Well I Almost Made it…..

I thought I would actually have a faster internet connection, HA! But at least I got the horoscopes posted, that’s something, lol! If you remember I told you about Mystie’s house catching on fire and burning to the ground. It was a house she was renting, so she had no insurance on anything in it and she lost everything. Then her son suffered a burn on his arm and a bad burn on his foot. He ran out of the house barefooted. I promised Mystie I would take them to the doctor this afternoon for his appointment. We did take her son to the hospital and they turned around and made us the appointment with the doctor. This is absolutely killing me, I feel so sorry for her.


But you can’t cry over spilled milk. I am hoping and praying things will get straightened out for them. Then things can get back to normal here. For now, I am off to the doctor. I know Mystie and her son would appreciate anything you could offer whether it be a donation, a prayer or a blessing, they desperately need it.


See y’all tomorrow,

Till then,


Lady A



Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, January 25th

Get A Jump On Tomorrow…..

Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, January 25th



Aries Horoscope

While partnering up and relationships, in general, can be a high draw today, dear Aries, another part of you is very much in need of quiet time. Retreating into your shell is not an option, not until tonight at least, so the answer may be quiet activities with someone special. The tendency today is to feel a little restless, and this can prompt you to take some unreasonable risks in an effort to make your life more exciting. If you focus on making improvements rather than grand gestures or big moves, you’ll more thoroughly enjoy your day and your relationships. The Moon is Balsamic, which means you should take things easy and wind down. Mercury begins its transit of your privacy sector today, starting a more reflective, thoughtful, and meditative time for you (until March 13th). It’s a good time for putting finishing touches on projects. You can be less communicative at present and more inclined to think things through than jump to new decisions. There is stronger attention to the past, private matters, and hidden elements of your life during this cycle.


Taurus Horoscope

You have a greater interest in your daily routines and work these days, dear Taurus. While this is rewarding, today you may be overdoing your attention to the smaller tasks at the expense of the big picture and your needs to enjoy yourself elsewhere. Sometimes you need to relax and let go, which can be difficult to do today. Try not to pack everything into one day and instead look for better ways to balance your life going forward. A Solar Eclipse occurring tomorrow is likely to redirect your focus, so today, try not to take on too much. Mercury begins its transit of your social sector today, where it will transit until March 13th. It’s a good time for getting your ideas across well and for gaining the cooperation of others. You are dreaming up particularly innovative ideas for pursuing your dreams. This is a sociable period for you!



A symptom of discontent can be a desire to do something in a big way today, dear Gemini. However, it’s best to avoid overdoing and overstating, particularly in a romantic relationship and in your professional dealings. This is not a day for good timing, in general, as we’re inclined to overshoot and bank on impractical ventures. The trick now is to think in terms of improvement rather than expansion. A Solar Eclipse will occur tomorrow, redirecting your focus in key ways, so today, take things easy. In other news, Mercury enters your career and reputation sector today, where it will transit until March 13th. In the coming two-plus weeks, your words have a greater impact than usual. Others are taking particular note of what you say now. This can be a time for multitasking regarding career and business matters.



Revision may be necessary today, dear Cancer. Alternatively, something may be pushed upon you seemingly from out of the blue that needs doing quickly. Keep your wits about you. Find ways to improve your home life, while also reaching out to others or varying your routine to keep things fresh. Mercury moves into a position of harmony with your sign today, which gives you a nice communications boost until March 13th. It’s a fine cycle for considering new perspectives. You might be tired of old rules, routines, and information. This prompts you to find new ways to refresh your thinking. There is more positivity in your outlook, and a stronger desire to share your ideas. You have a stronger focus on broad visions and goals. It can be difficult to pay attention to practical details during this period, but do put in the extra effort now and again! The Moon is Balsamic today, and this means it’s better to wind down than wind up.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

There is a real tendency to overdo things today if you’re feeling some discontent, dear Leo. However, it’s better to relax and reflect with a New Moon set to happen tomorrow morning that’s sure to redirect your interests. Try not to overstate and overact now for best results, even if Jupiter in your third house can sometimes stimulate exaggeration or procrastination. Promising too much can be a band-aid fix that makes life a little easier in the present but unnecessarily complicated later. Mercury moves into your solar eighth house today, where it will transit until March 13th. This may not be the most communicative periods of Mercury’s cycle, but it’s a fantastic time for exploring your interests further and more deeply. This trend favors planning ahead, strategy, research, powers of observation, and intimate conversations.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

Your appetite for pleasure and comfort is stronger than usual with Jupiter in your second house, dear Virgo. However, as Jupiter clashes with the Sun today, this desire may interfere with other plans and goals. You may be drawn to things that are beyond your means. A partner may be dramatic, take issue with your desire to stay rooted, or could exaggerate an issue today. The Sun recently entered your partnership sector, magnifying your wish to harmonize with others, and today, Mercury moves into that same house of your solar chart, where it will stay until March 13th. This is a time when you magnetize others who stimulate your thought processes or add value to your life on a mental level. Intellectual companionship is emphasized. You have a strong desire to cooperate and communicate with others now. Your thoughts become clearer through dialogue with others.



