Overview of Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for May 11


Overview of Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for May 11


Mars forms a square with Neptune and, later, a trine to Jupiter. We should watch for difficulties with boundaries, rules, and limits, and for attempts to take the easy way out. The Mars-Jupiter trine is excellent for timing and confidence, but the Mars-Neptune square can lead to impractical plans. Desires can be unusual or misleading. From disappointment, we can feel the inspiration to make improvements, and Mars-Jupiter can help pull us out of a rut and re-energize and motivate us later today. The day favors taking action to better our lives. Helping us with the practical side of things is a Mercury-Saturn trine that supports detail work, realistic thinking, and step-by-step approaches to learning and communicating. The Moon is in passionate Scorpio until 1:01 PM, after which it transits Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, reinforcing a need for meaning, truth, and adventure.


The Moon is void until it enters Sagittarius at 1:01 PM EDT.