May 2017 Energy Report

May 2017 Energy Report

April’s many retrogrades brought us back to the past so we could move forward into the future. If you saw repeats of the past it was so you could get closure and be done in your mind and heart. In May we have good news and not so good news, as the energy aspects will be strong. But it’s how we choose to experience them that will make the difference for us. May’s key word is ‘surrender’ and that does not mean to give up, it means to stop resisting changes. We get a welcome change as the moon’s nodes change signs to Leo/Aquarius which will be less energetically taxing than when they were in Virgo/Pisces.  If you’re ready for change, surrender is the way to go so allow the transitions and transformation and be prepared to allow and receive. We’re moving fast now and we’ll move even faster once we take our foot off of the brake and get into high gear.

If surrender is a hard concept for you, I am offering a Surrender Course that teaches how to stop resisting and start receiving, based on Archangel Uriel’s messages about how to surrender to love, peace, joy, freedom, and timing, as well as two messages that teach on how to speak your truth and to ask for guidance as a creator.   Over 10 hours of audios, worksheets, and videos to help you understand and integrate these important concepts. You can find out more and sign up at this link. And from now until May 8, 2017 you can get it at a special price for this month since it is such an important issue.

The biggest news for May is the movement of the moon’s Nodes from Virgo/Pisces, where they have been since November 2015, to the Leo/Aquarius axis. Since we were also in the spiritual awakening Jupiter in Virgo cycle at that time, we had a double dose of spiritual lessons and learning, most notably with the choice between the Martyred Healer paradigm and the Empowered Master paradigm. And with Chiron also in Pisces, sometimes that learning was truly hard. If Virgo/Pisces represents the choice between 3D and 5D, Leo/Aquarius helps us create the balance between energetic self-sovereignty (as opposed to control by rulers and sovereigns) and community and social connection and empowerment. We can each be powerful in our own lives while also connecting with all of humanity in a powerful and self and whole empowering way. No one needs to have control over others, that is so 3D and it is so over.

The nodes move in 19 year cycles, so the previous Leo/Aquarius cycle was from September 1998 to April 2000. That was an important period for us as we entered a new millennium and at that time we were barely scratching the surface of our ascension cycle. Look how far we have come since then. How much of a Martyred Healer were you in 1998 and how much more of an Empowered Master are you now? How different is your life today, not in terms of being better or worse but in terms of how much more understanding, awareness, and empowerment you have today than you did 19 years ago? Moving into new paradigms of awareness, understanding, and empowerment come with a price that can be heavy at times, when we must let go of what no longer fits into the new reality. That process of letting go is surrender, acknowledging that we must release what represents resistance to our transformation.

Leo/Aquarius carries the energy of the Sun and Uranus, where the ruler (Leo) meets the revolutionary (Aquarius).  Do you think this will impact the current world political, social, and financial situation that pits the ‘elites’ against the masses? I rather think so. Aquarius is also the sign of the community, a direction we have seen humanity move into as they reject the celebrity cult and desire more social support, connection, and interaction. We’ll have this aspect until early November 2018 and it will probably be part of the many changes we will see in the next 18 months.

Also, the north Node sign change begins at 29 Leo which is also the degree of the August 21 big eclipse so that energy is already being set in place. All of you born from the mid 1950s to early 1960 are impacted by this eclipse as it exactly conjuncts your natal Pluto, which is a generational planet as it moves so slowly.

We have two more big astro events that will be ‘rubber meets the road’ moments energetically and create the energy gaps to shift a lot of energy out and create space for new energy. The first is the Mars/Saturn opposition at the end of the month. These are harsh energies when they come in contact like this but it is also a watershed moment where we may get the final piece of a rather complicated puzzle and know exactly where we stand. This is a very clear choice of stay or go, there is no gray area here.

At the same time Mars is squaring Chiron (while Chiron and Saturn are still in square aspect and will be for most of this year) and for that I see the impatient side of us that is ready to move on having an argument with the part of us that wants to see if  ‘one more time’ gets the results we have wanted. This is part of our surrender too, allowing situations to end by recognizing that they have come to the ‘end of their energy road’. Sometimes these endings feel like a failure because we have given so much and worked so hard to create that outcome. We did not fail and cannot fail when an outcome depends on what someone else is going to choose.

Then we have lots of forward moving, disruptive Aries energy all month with a strongly aspected Uranus, the planet of genius, revolution, new ideas, and bold transformation, and Eris, the planet of discord. Mercury and Venus both went direct on the Uranus/Eris degree of 25 Aries so we have the energy to accomplish our deepest desires this month.  How we do that is up to us but the energy is there to support and sustain us. We’re driving this car, it’s important to remember that when things go a little sideways, as they can when there is this much energy moving around.

And we still have strong aspects with transformational Pluto and disciplinarian Saturn in the mix, which are there to remind us that the past is gone and we need to face forward. While we may regret what did not work out the way we wanted, there is always a new dawn, a new day, new potentials, and a fresh start.

How will that play out in your life? It depends on how far you are willing to allow transformation. If you are willing to go all out, then expect big results. If not, your results will reflect how far out of your comfort zone you are willing to go. But don’t worry, this show is not over yet and you can grab the opportunity on the next replay.

On a societal scale, we are seeing the results of the gaps between awareness and understanding create a lot of rifts between people. While new truths are out there for all to see, how much ‘new truth’ someone can accept depends on their level of understanding. The idea of our unlimited potential, being masterful creators, multi-dimensionality, and intergalactic connections is just too much for some people who just want to go home, put their feet up and watch the next episode of Wheel of Fortune with the ageless Pat Sajak and Vanna white.

Globally this month has much promise, depending on which side of the light you are on. Those who have been planning and orchestrating humanity’s destruction for centuries are failing quickly which will cause them to redouble their efforts as they become more desperate. The bright light here is so many people are waking up and are ready to see and integrate new truths about everything. The dis-integrating 3D paradigms are now so opened up that very little of the ‘old’ realities are relevant today. And that is a good thing.

There has been too much suffering, pain, trauma, limitation, and domination and control in the world. The agendas of war, murder, theft, and manipulation are something we no longer want. But for us to integrate the 5D energy into 3D we need to be self-aware, self-determined, and self-empowered and that’s what the energy of May is all about. So surrender to the transformation, let your bygones go on by, set your course for the peace, joy, love, and prosperity you want for yourself and extend that for all of humanity. And let’s see what we kind of new world we can create together. Have a wonderful month.