There is a general tendency to go overboard today, dear Libra, with the Sun in challenging aspect to Jupiter. Since Jupiter is in your sign, this may be particularly pronounced for you. Whether your feelings are light or heavy, they’re magnified now! Overdoing things should be avoided. As much as you’d like to take it easy, you are also required to perform and get work done, and this is a personal need in addition to a responsibility. Finding a balance may not come easily, but is the key to happiness today. Mercury’s move into your health and habits sector today is favorable for analysis, organization, developing skills, and observing. You are more inclined to work hard, take care of important details, and solve problems during this cycle that is active until March 13th. Menial tasks may become more prominent.


Scorpio Horoscope

You can have a strong desire to pull yourself out of demanding situations today, dear Scorpio, but an equally strong pull towards taking a personal risk or two. Avoid overdoing now. With Sun and Jupiter in disagreement, one part of you is procrastinating and avoiding, and the other part wants to share yourself with others. There can be a real feeling of restlessness stimulated as a result, as the ordinary doesn’t seem to appeal. However, even if it’s not easy to see right now, there is a way to find a balance without having to overdo one thing or the other. Mercury moves into your romance and creativity sector today, where the Sun is already transiting. Until March 13th, Mercury enhances your ability to express yourself. You are more willing to put yourself out there when it comes to self-expression, socializing, and learning. Confidence increases. You attract others through your conversations or ideas.


Sagittarius Horoscope

A healthy part of you wants to socialize or spend time with like-minded people now, dear Sagittarius, with Jupiter in your social sector, but the Sun in your home sector points to a simultaneous need to cocoon (or family and home life beg your attention now). There is some tendency for going overboard one way or the other, perhaps to compensate. Promises may not be fulfilled, so keep this in mind and avoid overextending yourself. A Solar Eclipse will occur tomorrow, and your interests may change as a result. Mercury moves into your home and family sector today, and until March 13th, you might often think and talk about your personal past, family, and domestic concerns. The tendency to focus on inconveniences or unimportant details is a potential challenge. The coming two weeks can be a busy time in and around the home as well as with family.


Capricorn HoroscopeTwo enjoyable areas of life seem to be competing today, dear Capricorn. You want to expand your horizons in your career or public life, set goals, and set your sights higher than usual, but personal interests also call. Watch for the tendency to overdo or act out due to restlessness today. A Solar Eclipse will occur tomorrow, leaving today a critical time for self-reflection rather than innovation. Don’t take on anything new right now. Mercury moves into your communications sector today, stirring the pot a little. Through its transit until March 13th, you’ll find much to keep you mentally alert and busy. You are likely to do more reading, studying, writing, and speaking, and are eager to share your ideas with others. You are likely to spend more time on the phone, writing emails, making frequent short trips, chatting, and running errands in the weeks ahead.



With the Sun clashing with Jupiter and Uranus today, dear Aquarius, it can be a little too easy to push a good thing and go too far. Overindulgence is a possibility now if you’re not in touch with what’s making you feel discontent. The desire to expand your horizons can compete with a need to stick with familiar things and people. Thinking in big terms is a good thing now, but actions should be moderate for best results, especially today as we complete a cycle before tomorrow’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Mercury leaves your sign today and enters your values sector where it will transit until March 13th. This can be a resourceful time when your thinking is particularly practical and sensible. You are more interested in seeing real, tangible results from your efforts than simply talking about your plans. This can be an active period for gathering new business ideas.


PiscesThere can be a minor inner conflict experienced today, dear Pisces, as there is a strong pull to be especially present in the world around you, but an equal tug at your need to observe rather than act and to retreat within yourself. Be careful not to promise more than you can deliver because even though you mean well, you can fall short of your promises. Reflection is important now on this day before a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your sign. The focus should be on letting go and winding down rather than revving up, as you’ll have plenty of opportunities to self-start in the coming weeks. Mercury enters your sign today and will stay in Pisces until March 13th. This is one of your more communicative phases of the year. It’s a time when you are making more executive decisions and communicating with more impact. You might prefer to take the lead when it comes to mental or intellectual tasks.




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If You Were Born Today, February 24


If You Were Born Today, February 24

Charming, quirky, and outgoing, it might surprise some that you require a lot of time to yourself to recharge and refresh yourself just to get back on track. You are an interesting conversationalist, including as many people as possible in the conversation, and you are extremely versatile as well. You bend over backward to help those you care about. Your compassionate side is well-developed, but so is your business sense. You have a good head for business, although it may take you some time to choose the right career path for you. Famous people born today: Eddie Murray, Abe Vigoda, Steven Jobs, Paula Zahn.

