Daily Motivator for September 13th – Opportunity to create love

Opportunity to create love

Today is an opportunity to create love. Today is an opportunity to care, and to put your caring into action.

You do not need permission, or any special skills or resources, to make a loving difference. All you have to be, is to be yourself, and to be willing.

Life is good for you to the extent you choose to give of yourself to it. Enjoy the opportunity that today gives you to give your best, to give your love.

Life is good, and you can add to the goodness in your own special ways. Right now, enjoy the experience of being a positive influence.

You will never regret the love you create. Even when the love you give is not recognized or appreciated by others, your life will be richer for having given it.

This day brings moments you can fill with whatever you choose. Fill them with love, and you’ll fill them as full as they can possibly be.

— Ralph Marston


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