Flashback – Winter Solstice 2001

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Yule marks the beginning of a new solar year. Honor the newly born Sun God by festively decorating your home, lavishing everything with light, and staying up late into the night playing “midwife” to the Sun’s mother, our Goddess. As with any form of creation, birth is not a quick process, so plan to make this ritual last over the next thirty-six hours or so. In frequent meditation, project loving energy to her as she struggles to give birth. As the dawn approaches, welcome the newborn God of the waxing year with acorns, the symbol of the oak tree, which is representative of his next half-year’s reign. Make a breakfast featuring other nut products: breads, cakes, and butters are all easy to find or make. The following evening, offer a prayer of thanks to your deities as Yule Day closes and you note the Sun has set just a…

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