Your Birthday Year Forecast:

You are likely to be popular with others when it comes to your ideas and communications, especially as you are communicating with optimism and cheerfulness, and this can bring rewarding experiences and opportunities into your life.

Mercury harmonizing with Saturn certainly helps to ground your thinking and to turn your thoughts to practical considerations. Advances in intellectual and mental pursuits are likely, as you make steady progress that has long-lasting results. It’s a good year in which to get organized, to do detail work, and to prepare for the future. Work done during this period in your life will have tangible results in the future. Relationships with younger people in your life are solidified.

This is a year in which you put your life in order in some significant manner. Improved concentration, a more realistic outlook, and a practical awareness of the limits of time all help you to make steady progress, particularly in your career. Your concern for your future this year is stronger than usual, and you may find that projects you start, or investments you make, this year will benefit you for years to come.

You have strong predilections for assertive and fiery actions this year. Bursts of creativity and energy help you to further your goals. Energy and motivation levels are variable, so take advantage of the periods when you feel inspired. People can’t easily push you into doing much of anything right now, as you seem to need to feel inspired from within. You are breaking free from habits that have previously held you back from going after what you want in life. This can be a year when bursts of restlessness, rebellion, and impatience figure prominently. You assert your will and individuality powerfully, and you are quick to fight for freedom. You may resist others and challenge them if they are trying to hold you back. Ideally, confrontations engaged in this year clear the air and help you to move forward.

The Sun conjuncts the South Node in your Solar Return chart, indicating that you are likely to be dealing with karma in your personal relationships. You may be feeling hesitant about pursuing your goals or “taking” what you want from life. Relationships always mirror our own inner conflicts, but this year, you are bound to find particular meaning in your relationship dynamics in terms of your own life path.

You seek out nourishment from others, and you naturally nurture and support them in return. Needs and cravings seem to be in harmony, or at least not in conflict, with those of your loved ones. You feel more purposeful through your efforts to help and support.

You are taking particular pride in your relationships. It’s a good time to strengthen and support others and to build trust. You instinctively know how to behave in ways that boost others’ confidence, while maintaining your own. This can be a pleasantly ambitious period.

This is a powerful year for learning, sharing ideas, and connecting with others. You enjoy making long-term plans and learning about a variety of subjects. Studies, publishing, and travel are favored. You’re able to bring both enthusiasm and practicality to your projects. You are able to innovate, but you could have some trouble with follow-through. When you are motivated, you can accomplish great things, bringing new life to old goals. Watch for impatience and nursing resentment. Find healthy channels for releasing pent-up energy.


2017 is a Number Nine year for you. Ruled by Mars. This is a year of completion and transition. It is a time when we need to let go of things that no longer serve their purpose, and hold on to things that have a future. It is a time of cleaning out dead wood, not necessarily for new beginnings. It can be a time when a burden has been taken off your shoulders, and it can be a year of giving of yourself. Advice – let go of things that are holding you back, give of yourself and express your sympathetic, compassionate side.

2018 will be a Number One year for you. Ruled by the Sun. This is a year of action. The seeds you plant now, you will reap later. Others might find you less sociable, as you are busier than ever and you focus on your activities and your needs. Still, you are outgoing and your initiative is stronger than ever. Advice – Stand alone, take action, start fresh, express independence.


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Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, February 24th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, February 24th



Aries Horoscope

This is another day in which it can be difficult to focus, dear Aries, but you can certainly get some things done. It can be difficult to stay centered or calm with Uranus in your sign in difficult aspect to the Sun. Resist the urge to rebel or to snap at others if you feel that your plans are not coming together as quickly and efficiently as you’d hoped. Honor your need for a change of scene, then return to the task at hand. You can be excited about personal plans, but also totally into home-related endeavors, but it can be hard to fit everything in. We’re two days before a solar eclipse, so it’s wise to find ways to wind down, however.


Taurus Horoscope

The desire to pour energy into your private life is strong, dear Taurus, but so is your commitment to personal interests and studies. Today, you may recognize the need to find a balance as you can end up doing neither very well. Unsettled issues from the past may surface unexpectedly or indirectly, which can lead to vague feelings of unrest. Aim to be self-honest and don’t allow these tensions undermine your day or control your behavior. Holding onto problems and secrets can negatively affect your health and well-being, and you’re learning to bring these into the light. Letting go is particularly helpful today and tomorrow in the days before a New Moon Solar Eclipse.



You have a lot of energy for your social life and new projects and innovations these days, dear Gemini, but this can conflict with your practical affairs. If so, this is a day when you feel the tension rise high! Finding a balance is necessary so that you maintain some peace of mind. There can be impulsiveness or impatience experienced with the Sun and Uranus in conflict. Avoid acting on ego or emotion and making rash decisions, but recognize your need to make changes. People can be unreliable or rebellious. As difficult as it may be, with a New Moon approaching in only two days, it’s best to find ways to wind down instead of wind up.



