Do You Have An Air Persona?

wind element

Do You Have An Air Persona?

Purification with air is very suitable for people with air signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – especially at times of emotional confusion and a burden of non-supportive emotions. For them, the wind is an effective tool for dispelling excess emotional energies. This is a method of purification that is extremely simple, and can be applied in a number of ways: sitting opposite a fan, traveling in a car with the window open (not when you are driving) so that the wind blows against your face and chest, a fast bicycle-ride in the wind, running into the wind, and so on. When you do these actions, see the wind blowing all the unwanted energies away from you, and carrying you far away, purifying and aerating you. You can also sit opposite an open window and visualize in your mind’s eye the wind blowing on and around you, as it purifies you and blows all the non-positive energies away.

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Tabatha Jennings