Good Morning to all our Dear Family & Friends! May the Goddess Bless You & Yours On this Beautiful Thursday Morn’!

Do you believe in magic?


I am your’s
and you are mine,
together we’ll stand
far longer than the end of time

Inseparable by death, by power or pain,
We two, together ever shall remain.
Untouchable by and possible form of harm,
this love will effortlessly keep our souls warm

Just like the Lady and her Lord,
We’re tied together with an Astral Cord
And like them our souls move as one
from now till long after time is done.

Such power I have never known,
not when I was young,
not now that I am grown.

All wants, all needs
are satisfied,
by this love
no one else can provide.

For us awaits no true death,
no pain, and definately no sorrow.
For in eternity there is only now,
no yesterday or tomorrow.

Onto each other we will hold.
All our secrets shall be told.
And love shall grow, immense and enfold
Our two passionate hearts, our unstoppable souls.

Gods we will be! Gods of love,
The great StarDragon, and the graceful MoonDove.
As hot, as powerful as our passion, the Dragon shall be.
The Dove, smooth, elegant, and eternally sweet.

Separate parts intertwined,
together whole.
Unbeatable love,
Unconquerable Souls.

-Cyclonis StarDragon