You have warm and empowering energy in your social sectors today, dear Cancer, and a conversation about long-term goals and interests can strengthen a bond or connect you with someone special. However, you may be taking on a whole lot and dividing yourself to the point of distraction now, and it’s a good idea to find ways to center yourself. An air of discontent is likely now, but expressing not only tolerance for others’ input but appreciation too, helps you to rise above the more difficult energies of the day. There can be tense energies when it comes to business, career, or reputation matters with Uranus in your solar tenth house in challenging aspect to the Sun. Solutions may not be apparent right now, however. Interests and direction are likely to change rather drastically after the New Moon Solar Eclipse in two days. Look for ways to unburden and unload rather than take on new ventures now.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

You have strengthening influences in your work sectors today, dear Leo, making it a good time to handle practical affairs. There is some tension likely, however, with your ruler, the Sun, and Uranus in challenging aspect keeping life feeling a little unpredictable. There can be tensions in close relationships, particularly related to opinions and beliefs. There is a tendency to want more without knowing what that “more” is, or to look outside of ourselves for happiness. A little self-honesty can go a long way today. It’s also important to wind down a little as we approach a New Moon/Solar Eclipse that will occur on Sunday. It’s better to unload rather than take on something new.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

These are rather tense days, dear Virgo, but also a time for exciting new ideas and visions. Today, you don’t want barriers and boundaries to limit you in your relationships, but not everyone is likely to be on board with your current needs for growth and change. Aspects of yourself that are interfering with your progress may come to light now through your interactions, and this may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but if you aim to learn from these experiences, you’re in a great position. Accept surprises rather than let them discourage you because, in the process, you may very well learn something entirely new and precious. Do what you can to downsize and let go rather than rev up, as a New Moon/Solar Eclipse will occur in just two days taking you in a new direction.



This can be a day of divided interests, dear Libra, but while it can be a challenge to find a state of peacefulness with this atmosphere, it’s not impossible, particularly for a peacemaking Libra such as yourself! As well, it’s a good idea to wind down as we are only two days from a New Moon/Solar Eclipse. This is a time for making your load lighter, not for taking on new projects. A Sun-Uranus influence points to some boredom with ordinary or routine matters, yet a desire to take care of these things. You’ll need to get creative to fill your need for excitement as you take on mundane affairs. Take the initiative to change the scene. If you don’t recognize your inner need for change, it can come from the outside. There can be some craving for something more from life, but if it isn’t defined or if it’s poorly assigned, then you may end up in a frump. It’s time to do something different or to change your methods.


Scorpio Horoscope

You have a lot of energy for self-improvement and work these days, dear Scorpio, but you’re also committed to your studies or personal interests, and it can be difficult finding the time to fit everything in. It’s not the best day for sticking strictly to a game plan or automatic patterns of relating and particular routines. A Sun-Uranus influence can shake things up, making it a challenge to do things step by step. However, changes made now are preferably small ones – simple adjustments that allow you room to breathe. Remaining flexible is important. A New Moon/Solar Eclipse will occur in two days, prompting a new direction. For now, think about finishing up projects rather than taking on new ones. However, it’s entirely appropriate to dream up plans for future ventures.


Sagittarius Horoscope

Part of you wants to keep things light and fun, dear Sagittarius, but another part is looking for something deeper. Today, it can be difficult to throw yourself into something wholeheartedly due to this division. As well, you have an appetite for something more than the routine and ordinary. An inner need for change may be difficult to recognize if you’re running on auto-pilot, but can still upset the status quo or attract unusual circumstances and interruptions into your life. Be wary of giving off mixed signals and aim for self-understanding. Recognize your need for a change of pace for best results now. Patience can be hard to muster up but will serve you very well. A New Moon/Solar Eclipse is on the horizon – in just two days, a new cycle begins, and a new direction is likely. Today and tomorrow are best for looking back, letting go, downsizing, and reflecting.


Capricorn HoroscopeYou may feel divided between equally compelling desires to attend to your home/family and your relationships, dear Capricorn. Something has to give, and balance should be sought now. Otherwise, you won’t feel satisfied with anything you do. There is some tension in the air today with a Sun-Uranus influence stirring the pot, but you’ll be better off winding down with two days before a New Moon/Solar Eclipse that will bring new energy and directions into your life. There is little need to get too worked up about frustrating issues that arise today as they have very little staying power. Try to change up your routines in small ways so that you satisfy a need for change.



This is not the time to begin brand new ventures or to take on more commitments, dear Aquarius. For one, a New Moon/Solar Eclipse will occur in just two days, bringing energy for new beginnings. For another, a Sun-Uranus influence encourages you to experiment with different approaches and ideas today. Negotiations are unlikely to be fruitful today as both parties may be worried about their freedom rather than focusing on coming together. There can also be a tendency to soothe feelings of discontent with material things and wants, making it necessary to be a little more aware of what you’re buying now. You’re in good shape with family and loved ones today, however. The Moon is in your sign all day, and you’re even more noticeable than usual.


