In Memory of and to Honor My Parents

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7 19 2016 127

My Father

3/25/1934 – 03/31/1970

Schultz J Marker Proof 6 8 2016

My Mother and BFF (Best Friend Forever)

12/12/1934 – 8/24/2015

I will be taking the day to do a ritual honoring them and to spend time walking down memory lane. My dad crossed one month before my twelfth birthday. My mom crossed not long after my fifty-seventh birthday. I consider every moment I had with them both in good times and bad to now be precious minutes of my life if only I could have seen it this way when they were still in their just past lifetimes I would have spent more time with them.

I hope through different periods of mediation and/or naps to be able to speak with them again and maybe even find myself a sightseer at another family gathering. I did this on my dad’s birthday in a dream.

What I mean by “sightseer” is seeing my family laughing, playing and enjoying…

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