Third Aett, Tiw’s Aett

Third Aett, Tiw’s Aett
Tiw, Tyr, Tiwaz is a member of Aesir and known as Skyfahter. He sacrificed one of his arms to bind Fenrir the giant wolf. He is God of Justice, Council, Loyalty, Sky and War. To have him on your side in battle meant victory!
The Runes in the Third Aett include:

Tiw: victory, success, positive, high energy, a quest

Beorc: fertility, growth, rebirth, birch tree

Eh: movement, gradual growth, change, conveyance

Man: mankind, the self, self awareness

Lagu: flow, women’s cycles, water, moon, psychic

Ing: fertility, family ties, new beginnings

Daeg: light, 24 hour period, 180 degree change

Odal: separation, inheritance, ancestral home