Before We Run Off, Let’s Have Some Fun….

I have to run and get my pup’s medicine before the vet’s office closes. But before we run off, I have been wanting to do something and everyone around here keeps giving me dirty looks about it. Well, of course, they really gave me some dirty looks about the “warlock” thing yesterday. Anyway, let’s have a mock election. Seriously! Politics doesn’t generally interest me but this year, you have to admit it has been a rather strange time for it. So I thought it would be fun to have a mock election. Want too? Maybe with our little mock election we can predict the next President of the United States, hmm!

Take a moment, if you would and vote. It is just for fun and I am curious on how others feel about this year’s Presidential race. You can always get a feel for how things are headed by the way the vote turns out. And of course, when it is time for the real election, we will start our “Get Out The Vote Campaign” as usual. It doesn’t matter who you vote for as long as you vote (in the real election). It is your Goddess’ given birthright, use it.

Now, let’s get on with….

I know this is light-hearted and all in good clean fun. But when the elections roll around, I do worry. I wonder what kind of person will hold the highest office in our land. I wonder what new laws or restrictions they might try to implement. Being an old soul, I wonder if they might try to pass some restrictions on religion in our country. I wonder if the time might ever come when we must stand and fight for our religion. I know there is suppose to be a separation between  church and state but you know what a mess our country is in now, anything is possible. I will leave it at that, now please vote, my sweets!

Till tomorrow,

Love ya,

Lady A