Traditional Candle Colors for Spell Casting

Traditional Candle Colors for Spell Casting


White: The Goddess, Higher Self, Purity, Peace, Virginity

Black: Binding, Shapeshifting, Protection, Repels Negativity

Brown: Special Favors, To Influence Friendships Purple: Third Eye, Psychic Ability, Hidden Knowledge, To Influence People in High Places, Spiritual Power

Blue: Element of Water, Wisdom, Calm, Protection, Good Fortune, Opening Blocked Communication, Spiritual Inspiration

Green: The Element of Earth, Physical Healing, Monetary success, Tree and Plant Magic, Growth, Personal Goals

Pink: Affection, Romance, Caring, Nurturing, Good Will

Red: Element of Fire, Passion, Strength, Fast action, Career Goals, Lust, Driving Force, Survival, Blood of the Moon

Orange: General Success, Property Deals, Legal matters, Justice, Selling

Yellow: The Element of Air, the Sun, Mental Energies, Intelligence, Memory, Logical Imagination. Use to Accelerate Learning and Break Mental Blocks.



Wicca A Beginner’s Guide to Casting Spells: Herbal, Crystal and Candle Magic (Living Wicca Today Book 3)

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