Today on May 3rd, We Celebrate……

Today on May 3rd, We Celebrate……

Hakata Dontaku (Japan)


Themes: Sun, tradition, unity, blessings, community, kinship
Symbols: Mirror, gold or yellow items

About Amaterasu: Amaterasu is unique among goddesses, being one of the few women to personify the sun. In Japan she rules over cultural unity, kinship, and the blessings that someone with the name “Illuminating Heave” might be expected to bestow. It is Amaterasu’s sun that nudges the greenery to reach toward her light, just as her gentle enery prods us toward reestablishing harmony in all our relationships.

To Do Today: The first week of May in Japan is called Golden Week, and it’s a time when Amatersasu’s solar geauty really shines. The Hakata festival is a national holiday that includes celebrations for children and a special parade depicting Japan’s legendary deities. Take a moment to join te festivities long-distance. Remember Amaterasu by wearing gold-colored items today and opening as many curtains as possible to let in her glorious light.

Once the curtains are opened, take a hand mirror and reflect the light into every corner of your home. This draws Amaterasu’s unifying energy into your living space and guards against discord among all who dwell therein. Also, to ensure that no malevolence enters from outside the home, put a mirror facing outward in an eastern window. This is a Buddist custom for turning away negativity and evil influences.

365 Goddess, A Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Goddess
Patricia Telesco




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