Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, May 25th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, May 25th



Aries Horoscope

The New Moon today ignites your desire to connect, communicate, share your ideas, and be heard, dear Aries. You may be anxious to begin a new project, venture, or course of study. You’re seeking more intelligent interactions and conversations or more interesting topics to explore. This cycle often brings the urge or need for new ways to get around, and it can be a particularly busy time for daily affairs, errands, activities in the neighborhood, and the learning of various odds and ends. You may be looking to add more life, vibrancy, or personality to your work or your communications. Today, a couple of challenging aspects can point to delays and blocks that need managing, however. The desire for more freedom and spontaneity is big these days, but your ambitions or desire to be in control of and on top of things with your work can interfere, leading to tensions and perhaps a boiling-over point. Try not to allow worries about competition or changes and uncertainties in your work, your future, or with your reputation affect your personal enjoyment.


Taurus HoroscopeThere is a New Moon today that inspires or motivates you to take better care of your resources, dear Taurus. You may want to put more of your energy into building and securing your life in fundamental ways in the coming weeks, and good energy is with you for doing so. Taking charge of your personal finances can play a big role in this, but so can working on developing your natural talents or your current resources to make better use of what you already have. Seek out ways to feel more in control of spending, saving, and managing. Today, your ruler, Venus, forms a challenging aspect with Pluto, pointing to the need to confront problem areas that you’ve brushed off or avoided. Matters from the past can play in your mind almost as if they are your present. Your belief that you want life to be simple and straightforward can lead to the stifling of feelings that are unpleasant or uncomfortable. However, what you’ve buried won’t go away until you face it, and can, in fact, drive your behavior in destructive ways. If challenging patterns of relating surface today, consider looking for the root of the problem. Aim to fully own complicated feelings instead of giving in to the temptation to assume complications are coming from others.



The Sun entered your sign on Saturday, and now the New Moon occurs in Gemini, launching an exciting and empowering cycle for turning over a new leaf, dear Gemini. This lunation can serve as a boost of energy and initiative to put personal plans into motion. New beginnings related to health, image, personality, manner, and appearance are in store now and in the coming weeks. The chances are good that you’ve been feeling ready for a reboot or restart, and this New Moon may very well be it. Today, however, there are some difficult feelings or negative thinking to overcome before feeling free to move forward, but handled well, you’ll be in a better position for truly clearing the decks and starting fresh. Fear of being out of the loop or of being blindsided can be at the root of challenging behaviors today. The desire to enjoy your friendships, social life, or new projects is active these days, but it can be difficult to do so with jealousies, resentment, fears, and worries about worthiness working close to the surface. Mixed feelings need sorting now.


CancerThe Sun moved into your privacy and soul sector on Saturday, dear Cancer, and themes of rest, reflection, bringing matters to a close, solitude, and the past are stronger than usual. With today’s New Moon in this sector of your solar chart, you’re now in a more motivated position to take action on these matters. This lunation has the power to push you on a new path of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment which can come in very handy when the Sun enters your sign on June 21st. Getting comfortable with your inner needs and desires is a highly appropriate goal now. Understanding and processing recent events are part of this. Today, people can be a little easy on the trigger or particularly sensitive with a Venus-Pluto square shaking things up — those things we’ve buried or ignored, mainly related to our fears, can emerge in unruly and unexpected ways, but a little self-knowledge and understanding can go a long way. Your ambitions are motivating and even enjoyable these days, but resentments from others or your own fear of pulling yourself away from a relationship can interfere with the fun.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

Since Saturday when the Sun moved in as a guest in your solar eleventh house, dear Leo, you’ve been more focused on teamwork, networking, connecting with friends and groups, or experimenting with new ventures and ideas. The New Moon occurring today supplies you with an extra boost of courage or a push towards putting plans into motion, realizing your dreams, and making moves. The coming weeks are excellent for inspiration, new starts and ideas, and collaboration. Today, there can be some challenging energies to release and manage before you feel completely refreshed and ready to take on the world. A Venus-Pluto square can have the effect of pulling up buried frustrations and triggering fears related to a sense of being out of the loop or out of control. The desire to explore the world around you, live life more spontaneously and expressively, meet new people, and enjoy different settings and experiences is strong, but you can feel weighed down by pressures related to work and health. You may not want to, but delegating tasks, releasing your tight hold on your work or routines, or reducing your workload might help you find more time to explore, expand, and flourish.


Virgo Symbol HoroscopeSince Saturday, the Sun in your solar tenth house of career, life path, responsibilities, and reputation has ignited your interest in and drawn your attention to your goals and ambitions, dear Virgo. Today’s New Moon supplies you with motivation to improve, take charge of, and grow these things. A new launch can be exciting for some of you, and for others, breathing new life into a plan, project, or business can be in focus in the coming weeks. Moving your work ahead is vital and invigorating for many of you now. Opportunities for improving your image or reputation can surface. Even so, today’s energies are quite complicated and suggest the need to handle lingering problems and negative expectations or communications before moving forward. Tensions in your romantic or personal life can be huge draws, pulling you away from exploring new feelings and experiences. Try to let go of overanalyzing things or dwelling on things you can’t or can no longer control, particularly people and relationships, so that you can free yourself up for more positive, empowering energy coming into your life.



