Ancient Incense Formulas

Ancient Incense Formulas

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Persian Incense is a combination using Sandalwood and a
Spice, mainly Cinnamon, together with Benzoin or
Frankincense and Myrrh.




Most Egyptian Incense is the burning of plain Symtra
Benzoin, however, this may be mixed with a little
Frankincense and Myrrh as a variation.




All India or Hindu Incenses contain Sandalwood as a base,
and they together with any Spice, particularly Cinnamon, is
burned in the Temples. However, some of the Hindu Incenses
are made more aromatic with the addition of essential oils
or perfume bases.




Chinese Incense always contains as a base Patchouli Leaves
or Root with a possibility of Cinnamon being added, and in
some incidents, it is used with Pig Dung. This is used
sometimes in the Temples on some religious ceremonies. Other
spices may be added. In the Lama Temples of Tibet, they
generally burn just butter.

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