded people, friends, networking, associates, and new, experimental, and innovative ideas and approaches.

The New Moon on the 23rd gives a further boost to your efforts. New visions and ideas are inspiring and light a fire under you. Conversations with friends or groups and meetings, in general, tend to be animated and valuable.


Libra Glyph-Symbol


The month ahead supports learning, traveling, extracurricular activities, career, reputation, and intimate relationships, dear Libra. You’re in particularly good shape when it comes to gaining new knowledge and pushing ahead work or life path goals. You have a boost of clarity and courage on your side in June!

The 2-3 is strong for relationship activity and social, cultural, or educational opportunities. The 5th is a particularly opportune time for communications: learning, studies, connecting, commuting, and sharing your ideas.

From the 9th, your confidence lifts and your optimism gets a boost. Plans that have stalled or that you temporarily put to the side or lost interest in begin to move forward now. A turning point in a learning endeavor or personal interest may be reached around the 9th as well. This Sagittarius Full Moon can bring big news or ideas into your world that are capable of changing your direction. It can be the start of something new and exciting. You’re gaining more clarity about what you want to improve and change, and you feel more equipped and motivated to take on opportunities as they emerge.

The 14-15 requires some back-stepping, self-discipline, and maturity as a reality check is likely. If you’ve been pushing a little too hard with personal interests and projects, then you’re reminded of the limits of time and energy now. Responsibilities need attention before you can feel free enough to explore and expand your experiences. Neptune retrograde on the 16th can have the effect of putting some smaller jobs or health initiatives or goals on the back burner for the time being to make room for your bigger ambitions.

Generally speaking, as the month advances, you’re more and more invested in your professional life, responsibilities, and image. You are ready to make things happen, and you bring more muscle as well as intelligence to your work. You are getting noticed, particularly from the 21st forward, for your efforts, skills, and voice. You’re ready to fight for what you want, although this is more likely to take the form of working hard to surpass competitors or your own personal best rather than out-and-out conflict. Benefit from the motivation and courage to go after what you want and deserve, but watch for impatience and undesired clashes with others.

As well, your voice is strong at this time, particularly around the 21st and 28th, so use it well! Too-quick conclusions, criticisms, and observations, particularly when shared, may be cause for later regret. However, you can use your stronger presence creatively and for causes you truly want to get behind.

You’re in particularly good shape with shared resources, such as money and property, loans, and support from the 6th forward and especially around the 9th and 23rd. It’s a favorable time to ask for help if you need it.

Nurture your ambitions and go hard with your studies this month for good results. Ideas for new career or life directions can be wonderful around the 21st and the New Moon on the 23rd supplies a supportive boost towards achieving your goals.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph


June is a potentially beautiful month for devoting more time and energy to passion projects, learning, and extra-curricular activities, dear Scorpio. Although there is some trial and error involved, it’s also a healthy month for relationships, particularly after the 6th. You’re attracting people into your life who want to make your life easier. Surface harmony is not something you typically seek, but you’re also in a good position to harmonize on deeper levels, too, with some effort.

The month is, in fact, robust for self-development, feeling more powerful and in charge, and making positive lifestyle changes. There is the right balance between introspection and external focus. You’re more interested in developing skills than producing right now, although the desire for results is building. In fact, focusing on professional goals and responsibilities in the coming months can bring great rewards.

The Full Moon on the 9th happens just when Jupiter turns direct and in a sign Jupiter rules–Sagittarius. Optimism flows more naturally and is on the increase. Getting control of spending and saving, money management, and practical affairs is part of this – the more you feel in charge, the more confident you feel about the future. This can be a great time for working on your talents and developing your resources. A lot of what you do is in the background, and this suits you just fine for the time being. Jupiter’s direct motion now helps you to let go of resentment and challenging problems of the past. Much of June, you’re likely to feel that you’re in a preparation phase.