PiscesThe Moon in your privacy sector all day encourages quiet times, dear Pisces, and this is important as you approach a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your sign, set to occur on Sunday. The more you get to know yourself and what you want, the better position you’re in for starting anew. Today’s energies make it a little difficult to relax, but not impossible. Aim to keep things moderate. Do your best to avoid nervous tension, which will distract you from making fair and meaningful assessments, particularly with money and business matters which can be iffy today. Resolve to be flexible and to allow for errors so that you make the best of the day. As well, even though you’re better off resting today and tomorrow, a change of scenery or pace can help refresh you.



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Weekend Love Horoscope Horoscope for February 24-26

Weekend Love Horoscope

Horoscope for February 24-26: Plot twist


With a Solar Eclipse in tender Pisces on Sunday, you might be convinced that you and your lover are about to embark on a spiritual and emotionally satisfying journey together. In some cases, this might, in fact, be true.

On Sunday, however, you may also realize that just when you thought you had it all figured out in matters of the heart, the rug is pulled out from underneath you. That’s because a jarring conjunction between Mars and Uranus may bring a shocking event that will slap you right out of your romantic fairy tale. Be ready for anything.

This Weekend’s Romantic Rating*

* Heart ratings are based on the lunar cycle. They range from low to full, with low indicating a rocky weekend for romance and full indicating plenty of passionate potential.



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Astrology of Today – Friday, February 24, 2017

Astrology of Today – Friday, February 24, 2017

  • The Moon is in Aquarius all day (until Saturday, February 25th, at 7:24 PM).
  • The Moon is waning and in its Waning Crescent phase.
  • The Last Quarter Moon occurred on the 18th, and a New Moon (Solar Eclipse) will occur on the 26th.
  • Venus is in its pre-retrograde shadow (Venus will be retrograde from March 4-April 15).

Prepare for New Moon

Prepare for New Moon

Themes involving beginnings and endings are center stage now as we prepare for the Feb 26 new moon with solar eclipse in Pisces. Most likely, you already have had your share of beginnings and endings in these initial weeks of 2017. You are about to get an opportunity to reconsider how you view and orchestrate beginnings and endings. This can have profound impact on your current situation and future prospects.

The Opportunity

Leading up to the new moon is an opening of energy that can catalyze ideas of new seeds you want to plant and new ways to be with yourself and others. In this article I’ll describe simple steps to take advantage of this energy opening.


Energies over the next several days are likely to bring to the surface things outside your awareness and off your radar in day-to-day life. The nature of this energy window is that old issues and unfinished business may come to light.

This may include old friends you hadn’t thought about for a long time, and old completed relationships that you thought were healed. Very likely, too, because of the planetary aspects, dysfunctional patterns of self-sabotage may get the spotlight and therefore your attention.

Not all surfacing will be an issue. Some may simply be like a flash of intuition you didn’t have before – perhaps about an important past life or other element that is key to your soul’s journey. Some insights may be so significant that when you apply them, the trajectory of your life shifts in a major way!

New Moon Tips

FIRST, since the focus of this new moon is your spiritual self evolving over time, factor this into beginnings and endings. Example: if a former romantic partner reappears (tangibly or within your own mind) and reminds you of unprocessed hostility, see this is a sign to dig deeper and heal the old wounds. That unfinished business is a block to your current and future relationships. Whatever is showing up needs to be laid to rest before you can succeed in a new relationship.

SECOND, with this new moon catalyzing hidden elements within the subconscious, intentionally welcome new insights that help you understand and heal deeply rooted problems. There is often an unconscious tendency to block new information that forces confrontation with shadow elements. Knowing this, consciously invite a deeper knowing and be open to how and where the insights might be revealed.

Example: after asking for a breakthrough and you are speaking with someone you trust, the information you need may come up in conversation in a way that you can process.

THIRD, prepare a list of intentions for energizing at the new moon. Avoid simply reusing intentions you made previously. Make them brand new for this cycle. Breathe life into your intentions by writing them down and reading them out loud. Your voice is a powerful force to magnetize outcomes!

In the days leading up to the new moon eclipse, factor in the additional intensity and erratic events. Highly-charged emotions and sensitivity are common. When the world is already tense and erratic, the eclipse energy amplifies this. Huge life shifts can happen during eclipse cycles – a momentum building over a number of days and then a breakthrough or a series of breakthroughs happening.

Choose now how you want to move through this energy opening. Invite the breakthrough that you most need to take your next big leaps. Trust that spirit is always right there by your side.

Current Moon Phase for February 24th is Waning Crescent

February 24
Waning Crescent
Illumination: 5%

The Moon today is in a Waning Crescent phase. In this phase the Moon’s illumination is growing smaller each day until the New Moon. During this phase the Moon is getting closer to the Sun as viewed from Earth and the night side of the Moon is facing the Earth with only a small edge of the Moon being illuminated. This phase is best viewed an hour or 2 before the sunrise and can be quite beautiful if you’re willing to get up early. It can also be a great time to see the features of the Moon’s surface. Along the edge where the illuminated portion meets the dark side, the craters and mountains cast long shadows making them easier to observe with a telescope or binoculars.

