Want More Information on Becoming a Witch?

If you are interested in doing lessons on the basics of Witchcraft go to WOTC sister site http://covenlife.co/ . I mentor people who want more information on how to become a witch for both sites. I am always happy to try to answer questions about The Craft in general also. If you want to email me questions please send them to ladybeltane@aol.com. You can read my bio on there and decide if I might be able to help you in any way. There is no cost for the lessons but it would be nice if you could donate a little something to Witches of The Craft to help us keep both sites going.

I will also try to answer questions for those doing papers on Witchcraft for a regular school assignment.

I do not to spells for individuals, so please do not ask me to, but I will teach you the basics of The Craft so you know how to properly do them yourself.