Our Thoughts & Prayers Are With Those in Manchester

Lost Loved One

We can shed tears over the loss of our loved ones
or we can smile because they lived even though time with us seemed so short.

We can close our eyes and pray they will come back
unfortunately with our all prayers we know deep in our hearts
that can never happen.

Our hearts are empty and ache for just one more glimpse,
one more moment, one more second with our loved ones
that have been taken so suddenly from us.

Each of us experience loss and grief sometime during our life
we each experience differently
Whether for a parent who has lost a child or
For a child who has lost a mother or father

When it is all said and done we have their memories
in our hearts and our minds and we must cherish those
memories for as long as we have them,
in our hearts & our memories they will live on.

Almighty Goddess, bless the people of Manchester
during this trying time of sorrow, grief, loss, and confusion.
Open Your loving arms and embrace those who have passed on
Bless those they left behind
Help them through this difficult time.

Even though their hearts are broken
Let them remember Your promise to us all,
One day, we shall meet again.

Until that day, keep a loving watch over them
When times are at there worse
remind them of what their loved ones
would want them to do

Continue to life, continue to love but
never, ever forget
These three things will be the greatest
memorial to their loved one’s lost life.

Grant them peace, comfort and healing, Almighty Mother.
In your divine name, we pray.

So Mote It Be

—Lady of the Abyss