The 14-16 brings trickier energy to our lives, and for you, it’s liable to revolve around money and/or respect! Boundaries are important to you right now, and if people keep trying to cross them, you’re ready to dig in your heels. Fears of rejection or of giving too much of yourself can emerge now. There can also be a reality check to deal with. Take a step back, but avoid alienating others in the process. Neptune’s retrograde on the 16th can have the effect of slowing down or back-burnering a creative pursuit, hobby, or dating. This is about de-emphasis, not dropping these things. It’s a natural process, and, in fact, it has its distinct benefits. Right now, you’re seeking out more depth and experience in your projects and relationships. Ambitions are building, and it’s time to nurture them.

Relationships, support, teamwork, and partnering are in particularly good shape around the 9th, 20th, and 23rd, when shared activities, a bit of romance or leisure time, and communication can enhance a bond. These dates are also good for first moves or attracting friendships or love relationships.

There is an extra dose of sharpness in your mental capacities from the 21-28. You can be quick to debate or defend an opinion or cause. Excitement and motivation to soak in information and learn new things figures strongly now. Debate can be thrilling but disruptive if you take it too personally. You want to go out of your comfort zone when it comes to learning, thinking, and doing, and the New Moon on the 23rd can help open up opportunities to do so.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol


There is a strong focus on relationships for you in June, dear Sagittarius, with your partnership and intimacy sectors highly activated. Even so, there are some wonderful personal revelations this month, and plans begin some forward movement. You’re also regaining confidence in your effectiveness, social life, and cherished dreams and goals.

The Full Moon on the 9th is in your sign – your yearly emotional peak when you recognize your true feelings on a matter or reach an epiphany and important realization. It comes at a very interesting time — on the very same day that Jupiter, your ruler, turns direct, and this adds to its significance. It can mark a major turning point, likely of a personal or inward nature – a moment that defines before and after. You awaken to a feeling or need that turns you in a new direction or motivates you to pursue a new goal or path.

This is also a period for reshaping and picking up your social life as Jupiter turns direct in your social sector. From now until October, you’re in fabulous shape for meeting people. It’s also a great time for both inspiring others and becoming inspired. Optimism is on the increase.

The 14-16 brings trickier energy and apparent setbacks. I use the term “apparent” deliberately because these are the types of delays that are blessings in disguise and that allow us to fix something critical before moving forward. Relationships can be complex now — there can be some reservations about going forward with a deal or a person. This is also a time of corrective balancing if you’ve been particularly solicitous with others and need some personal space or time to get your bearings. Watch for an attitude of refusing to play the game so that you won’t have to deal with the possibility of losing it. Slow down, draw on patience, and give people time, even if they seem to be oblivious to your problems at the moment. Neptune’s retrograde on the 16th can have the effect of de-emphasizing or slowing down domestic projects and initiatives.

The 21st brings both the Sun and Mercury together and into your intimacy sector. This is a powerful push towards looking within for answers as well as for the seeking out of deeper involvement in or commitment to a project, venture, or relationship. You’re not interested in the fluff at the moment – it’s “go hard or go home” time, and you may very well find that some endeavors fall by the wayside as a result.

The last week of the month is powerful for identifying your priorities and for connecting to people and projects you love. While you’re excited to communicate your truth, be mindful as you do so. Also, watch for an over-stimulated intellect charging ahead and forgetting about how you might feel about all that you learn and uncover in your investigations at this time. The heart seems to be left behind right now, so tread lightly!

Most of the month (from the 6th) is excellent for beautifying the work environment or harmonizing working relationships. It’s also excellent for truly enjoying and finding pleasure in your job, daily duties, or routines, or in any services you provide for others. You’re appreciated for what you do now, as well.



June features a mostly balanced focus between work and play, dear Capricorn, and any imbalances in the mix stand for quick correction. You continue to put a lot of thought and energy into dealing with your daily affairs, improving your work, and attending to your health and wellness this month. Even so, relationships are in high focus and become increasingly more relevant as the month advances.

