Just Call Me Curious (And You Know What They Say About That & The Cat), A Little Poll….

It seems like here recently, every time you turn on the News, Kentucky is in it one way or another. Made me wonder if y’all are starting to think Kentucky is a terrible state, hmm…

I probably shouldn’t even bring this up but each of us have our own opinions and I am curious about yours. You have heard about the court clerk that would not issue same sex marriage license in Ky. As she know she refused to issue them because of her religious beliefs. Yesterday, as you probably know, the judge ordered her to be jailed. I know what my opinion on this matter is, I was wondering what yours was…….

4 thoughts on “Just Call Me Curious (And You Know What They Say About That & The Cat), A Little Poll….

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Nancy. Like I said I was curious and this situation sort of alarms me. She was an elected official and she should have done her job. The part that really bothers me is that she is trying to impose her religious beliefs on the rest of us. We can’t ever let that happen. I think back to what our ancestors went through and no way can we let one religion rule this country. I watched idiots on the local News tonight. They were all in favor of her standing up for her religious beliefs. It made me want to jump in the TV and scream, “What the hell about my religious beliefs?” I know there are only a handful of supporters in this state supporting her. I think it is time the News heard from the ones in this area who don’t.

      Sorry, I got off on my soapbox. Thank you again for your comment, sweetie!
      Have a great and safe Labor Day Weekend,
      Goddess Bless,
      Lady A


    2. Well said, Lady A!!! My sentiments exactly!!!😻👏 Pure ignorance on her part. She, like most of her peers …always have their religious blinders on so that they remain totally fear-based and narrow-minded!

      Lady Di


  1. I didn’t want to put my own opinion on the poll because I didn’t want to influence anyone. My personal opinion on the matter is that the governor let this go on way to long. He has the power to remove any elected official that will not do their job from office. Why he didn’t exercise that I have no earthly idea. I believe politics and religion should never mix. When it comes to elected officials, we elect them to do a certain job, if they can’t do it resign. They should never, ever try to force their beliefs on the area they serve. When that happens we no longer are a democracy but instead a dictatorship.

    And besides as witches, we know what happens when politics and religion mixes, someone always gets burned.

    Just my humble opinion, I would love to hear yours,
    Lady A

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