Phase Details for – Friday, February 24, 2017

Phase: Waning Crescent
Illumination: 5%
Moon Age: 27.37 days
Moon Angle: 0.51
Moon Distance: 391,035.42 km
Sun Angle: 0.54
Sun Distance: 148,083,850.29 km



Elementals that every witch should know

Merry met Elementals that every witch should know

Elementals are those mystical creatures that dwell within the spirit realm of the elements, watched over and controlled by the Lords of the Watchtowers (the Mighty Ones, Old Ones, or the Guardians). Elementals can be related to “nature spirits” and the old favorite, ever written about “witches’ familiar”. These are the spirits that govern all nature, the “forces of life” that may be summoned to assist in working magic. It’s important therefore that we understand “who they are” and “what they represent”. Earth spirits are known as Gnomes, Air spirits as Sylphs, Fire spirits as Salamanders, and Water spirits are called Undines.

After the circle is formed and consecrated with the elements, a witch may next call down the quarters by invoking the Lords of the Watchtowers (the Mighty Ones, Old Ones, the Guardians), to preside and watch over the proceedings. Specific elementals; those whose correspondences best suit the work or rite being carried out, may then be invited to participate. Their correspondences are closely related to those of the elements, so I shall not re-write them here (See Correspondences in Part 1). Care needs to be taken when calling the aid of elementals, due to the duplicity of all things. Elementals are not always the helpful little creature’s we expect them to be, and can be mischievous, bad tempered little devils if allowed to get out of control.

In folklore elementals were thought to be fickle, malicious and unpredictable spirits sent by the “wicked-witch” in the form of familiars to trick people into accidents and traps and sometimes killing them. This is the sort of belief that led to the plight of witches during the Witch-hunt’s and purges of the 17th–18th centuries. Still today in contemporary Witchcraft, witches use pets and animals as familiars, but stress and emphasizes is given to working with good and friendly elementals in producing positive magic. A colorful character from contemporary times that used a familiar was Sybil Leek. Her trademark was a cape, loose gown, and a pet jackdaw named “Mr. Hotfoot Jackson”.


Gnomes are the spiritual beings who inhabit the spirit realm of the elements. As spirits of energy they are commonly invisible to the average person, only those that possess second sight can see them clearly. However being on the first level of the spirit realm, they are close enough to the physical realm in order to easily inter-react with it. By tradition Gnomes were the protectors of secret treasures hidden in caves beneath the earth. Legends have it that they were reluctant to help and aid humans, but if you were to gain the trust of one, they could prove to be powerful friends. On the other hand, if you were to lose their trust, deceive them or misuse their aid, then all hell could be let lose.

In Wicca/Witchcraft Gnomes are called to instill confidence, steadfastness and endurance, but can also be used to bring about gloom, melancholy and despair should that be required. In some old legends Gnomes were ruled over by a king called Gob whose followers became known as Goblins. Goblins were wondering mischievous sprites that would attach themselves to households, particularly those containing children. When they moved in, they would help by doing the chores at night and by playing with and disciplining the children, giving them presents when they were good or punishing them when they were bad.

When upset the Goblins general good nature could became unpredictable. They would bang pots and pans in the kitchen at night just to keep the household awake, or move furniture about while knocking on walls and doors and snatching bedclothes off sleeping persons, generally becoming a nuisance. You’ve heard of poltergeist activity? Well this is a type of it. A Poltergeist is generally believed to be the spirit of a departed person or animal, who hasn’t for various reasons withdrawn from the physical realm. It can also be an elemental that has been called for a task and for some reason failed to complete it, hence the haunting. Witches are often called to exorcise haunting by contacting the spirit and persuading it to move on, or if that fails they can contact higher spirits or deities to banish them.

Gnomes and Goblins can be called to aid all magic associated with the element Earth as given in the correspondences above.


Sylphs are the spiritual beings that inhabit the spirit realm of the element Air. Their activities are manifest in the gatherings of clouds, in the blowing of the wind, the downpour of rain and the formation of snow. They are also responsible for the growth and maturity of all the plant life we see around us. In folklore, Sylphs appeared in many myths and legends. Some tales tell us that if you listened carefully, they would talk to you on the wind as it passed through caves and caverns.

Its been suggested that the Muses of Greek mythology were Sylphs who had assumed human form in order to guide humans on a spiritual path. They are associated with the activity of the mind and can influence and inspire human actions. It is generally though that they are attracted to poets and artists and instills them with visions of spiritual beauty. Sylphs are ruled by a King being known as Paralda, and in form they appear to humans as in the classic image of the fairies.

