The Witches Magick for the 2nd day of the Dyad Moon – Enchantra Magic

the moon good nightEnchantra Magic

The Enchantra are also called the dreamers of light because they sparkle and dazzle like the sun, the moon, and the stars. You will know they are near by the sound of their gentle, melodic singing in a mysterious language. They can only do good deeds and are abhorred by evil thoughts and evildoers. The idea with this spell is to bring the enchanting energy of the Enchantra into your life tonight and every night.

For this spell, you will need beautiful music, lots of light, and a mirror.

Turn on the music and lights, and then stand in front of the mirror. Call to the Enchantra three times:

Beautiful Enchantra, dreamers of light,
Come and make this a magical night.

Look at your reflection as it sparkles with the light of the Enchantra. Smile with a radiant brightness that dazzles. Take a deep breath, and sense the light moving inside as well as outside. Every part of your being shines brightly. Call to the Enchantra:

Beautiful Enchantra, dreamers of light,
Come and brighten my dreams tonight.


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SIrona Knight