Get A Jump on Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, May 4th

Get A Jump on Tomorrow…..

Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, May 4th



Aries Horoscope

The Moon moves into your work and health sector this morning, dear Aries, and you can be geared up to get things done. However, you don’t have all the information you need, or you’re waiting for something that never seems to come. Try not to put too much of your energies into tasks that just aren’t ready to move forward or to wait impatiently when your energies can be better used elsewhere. With communications and transportation, be patient as well. Disagreements can be irritating. Taking on too many things at once can lead to unnecessary complications, so aim to keep it simple today.


Taurus HoroscopeCrossed wires can easily occur again today, dear Taurus, although if you can tame impatience, you have the rare opportunity to see behind you and ahead of you to consider what’s your next step. Try not to take it to heart if someone says something that seems a little off. Tensions can rise, particularly if you are pulled in different directions or if you want to do a lot more than is possible now. Keep things simple rather than take on more than you can comfortably handle. Don’t feel pressured to make a decision or draw a conclusion now. Pushing these things is unlikely to work to your advantage and can cause undue stress.



With Mercury only just pulling out of a direct station, dear Gemini, you have time to sort things out if you’ll allow things to unfold slowly. However, Mars challenges sluggish Mercury now, and this can produce unnecessary pressure or stress to move forward prematurely. Try not to succumb to this. As well, avoid snap judgments and decisions or hasty communications, particularly with friends and networks. You may be juggling too much, likely personal interests and the needs or demands of a friend, and tension can result if you can’t seem to focus on either one or the other.



Rising tensions tend to come from dividing your attention between two very different drives, dear Cancer. Topics vying for your attention are likely to be personal or private matters, and professional/work-related. Watch for being impatient and short with others if you are juggling a lot. Things may not be moving ahead as quickly as you’d like. Tread lightly when it comes to interactions with others and communications, particularly on professional and public levels. Avoid speaking too fast on a matter. Creative explorations fare well today, however. The Moon’s move into your communications sector this morning keeps you on your toes and connections with friends or a partner can be particularly satisfying.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

Emotions tend to settle down, or you’re not treating emotional needs as urgent today, dear Leo, with the Moon’s move out of your sign this morning. However, watch for impulsive communications and movements, whether you’re walking, driving, talking, or texting with Mars and Mercury in minor challenging aspect today. Mercury has just turned direct but is only slowly moving away from a standstill, yet you’re anxious to get somewhere or to make something happen. Tame impatience and avoid communicating too quickly, prematurely, or cuttingly today and tomorrow for best results. This is not the time to push yourself.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

The Moon moves into your sign this morning, dear Virgo, and this begins a new lunar cycle of emotional focus. Although on some levels you may feel as if you’re starting fresh, your ruler, Mercury, is just pulling out of a direct station and is connecting in a minor challenging aspect with Mars. This can point to misjudgments as you feel pressure for something to move forward when it’s too early to do so. Watch what you communicate today, particularly regarding how quickly you share an observation or make a criticism. Impatience can lead to irritating and unnecessary conflicts. Aim to accept that you’re not quite ready to push ahead and that problems are unraveling on their own time.



You can feel particularly impatient with conversation today if you want to get moving and doing rather than simply talking about it, dear Libra. However, it’s not yet the time to feel fully on the same page with a significant other. There can be much talk about nothing you actually care to hear about now. If you’re not feeling tense, then you may be attracting people who are grumpy or impatient. The sooner you tune out the nonessential and accept that you may need to wait a little longer for things to get back on track, the better you make use of the day’s energies which are quite excellent for injecting some extra excitement into your routines or work.


Scorpio Horoscope

While the day is good for expressing your enthusiasm or affections for someone through your actions, gestures, and body language, dear Scorpio, communications over the phone or otherwise not face to face can be misunderstood. There can be anxiousness to get something going, mainly related to work or health endeavors, but pushing forward may not be wise now. Work and tasks can feel rushed yet you don’t have all the information you need to make the big decisions, so aim to pace yourself now. If you center yourself, you can tune into opportunities to connect with a person or project with passion.


Sagittarius Horoscope

While you may have an easy time expressing your affection or interest in someone through your body language and gestures today, dear Sagittarius, there can be some curtness or impatience in our speech that can put a damper on things, most prevalent when communicating with someone from a distance rather than face to face. Restlessness or impatience can disrupt a perfectly good thing today, and it’s important to avoid trying to push for a decision or answer before it’s possible to do so mindfully. The Moon moves to the top of your solar chart this morning, prompting you to review recent performance or goals. However, nervous tension can interfere with your perceptions, so aim to take it easy instead of drawing quick conclusions.


Capricorn Horoscope

There is good energy for work, dear Capricorn, particularly creatively speaking. However, there can be miscommunications between your actions and thoughts. Doing more than one thing at once can be particularly stressful today since there can be half-heartedness involved with most things. Spreading yourself too thin with your work or health efforts can be less than satisfying. Mercury has turned direct but is still apparently moving slowly as it pulls out of its station, and plans are not rolling forward yet, so have patience for best results now.



Mercury has just turned direct and is slowly moving out of its station in your communications sector, dear Aquarius. This can be a good time for taking a pause and considering your next move. With Mercury’s clash with Mars today, however, you can feel pressured to make a decision or put an idea into motion. Consider that you’re not quite ready to do so. There can be some curtness or apparent insensitivity in communications now if we are impatient in these ways. Try not to divide your attention or attempt to take on too many different topics and interests, as it can quickly lead to unwanted stress and tension.



Try not to succumb to pressures to make a quick decision or to push a plan forward today, dear Pisces. Mercury has only just left its retrograde period but it will be a while before it resumes regular speed, so it’s best to ease yourself into Mercury-related activities, including new ideas and decisions or plans. Try also to avoid dividing your attention so much that you end up stressing yourself out. Keep things simple now. The Moon’s move into your partnership sector this morning can prompt you to seek out companionship for much of what you do. Alternatively, this can be a time for seeing your life through others’ eyes in important ways.


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