Sylphs can be called to aid in all magick associated with the element Air as shown in the correspondences above.


Salamanders are the spiritual beings that inhabit and control the element Fire, and it is through their activities that fire exists. There are many family branches of salamanders each differing in size, appearance and dignity, and in folklore they were ruled over by a magnificent flaming king being called Djin. Salamanders are the strongest and most powerful of all the elementals having the ability to extend or diminish their size as needed. They and others of their kind are mischievous spirits, who like children don’t fully understand the results of their actions, which can affect the thoughts and actions of people around them. As such, strong control is required when using their aid in ritual or magick.

Salamanders are thought to move about most freely at night and if you are ever lucky enough to see them, they would appear as small balls of light drifting across the air and water. Old-time sailors often saw them investigating the sails of their ships while sailing at sea, and the term “St. Elmo’s Fire” was coined to refer to such phenomenon. On land they are mostly perceived as small lizard-like flames about a foot or more in length.

When used in magick, Salamanders can have a profound effect upon human nature. Linked through the heat with which we maintain are bodily temperatures, they can influence our emotions and general temperament. When someone is called a hothead, or is referred to as hot-blooded, these are terms referring to their elemental nature.


Undines are the spiritual beings that inhabit the spirit realm of the element Water. They not only exist in the water itself, but also in substances of humidity and all other liquids. They appear to humans as beautiful water nymphs or the classic mermaids of myths and legends which tell of them being seen gracefully riding the waves of the ocean shimmering and shining with all the colors of the sea. They are also said to frequent marshlands, rocky pools, springs, streams and wells. They control the forces of nature in relation to plant and marine life as well as the tides and motions of water.

In some cultures undines inhabited waterfalls, while others live in rivers and lakes, every fountain had its nymph, and every ocean its oceanides (daughters of Oceanus the Titan ruler of the sea before Poseidon). In folklore the ruler of the undines is a being called Necksa whom they love, serve, and honor unceasingly. Undines are emotional beings, very friendly and open to being of service to humans, but care must be taken when working with undines for they can have a strong influence upon a person’s emotional well-being.

The smaller undines were often portrayed as tiny winged beings that people have mistakenly called fairies. Seen near flowers and plants that grow in watery areas, they had gossamer wings and shining clothing. Some undine’s closely resembled people in appearance and size, they lived in coral caves under the ocean or on the shores of lakes and banks of rivers. Undines work with the vital essences, the liquids of plants, animals, and human beings and are present in everything containing water.

Undines can be called to aid in all magick associated with the element Water as shown in the correspondences above.






Magickal Activities for February 24th, The Festival of Shiva

Chained witch...a woman's work is never doneMagickal Activities for February 24th, The Festival of Shiva

Holy Moon Water


Items needed: One glass bowl; silver paint; pure spring water; one round silver floating candle.

Use the silver paint to inscribe a full moon on the outside bottom of the bowl.

Place the bowl on a table so the light of the full moon will shine directly on it. Fill the bowl with the spring water. Float the silver candle on the water and light it as you say:

Blessed shall be this sacred fluid,
A gift from the river and sea.
Now made pure by your light,
To bring forth peace and harmony.

Leave the candle to burn out. Just before sunrise, remove the candle and pour the contents of the bowl into a bottle with a lid, and close tightly. Use the holy moon water in rituals or to bless candles for magickal works.


Celebrating Legends, Folklore & Spirituality 365 Days a Year for February 24 – Festival of Shiva

Chained witch...a woman's work is never doneFebruary 24

Festival of Shiva


Shiva, the moon God of the mountains, is honored annually on this date. Folklore and myth portray Shiva with the moon in his hair, through which flows the River Ganges. As it poured down from the heavens, Shiva protected the earth against the mighty Goddess Ganga, who could have flooded all of India. Shiva forced her to stream through his matted hair, thus slowing her force until the waters reached the earth. This is why there are so many small streams converging in the lower Himalayas to form one great divine river, the Ganges. It is still believed that her power is so strong that all people, the living as well as the dead, are purified by her holy waters.


During the festival of Shiva, worshipers gather in his temple to celebrate his celestial dance of creation. The sacred rites are followed by an oil lamp vigil known as the Shibaratri (Shiva’s night) that culminates with a great feast.


Let’s Talk Witch – Who is the Goddess?

In between the worldsWho is the Goddess?

For those of you who came to Wicca from Christianity or any of the other Abrahamic faiths, the Goddess may be hard to grasp. You may have felt an emptiness when you look at divinity a lack of the feminine. You may have felt her presence even though you may have been told she doesn’t exist. Making the Goddess nonexistent has been the goal of Christianity and other Abrahamic Faiths for centuries. It has been done for many reasons, but mostly to enforce a patriarchy.

Well with our culture’s renewed interest in futures of old, we have what was hidden from us, the Goddess. Humanity has not always shunned the Goddess. At one point in our history and several cultures, she was revered. Now we can begin to connect with the Goddess once again.

