Flower Goddess necklace diffuser design!

Diffuser jewelry is becoming very very popular of late, and why not?  Who doesn’t like transporting their favorite essential oils without necessarily having to rub them (some oils are sticky) on skin?

Well, as promised, here is the latest and greatest from Eupterra Foundation’s EF Designs – Flower Goddess Aromatherapy Necklace Diffuser!

In this personally crafted necklace, I strive to portray the Goddess in all her floral beauty.  With vibrant 18k gold surrounded by a softer rim of rose-gold all round.  Always eco-gift boxed and very durable. Take a look, and tell me what you think!

Flower Goddess gold 5

Flower Goddess – @eupterrae

Talk about carrying spirituality with you. I’ll be coming out with a sterling silver design soon, in the next week, and a yogi inspired one.

So thankful I can write about flowers, and the Goddess and get to incorporate essential oils into it all.  Fun times!

Blessed be my brethren and sisters,

Charlene (eupterraen)