Since Saturday, the Sun has been lighting up your adventure sector, dear Libra, igniting your desire for new or exotic places, experiences, and topics to explore. A New Moon occurs in this sector today, providing a boost of energy to pursue these things or to put plans into motion. The weeks ahead can be good for sharing your experiences with others, publishing, marketing, travel, promotion, and studies. It’s an excellent time for an attitude change for the better, optimistic feelings, and a stronger sense of purpose or meaning. You’re seeking out ways to feel more alive, vibrant, and connected, and you’re likely to find them. Today, your ruler, Venus, is in a difficult relationship with Pluto, and there can be some storm clouds if you’ve been ignoring or burying your feelings, fears, or resentments, particularly with family, a close friend, or a partner. There may be the need to make deep, lasting changes that pull you out of a rut but don’t put all the pressure on yourself to do so immediately.


Scorpio HoroscopeThe New Moon today points to new beginnings, the stirring of desire, and fresh energy, dear Scorpio, and occurs in the sector of your chart that rules intimacy, trust, bonding, and power dynamics. It also rules support, shared resources, and debts. The weeks ahead are strong for finding new ways to connect with a partner, pay off debts, get a loan, or seek out emotional support. Take your time on this, however. It’s too soon to go hard with these things, so make plans. Today, Venus forms a square to Pluto, your ruler, and there can be some tension related to relationships, as there can be suspicions raised or a lack of trust. You may feel frustrated if your daily affairs or relationships have become chaotic or seem out of your control. Avoid clinging to certain ideas if they are not serving you well.


Sagittarius Horoscope

The New Moon today clears the way for new beginnings and stirs desires to head in a fresh new direction, dear Sagittarius, affecting your close relationships and partnerships. It can point to a new or renewed connection in your life or it can be about fresh negotiations and a stronger feeling for what you want from and can bring to a relationship. You are in a good position to team up with someone, boost a current partnership, benefit from counseling or consultations, and opening up two-way conversations. Today, however, a Venus-Pluto square and Mercury-Saturn challenge suggest blocks and obstacles in your path. There can be twists or complications with your feelings in a relationship or an issue related to money and resources that you’re concerned about affects your mood. Watch for issues with self-worth interfering with your ability to let down your hair and express yourself freely. It can be difficult to stay detached and impartial now, and it’s far too easy to become all riled up about or fixated on problems. Trying to force an issue will only lead to frustration today – draw on patience and aim to understand your fears and feelings better going forward.


Capricorn Horoscope

You’ve recently been focusing on habits, health, work, and routines, dear Capricorn, and with today’s New Moon, you are in the position to jumpstart improvements or initiatives related to any of these things. In the coming weeks, there can be opportunities to put new or renewed programs into action that improve your daily affairs and well-being. New priorities, jobs, or tasks can be motivating now. Today, there can be tensions related to discomfort with feeling that you’re not in control or “in the know” about events occurring in your private life or relationships. There is a strong desire to get comfortable, settle in, and enjoy quiet time or familiar surroundings these days, but your personal plans or problems can make it difficult to relax. Your ambitions or desire to stay on top of things require some taming now so that you can take time off that you need. If there are interpersonal conflicts today, try to learn from them rather than fall back into old patterns of relating that don’t allow you to grow and flourish.



The New Moon today points to new directions or beginnings related to creative projects, hobbies, romance, dating, and leisure time for you, dear Aquarius. It motivates you to seek out more time to “play” or pursue creative and expressive activities. The pursuit of your passions is in focus now and the coming weeks. Consider making a resolution to listen to your heart, express yourself more openly, or enjoy leisure time more often. There can be opportunities emerging for new or renewed romance, or there can be creative channels opening up. In fact, you may be making these things happen. However, today’s energies are a little complicated and point to some obstacles to face before feeling fresh and renewed. Watch for attempts to control situations too tightly. There is a tendency to push problems or complicated feelings to the side these days, but today, they can surface in disruptive ways. If you are easily triggered and tense today, aim to understand your sensitive points better and try to let go of mental pressures or circling. Look for creative ways to express your frustrations or seek out a confidante you trust to help release buried tensions.



The Sun moved into your home and family sector on Saturday, dear Pisces, and today, a New Moon occurs in this same area of your solar chart, stirring a desire or need to start fresh in your personal life. The weeks ahead are excellent for turning over a new leaf. This sector of your chart rules your sense of security, desire for safety and a feeling of belonging, and your support system. A New Moon here points to a time for new or renewed initiatives related to these things. Reorganizing, redecorating, investing in a home or items for the home, and connecting to loved ones in healthier ways can be in focus. There is complicated energy with us today, however, pointing to the need to manage feelings of resentment and fear with Venus in difficult aspect to Pluto, and likely related to relationships with friends, money, and resources or talents. Be more cautious than usual with your wallet and personal information, but dig deep if you face repeated problems with friends or getting new projects off the ground. The challenge is to face problem areas rather than allow them to fester and control your behavior.