Sunday, February 26th Divinations are finally up, plus a WOTC Extra….

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I apologize for being so late on the daily divination but it is a madhouse around here. The realization of what happened has finally hit Mystie and I believe she has cried all day. I love her to pieces but I had to get out of there. It breaks your heart when you have a friend you think of as a sister and you want to help her so bad but you don’t have the means. All I can do is to continue to ask for donations for her and her son. It is going to take time for her to even to begin to piece her life back together. She wanted to go back to the burnt out house this morning and I told her “no!” We went back once and I have never saw her in such a state. It was like she was a zombie. She just turned pale white, didn’t speak and I lead her back to the car. She stayed in the car while we looked to see if anything could be salvaged and it was useless. Nothing could be salvaged. It was for sure they had lost everything.

I think of Mystie as my sister and I trust her with my life. I would do anything in the world for her and she would do the same for me. Please keep her and her son in your thoughts and prayers. Donations would also be greatly appreciated to help them to start to rebuild their world. Thank you so much.


Lady A