Now we will talk about the Goddess. The Goddess can be seen as a single being, or as a polytheistic way, as in many separate Goddess. Alternatively, You can see her as many faces but all of one being.

You can also see her as a thought form. Being energy created by the thoughts of many people over a long period of time, or as an archetype. The Goddess is typically associated with the moon, but other cultures, she can be associated with the sun.

What is the symbol is the sun and what does it mean? It is the symbol of the Triple Goddess. The Triple Goddess is either one Goddess made of three Goddesses or three separate Goddesses. The Triple Goddess concept has its roots in the Celtic and Greek pantheon. It also can be applied to other pantheons.

The first crescent on the left is the Maiden Goddess. She is youth, inspiration, new beginnings, growth, and optimism. Any Goddess with these attributes can be considered a Maiden Goddess.  Her color is white.

Some Maiden Goddesses examples are Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of love, music, and sex. Athena, Greek Goddess of war and wisdom. Diana, Roman Goddess of the Moon. Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Moon and hunt. Hestia, Greek Goddess of the hearth and home.

The middle moon is the Mother Goddess. The mother represents fertility, protectiveness, motherhood, home, and sexuality. Her color is red.

Some of the Mother Goddesses are Isis, Egyptian Goddess of Magick. Demeter, Greek Goddess of the harvest. Gaia, Greek Goddess and titan of the earth. Hera, Greek Goddess of marriage and childbirth. Frigg, Norse Goddess of marriage, physical love and children.

The third crescent moon is the Crone Goddess. She represents wisdom, endings, prophecy, sorrow and death. Her color is black. A few of the Crone Goddesses are Sekhmet, Egyptian Goddess of war and fire. Hel, Norse Goddess of death. Cerridwen, Celtic Goddess of wisdom.

This cycle of Maiden, Mother, Crone plays out not only in the lives of women, but every month in the waxing and waning of the moon, which is sacred to the Goddess.

Wicca: A Year and A Day in Magick The Complete Beginners Guide
Lady Nephthys



Your Magickal Applications for Friday

WICCANYour Magickal Applications for Friday


Friday is named after the Norse goddesses of love, Freya and Frigga. There seems to be some debate as to whom the day is actually named after, so I thought I would share a little information so you can decide for yourself.

In Latin, this day is known as Dies Veneris, “Venus’s day.” In Greek, it’s Hermera Aphrodites, which translates to the “day of Aphrodite.” In Old English, this day is called Frige- daeg, or “Freya’s day.” This day has the Germanic title of Frije-dagaz, which, once again, could be Freya’s day or Frigga’s day.

Both Freya and Frigga were Norse goddesses of love and were the Teutonic equivalent of the Greco-Roman Venus/Aphrodite. However, Freya was one of the Vanir—the gods of fertility who supervised the land and sea—and she was the leader of the Valkyries. Frigga, Odin’s wife, was the goddess of the heavens and of married love. She was one of the Aesir—the gods associated with battle, magick and the sky. Freya and Frigga could be looked upon as different aspects of the same goddess. They both were called on to assist in childbirth and then in naming of the new baby. Frigga represented the faithful wife and loving mother, while Freya, who really captured the hearts and imagination of the Norse people, was the passionate mistress and lover.

Fridays classically are days for love, fertility, romance, and beauty magick, as well as working for happiness, harmony in the home, and friendship. So let’s take a look at some of the mythology involved with this loving, voluptuous, passionate, and luxurious day of the week, and see where it leads us.


Book of Witchery – Spells, Charms & Correspondences For Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan


The Witches Almanac for Friday, February 24th

blessings of luv and lightThe Witches Almanac for Friday, February 24th

Friday (Venus): Love, friendship, reconciliation, and beauty.

Maha Shivaratri

Waning Moon
The Waning Moon (from the Full Moon to the New) is a time for study, meditation, and little magical work (except magic designed to banish harmful energies).

Moon Sign: Aquarius
Aquarius: Rebellious energy. Time to break habits and make abrupt changes. Personal freedom and individuality is the focus.

Moon phase: Fourth Quarter

Incense: Cypress

Color: Coral

A Little Witchery for Your Fridays

blessed beA Little Witchery for Your Fridays


Love magick is a perennial popular topic. However, there is more to this topic than meets the eye. There are many enchanting layers here for us to explore on this day of the week. What about creating a loving home, or producing a loving and nurturing family? What about keeping your intimate relationships vital and on track? How about promoting happy, healthy, and enduring friendships? See, there is more to be considered than just the “You shall be mine…” type of fictional love spell.

Don’t forget that many of the deities associated with Fridays are also parents. So, yes, while this is the day to work on romance, sex, and love spells, there is additional magick to be considered here, which makes Fridays a more well-rounded and bigger opportunity for witchery than many folks ever truly realize. The truest, strongest magick always comes from the heart.


Book of Witchery – Spells, Charms & Correspondences For Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan