I am making a passion plea to all the members & visitors to our site….

I would rather cut my own throat than do what I am getting ready to do, that is ask you for donations. Right now, we have the raffle going on, I thought it would bring in money for us to operate on but I was wrong. We opened the podcast, the reason being to spread the truth about our Religion and also get new members. You will remember while I was in the hospital, the site was wiped off the internet. The podcast has turned into more than just getting new members here, right now it is catching on and catching on by leaps and bounds. The cost for it I have been funding out of my own pocket. I checked my check book this morning and I have $26.00 to last me the rest of the month. Not to mention the doctor bills, the hospital bills, the medicine and just food.


I know none of this is your problem, if the Goddess wills it we will find a way, we always have. But now I have a council of 12 witches plus one traitorous bitch sitting up in Eastern Ky just waiting for us to fail. They would love to see that happen. If you remember, I cut all ties with the council and that was the source of our main funding. But the truth finally be told, they gave the order for the WOTC and all it’s sites to be wiped off the internet. I didn’t want to let it be known that we had such traitorous bitches in our midst. I knew we were going to get hit but I never dreamed of it coming from them and it did. So they are now gleefully sitting up there just waiting for us to fall on our faces. I am bull-headed and strong-willed enough I am not going to let that happen. Give them delight, HA!


I am asking for your help temporarily until the Podcast takes off and starts generating revenue. Yes, it will generate revenue for us and at the same time we get to spread the truth about witches and witchcraft. I have talked to other Pagan leaders and they are currently experiencing the same financial situation we are. Maybe it is the economy, maybe people have just lost interest in our community. I don’t know what it is but I do know one thing, after the wreck I woke up with a fire within me. The fire was from the Goddess. She renewed me and my determination to spread Her word anyway I can and could. That is where I believe the idea for the podcast came from, Her. We are reaching people across the global and they are coming to this site and joining. I can honestly say the movement is a’foot!


Again I hate to ask you but times being what they are, I have too. We have the raffle going, you can become a patron on the podcast for $1.00 a month or any amount you desire or you can just give a donation. Every bit helps and don’t think it doesn’t. It cost money to operate these sites, if you don’t believe me ask any webmaster and they will tell you the same thing.


You have been our lifesavers in the past and I am hoping that you still love and care for us like you use too. Any amount will help and perhaps I am a little on the honory side I don’t want a bunch of witches in Eastern Ky celebrated because we fell on our face. Please, give what you can, it will be deeply appreciate. This is just a temporary set back to the podcast starts producing revenue, then we will be on our feet again.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Lady of the Abyss




It has just been brought to my attention that our PayPal account comes up under “The Witches Apothecary.” That is our main account, it is our business account. If you have had second thoughts about donating because of that, don’t worry that is us and your donations will be going to the right place. Thank you so much to those who have already donated.