Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, May 11

Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, May 11



Aries Horoscope

Mars, your ruler, is moving into a beautiful aspect with Jupiter, exact tomorrow, dear Aries, and this can activate a real love of enterprise and excitement for your prospects. However, you may need to get over a hump today, likely due to expectations that failed to materialize. There can be some confusion about something you hear or regarding communications, transportation, or learning now. Desires and whims can take hold, but they may be more about procrastinating than filling a deep need, so do your best to tune out distractions. However, if you have been ignoring your needs to escape or rest, or to indulge your imagination, then this aspect may very well serve as a reminder to do so. A Mercury-Saturn transit, also active today, helps ground you. You are likely to learn something constructive and extremely useful now. Despite some emotional confusion, you seem to be projecting some wonderfully wise and grounded energy.


Taurus HoroscopeMars and Jupiter are moving towards a fantastic aspect that is particularly useful to you regarding work and money-related enterprises, dear Taurus. However, today, you may be dealing with some ups and downs or confusion related to friends and resources. You may feel a little lacking in the areas of direction, guidance, or support. You can be tempted to assert yourself if someone is overstepping your boundaries, evasive, or absent when you need them most. Also in influence today is a Mercury-Saturn aspect that suggests accurate perceptions about a matter related to unfinished business from your past. Reality can sometimes feel a little harsh, but other times such as today can come as a tonic as you feel so much more equipped to make decisions.



This can be a time of a temporary dip in motivation levels, dear Gemini, as you are unsure of your ultimate destination. You don’t have to have a far-reaching goal or end game now to make some progress. Set small challenges or goals and work towards them in the meantime, and eventually, the bigger picture will fill in. Watch that you’re taking actions that serve you well and avoid those things that seem to alienate others, particularly bosses, parents, or the like, or steer your reputation off course. We’re moving towards a fabulous hookup that links Mars in your sign with happy Jupiter in your creative sector, and excitement is in the air! A Mercury-Saturn aspect today can help anchor you. Despite some mental confusion about long-term goals, you’re in great shape for making tangible progress with current projects, and you benefit from constructive conversations with friends or a partner.



Mars in your privacy sector these days can stir up all sorts of interesting unfinished business, dear Cancer, and can stimulate a desire to put outdated matters behind you. An impending Mars-Jupiter aspect, exact tomorrow, can point to things coming together well along these lines. However, you may need to get over a bit of a hump (or slump!) today as Mars clashes with Neptune, pointing to some possible dashed hopes and moodiness. The desire for something more exotic can be strong and the need for some form of escape is persistent now. Engage your more creative or spiritual needs, particularly in the first half of the day. Avoid taking on too much until you’re ready for more. A Mercury-Saturn connection helps you take care of business with a particularly keen eye. Despite some inner confusion or turmoil, you seem to be right on track with your work, health, or goals.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

Mars and Jupiter are moving towards a motivating trine, dear Leo, and you’re gearing up for an exciting new project or announcement. Today, however, you may need to accommodate a distraction, delay, or disappointment before pushing forward with a clash between Mars and Neptune. The need to escape or to enjoy a change of pace can be strong. However, if you’ve been hard on yourself energetically in recent days, you can feel a little disoriented now. For some of you, there can be confusing or bothersome boundary issues in a friendship today. A Mercury-Saturn influence helps you stay on track, however, and even if you are questioning some things, you seem to be able to get yourself together and get things done anyhow. Focusing on what’s actually doable will do wonders for you, even if it means making small progress rather than big wins.


Virgo Symbol HoroscopeWith Mars in your ambition sector moving into a beautiful trine with Jupiter in your resources sector, dear Virgo, you’re in great shape for using your greatest assets and achieving or advancing your goals. However, you may need to get over a brief obstacle today, particularly if you have buried anger that is coming out in fits and spurts. Try to cultivate patience, particularly if your goals are not being realized right away, and with others who are not always as quick as you! Relationship issues can distract you now, or someone may not be available when you need them. However, try not to spend too much time on this. A Mercury-Saturn influence helps ground you, especially on an emotional level. You are in a fabulous position for the support of family or for getting things done around the home. On an emotional level, you feel stronger, and this helps buoy you even if some people aren’t as reliable or supportive as you would like.



With Mars and Jupiter moving towards a trine, dear Libra, you’re in a great position for promoting your ideas and beliefs and for new opportunities to grow, learn, connect, and improve. However, with today’s Mars-Neptune clash, you may need to get over an obstacle or disappointment before the wind returns to your sails. Watch for wishful thinking that interferes with your thinking process and decision making. Consider that you may have been ignoring some of your fundamental needs and this has been gradually wearing you down. There may be the need to back something up with facts and details, but you feel too disorganized to do so. Aim to work on these problems in time, particularly if they’re persistent ones. Helping you out today is a Mercury-Saturn connection that may point to a constructive conversation or session with someone who helps you organize your thoughts and gets you into a more practical, realistic frame of mind. Focusing on a project or writing out your thoughts can have similarly positive effects on you today.


Scorpio Horoscope

We’re moving towards a beautiful Mars-Jupiter aspect that stimulates your courage and nudges you towards progress with your personal goals, dear Scorpio. However, you may need to get over a temporary spell of deflated feelings today. It can be difficult to get satisfaction in relationships right now as your needs and wants seem to clash. Part of you is looking for a romantic or spiritual connection, and another part is vying for a deeper, more intimate bond. This may play out with projects rather than relationships – you may not know how much to give of yourself to a particular pursuit. You’re only half in, and this is a frustrating position for most Scorpios! If you’re feeling particularly sensitive to imbalances, make it your priority to treat yourself with gentleness. Helping you out today is a Mercury-Saturn influence that’s excellent for organizing your practical affairs and pouring yourself into constructive pursuits. Even if it’s only in your mind or something is in a planning stage, you’ll find that organizing your thinking is soothing now.


Sagittarius Horoscope

Energetic Mars and your ruler, Jupiter, are heading towards a fabulous aspect, dear Sagittarius, activating your sense of adventure and spirit of enterprise. Today, Mars clashes with Neptune, however, pointing to a possible bursting of your bubble that’s thankfully only temporary. In fact, it might end up increasing your ambition and motivation levels. It would make sense to visualize where you want to head before making your next move. For some, relationship excitement can be overstimulating for some of you, and you’re now in a position to question your feelings or energy for the drama. Family, domestic pursuits, or people in your life may be sapping you of energy, and it makes sense to catch your breath now. Helping anchor you today is a Mercury-Saturn influence that suggests applying yourself to constructive activities or hobbies can help you get your priorities straight. Confusing elements of your life may seem to fall away as you focus on working towards doable goals.


Capricorn Horoscope

We’re building towards a fabulous Mars-Jupiter aspect that can serve to invigorate a work project or health pursuit for you, dear Capricorn. You can be excited about putting an ambitious plan into motion. However, you may need to get over a motivation hump today with Mars in your sector of work and health clashing with Neptune. Your goals may seem harder to reach or unclear under this influence, but it’s temporary. This effect may be the result of overdoing things or pushing yourself too hard, and taking some time to reorient yourself makes a lot of sense. Loosen up your schedule a little to make room for creative envisioning before making your next move. A Mercury-Saturn aspect also in effect today can help ground you as well. You’re in a great position to talk or think things through with or about family now, and focusing on what you can do to improve your personal life can be soothing and empowering.



Mars and Jupiter are moving towards an enterprising aspect, exact tomorrow, dear Aquarius, and you’re likely to feel some building excitement surrounding upcoming opportunities. Today, however, you may be in need of some spiritual or emotional replenishment, and while you want to push forward with your endeavors, you should make some time for rest or reflection before doing so. Watch for desires and whims that distract you from your goals, though, as these may be a form of procrastination. Worries about business or money may also leave you feeling a little concerned about how you’ll finance your new pursuits. Helping you out today is a Mercury-Saturn influence that promises a feeling of groundedness through conversations with relatives or acquaintances, friends, or even yourself, through journaling. Aim to organize your thoughts and your priorities so that you can get yourself into a healthy frame of mind.



Mars and Jupiter are moving closer to a harmonious trine aspect, dear Pisces, and you can be gearing up for an exciting new project, or you could be feeling especially strong on an emotional level. However, energy levels can dip a little in the first half of today with Mars in challenging aspect with your ruler, Neptune. You might crave some guidance, a sign, or a feeling of direction, but it can be difficult to find. However, this may get you closer to your own inner guide and intuition, which can ultimately empower you. Slow down a little if you need to, but don’t hide away. Watch for procrastination in its many distracting forms. Helping you to ferret out opportunities and to get to a clearer frame of mind is a Mercury-Saturn connection today. With this influence in effect, focusing on a practical project can do wonders for your mood and may very well pull you out of a funk. Conversations with others can be constructive, and you may learn a trick or two that helps you advance your goals.