Gemstone of the Day for September 4th is Alexandrite

Gemstone of the Day


Hardness: 8.5
Specific gravity: 3.68 – 3.75
Chemistry: Beryllium Aluminum Oxide, BeAl2 O4
Class: oxides
Crystallography: orthorhombic
Cleavage: good in one direction, imperfect in another
Fracture: conchoidal, brittle
Streak: White
Luster: vitreous to greasy

Healings: Alexandrite is used to align and center the three states of our being (mental, emotional and etheric bodies) thus creating a more harmonious state of being. It is also used to re-enforce ones self-esteem. It has been used to address ailments of the nervous system as well as complaints of the testicles, pancreas and spleen. it is thought to be excellent for tissue regeneration.

Workings: Orientals use Alexandrite to bring Good Fortune. Alexandrite can be used to enhance love spells.

Alexandrite is associated with the astrologicals sign of both Scorpio and Virgo. It vibrates to the number 5.

Chakra Applications: Alexandrite is applied to the Heart, Third-Eye, and Base chakras. This is done to enhance astral travel and to generate past life regression.

Foot Notes: Alexandrite is named for the former czar of Russia, Alexander II, and was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia, allegedly on the day of his birth. Chromium gives alexandrite its color and while, in most minerals, a trace element like chromium would provide only one color to the mineral, in alexandrite it gives it two. Alexandrite occurs in granite pegmatite’s and mica schist’s. Alexandrite is found in Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and New Mexico USA.

Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June. Alexandrite is also the anniversary gemstone for the 45th and 55th year of marriage.

Author: Crick
Website: The Whispering Woods