The Witches Magick for the 1st Day of the Mead Moon – Mead Moon Ritual

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Mead Moon Ritual


Also known as the Lover’s or Honey Moon, the Mead Moon is the time when the flowers are blooming and the honey is brewing. One of the earliest alcoholic beverages, mead is made from fermenting honey. The word mead derives from amethyst, a stone long said to have the power to inhibit intoxication. This Mead Moon ritual is about bringing enchantment, health, rebirth, success, and strength into your life.
You will need fresh flowers, a piece of amethyst, your beloved, and two glasses of mead (or vanilla tea with a teaspoon of honey for a non-alcoholic substitute).

After dark, draw a circle of light and call in the elements. Place the fresh flowers on the altar as a gift to the Goddess:

Divine Lady of the flowers
Every night your blossoms
brighten my life.

Using your breath, clear the amethyst of any energy, then program it with sensations of divine love in a meadow of perfect peace. Place the amethyst on the altar in front of the flowers while saying:

Goddess and God of the Mead Moon
I give to you the stone of sacred love

You and your beloved each take one of the glasses of mead, and begin toasting to all the Goddesses and Gods for their help in making life good this year. Finish by toasting your beloved and the sacredness of the relationship that you have together. Celebrate the fullness of the Mead Moon with a night of lovemaking. In the morning, bid farewell to the elements and pull up the circle.


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