Flashback 2001 – Summer Solstice

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Litha is the Midsummer celebration of the Sun at its zenith. It is a time when heat, light, and the Sun-God himself are the strongest. After this brief moment ion time, their strength will start to diminish as the year wanes gradually to darkness. FOr this ritual you will need a small amount of dried herbs, a fire – and heat – proof container in which to burn them and some matches. Use caution, so that you don’t start a fire outdoors or set off your smoke detector indoors. Choose herbs that share an affinity with the Sun and fire such as bay leaves, sunflowers, basil, frankincense, or any mint plant. Verbally pay homage to the Sun-God, then light the herbs. They will burn fast and hot – and may not smell wonderful! Revel in the heat and light pouring from the container and feel the way it symbolizes the…

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