From the 6th, you have lovely Venus in arguably the best position of your solar chart, second only to Venus gracing your sign. This transit enhances and supports your popularity and likeability while working on smoothing over your relationships and attracting mutually beneficial friendships. Artists and lovers get extra attention and positive feedback at this time. You are abuzz with fun, playful, and flirty energy. The 9th, 20th, and 23rd are particularly good days for attracting who and what you want into your life. Opportunities to enjoy pleasurable pastimes and entertainment emerge now. It’s a good time for spending time with children, writing, decorating, creating, vacationing, and enjoying hobbies.

The Full Moon on the 9th draws out your need to rest and go under the radar for a little while. Even so, Jupiter’s direct motion on the same day brings a turning point as you begin revving your engines, intent on reaching your goals and ambitions. Fortunately, this is a gradual process as the Full Moon is pushing for you to correct imbalances related to overwork!

Jupiter has been at the top of your chart encouraging you to embrace your ambitions and achieve your goals or improve your image since September. While it was retrograde from February until now, these things may have been on the back burner. Motivation returns, however, and you’ll become increasingly more interested in putting yourself out there to succeed and advance. For some of you in the coming months (until October), you can get a promotion, land a major account or project, and earn recognition or awards.

The 14-16 is a hump or slump time of the month when you’re likely to see the error of your ways or face a criticism, delay, or another form of slowdown or letdown. The Sun opposes your ruler, Saturn, and Neptune reverses direction. These influences affect us all in some way, and for you, it’s most likely about work, health, energy, and daily affairs. Some loss of interest in what you’re doing is possible now, but as you reorient yourself, you’ll be able to make adjustments that get you back on track, this time with a more solid foundation under you or more realistic expectations.

The 21st brings Mercury and the Sun together and into your partnership sector. This can come as a surprise or a rush and can point to quickly changing circumstances. In the last week or so of June, there can be an accelerated, energized pace to a relationship or negotiations. There can be a lot of activity related to your social life or partnerships now, and while this can be quite positive overall, Venus is out of the loop, and you may not be taking your feelings into consideration when making plans or expressing yourself. Check in with your feelings before rushing ahead. The New Moon on the 23rd can clear the way for new beginnings related to partnering.




You enjoy excellent drive for getting your daily life, routines, and work in order this month, dear Aquarius. Even though there is still quite a bit of focus on recreation and your personal life in June, the eagerness and enterprise to organize, sort out problems, get healthy, and get working are with you. Take advantage of any opportunity to advance your health and work goals. As the month progresses, you’ll get even more support and enjoy increased motivation for these endeavors.

The 2-3 is perfect for personal appeal, partnership, and creative expression. Events of the 4-5 can help you feel more established with a friend or friends, group, or educational path.

The Full Moon on the 9th can bring a social matter to light, feelings for someone or a project to the surface, or a creative project to fruition. This event coincides with Jupiter turning direct after several months of retrograde motion, and this can serve as a turning point related to education, friendship, travel, or publishing. News you’ve been waiting for arrives, and you can finally make more informed decisions. The chance to enjoy an adventure, trip, cultural event, or brand-new, mind-opening experience can emerge now.

The 14-16 can bring a reminder of responsibility or perhaps a bubble-bursting moment that feels harsh at the moment, but that leads to bigger and better things down the road. There may be apparent criticism or a veto to your plans that requires an adjustment now. There can be the reason for a project to stall or for frustration due to delayed compensation. Get over this hump, and you’re a better judge of your situation. You may need to hunker down before moving forward or enjoying a reward.

