Your Gems Oracle Reading for Thursday, May 11th

Your Gems Oracle Reading



Love: Diamond

Intellect. Inspiration and protection from higher sources. Science, art, music. Sincerity, loyalty.

You have a very wise mind if you’ve drawn the Diamond in the first position, and derive romantic inspiration from a higher source. It’s true that your heart is exposed when it comes to love, but you have all the protection you need. You’re making wise decisions that come from a very sincere place. Know that your innate creativity can spill over into matters of the heart. Find a new way to tell that special someone you care.

Career: Lapis lazuli

Power. Open-minded and willing to express feelings. Brotherhood. Head of a company, good judge, professional.

Your impact is powerful under the influence of Lapis lazuli, and you could find yourself in a position you may never have dreamed possible before. Being open-minded to whatever is coming your way money-wise is the best tactic for success. You have the ear of your boss and other superiors. Trust that they have your best interests at heart, professionally speaking. Forming mutually advantageous alliances gets you where you want to be that much faster.

Wellness: Malachite

Courage. Pursue noble goals for you and the weak. Strong ambitions to start over anew.

If you’ve drawn Malachite in the third position, you’re a courageous person who’s constantly renewing personal goals and aspirations. As you get healthier and feel stronger, you’re likely to share a bit of that bravado with those less fortunate. Whether embarking on a new fitness plan or looking for new challenges with the one you’ve got, ambition carries you toward success. Whatever your mind can conjure can be achieved – but you already know that.


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