Oh, what a week it has been and that’s putting it mildly, lol!

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Good morning, my sweets! It seems like it has been forever and yet only 3 days. Hmm, how things can change in three days! The last time I talked to you I told you we were experiencing internet service provider problems. I am proud to announce after blowing a gasket our internet problems are now fixed. We had a generous contribution to our organization. A sponsor presented us with a brand new all-in-one HP computer. When I was using it off the net it would run like a demon. Then when I got on the net, it was horrible. This is what lead up to me throwing one heck of a hissy fit with our local provider. I know a woman that works there, we have been good friends for years. I contacted her and talked to her about our problem. Then I was connected to the local “hi-tech” hick-a-billy in charge of their internet service. I hate to call anyone a hick-a-billy but the truth is the truth. He gave me an address on the net for a speed test to calculate our speed. I did the speed test and it was horrible. The most signal coming through our lines was 8 megabytes. We were suppose to be getting 50. The next day, I called him and he told me, he just couldn’t believe it. I told him he had better get technicians out here “again” to fix this problem. He stumbled around and insisted the problem was already fixed. I told him, “no there is now a new problem getting ready to occur, that we need new wires installed all over our building.” He was totally confused. I clarified the situation for him. I told him I had ripped out all the wires they had installed, now get out here and put us in new. He couldn’t believe it. He ended up coming out with the techs. Of course, we had a few words. He couldn’t believe I had ripped the wires out. Hell, what good were they, they weren’t doing what they were suppose to. There was a problem, we have had it the whole time we had been with them. Perhaps this seemed a little desperate but it was the only way to get the problem finally fixed.

Well with wires hanging out all over the place, he agreed to reinstall all our connections. I told him I wanted our old wire outside dug up and a new one put in also. I told him if he didn’t, I had a shovel. For the last two days, the internet service has been out here, laying a new wire outside and installing all new connections on the inside. I have my fingers crossed that the problem is now fixed. During the process of laying the new wires, I have had time to get use to Windows 10 and learning how to operate this new computer. So tomorrow, we will return in full force again. The workmen have a few more finally touches to add today. They are installing covers on all the connections they made. To me, it is absolutely pathetic when you have to go to the extremes to get something fixed. But occasionally I guess a witch has to do what a witch has to do, lol!

I figured that everyone knew we were having computer issues. I see by some of the comments some didn’t know, I apologize for that. This is the first time any of us have actually been on the net in a few days. We tried some yesterday and there were still issues. They came back out yesterday and found a short in one of the wires that had installed. Now if that don’t make you feel really confident about the bunch working on your wiring, I don’t know what will, gee! The supervisor has guaranteed me that we will have fully operational internet by this afternoon. I told him that we would be back tomorrow on the net. If we had any problems, I expected them fixed immediately. He actually gave me his cellphone number just in case. We pay good money for the service and when we pay for something I expect us to get it. Besides we can afford to be off the net for that long.

I thought I would let you know what was going on since some didn’t know. We are going to let them finish their work today. All I can say is if we have problems tomorrow, there will be heck to pay. But please hang with us one more day, we will get this problem fixed and see you tomorrow. I done told the old boy if he doesn’t get it fixed, we are going to show up at his house and hi-jack his internet service. I don’t think he wants all of us camped out in his front yard, lol!

Anyway, we appreciate your patience. Things will return to normal one way or another tomorrow. One more day and we will be back in full operations. Keep your fingers crossed, my sweets. Till tomorrow…

Love ya,

Lady A & The WOTC Staff

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