The 21st brings both the Sun and Mercury into your sector of work and health (Mars is already here). They join forces on the same day, and there can be a sense of excitement or a big rush to get things done. From the 21st, you’ll get some clear opportunities to improve or move forward on a work or health-related endeavor. Seek out new or alternative health programs and work methods. Problems in these areas of your life can come to quick resolutions. There can be a quickened pace to your routines and work, and you can be filled with a sudden desire to get busy, to make a real difference, and to sort out problem areas. Focus can be on clearing away clutter or otherwise cleaning up your life in little yet significant ways. While you can get a lot done now, watch closely for a business-like insensitivity or impatience with co-workers and others with whom you share your day. Your mind might say yes to things that your heart has yet to process.

The New Moon on the 23rd heralds a new beginning or fresh approach to managing your work, health, and routines. If you need to make lifestyle change and improvements, the last week of June is excellent for doing so.

Most of the month (from the 6th forward), you’re in a good position to make nice with family, improve your living conditions and home life, and make peace with yourself. A greater love of home life, even with all of your activities this month, figures strongly.



June is strong for your personal life, dear Pisces, and while there are opportunities to learn more about your ambitions and goals, you’re in particularly good shape for attending to your home, family, and personal needs this month. Improvements in your relationships with family, relatives, children, and love interests figure strongly.

The first week of the month is especially fortunate for gaining support or backing for your plans. On the 9th, the Full Moon occurs at the top of your chart, pulling your attention to worldly matters, professional dealings, and responsibilities. (There will be another such call, perhaps a less pleasant one, around the 14-15.) There can be new light shed on a career matter, promotion, or culmination of a project. You can be excited to get in touch with your true feelings on a goal or ambition. You benefit from an “aha!” moment when everything seems to come together, and you see the light.

This Full Moon happens just as Jupiter reaches its station and turns direct, and there can be quite a bit of excitement now. You enjoy increased faith in your effectiveness, particularly related to your finances and intimate relationships. A turning point may be reached, or blocks in your path are removed related to financial or emotional support, career, life path, education, and long-term goals. A Venus-Mars aspect occurs now as well, and there can be increased motivation or opportunity to pursue a personal interest, hobby, or creative activity.

The 14-16 can bring on clashes or letdowns, however, when what you want to do or your personal initiatives grate with parents, higher-ups, or responsibilities that you just can’t avoid. The consequences of those things you’ve neglected roll in. People may seem unduly critical or unsympathetic. Plans are delayed. Ideally, events occurring now simply increase your maturity and humility. Attempts to strengthen your plans made now bring rewards down the road.

While Jupiter turns direct this month, Neptune turns retrograde, and since both planets rule your sign, you can see some forward movement and apparent slowdowns as well. While you gain confidence and strength for making deep, lasting changes and improvements, there can be the need to put a dream or plan on hold as you focus on more doable ventures.

The 21st brings a rush of energy to your romance and creativity sector. Since the 4th, Mars has been awakening your desires and encouraging you to pursue your passions. Now the Sun and Mercury rush in and join forces, stirring up strong motivations to get creative or romantic, to share your ideas, to seek out more fun and channels for self-expression, to date, and to pursue a hobby, recreational activity, or creative project more ardently. You can feel exceptionally romantic and/or confident and may be itching to express your feelings.

In the last week of June, what with the New Moon also occurring in this same sector of your chart and Mercury and Mars meeting up here as well, there can be an overdue conversation or incoming news that opens up doors and opportunities. The thing to watch for is that you can feel pressured to say yes or to throw yourself into something before your heart is ready. Be sure to check in with your feelings, which are not as quick as your mind and will this month.

Do also watch for power-tripping in the last couple days of June and a tendency for impatient communications that come across as insensitive or cheeky. Look for chances to restart or begin fresh in a friendship, romance, or creative project.

However, you do have the added protection of Venus in your communications sector, smoothing out your interactions, virtually all month (from the 6th forward). You seem to know what to say, when. You can frame things very well now, so take advantage and write up promotional matter, creative works, overtures, and applications. Relationships with siblings, classmates, acquaintances, and neighbors can improve significantly with gentle and thoughtful attention now.



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